Tuesday, December 17

Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

Hi everyone,

so its only 8 days till christmas, argghhhhhh, hope you have all done your christmas shopping or nearly finished it all. So i thought i would share with you some of my christmas decorations too, This christmas tree we had last year, he is real, yes he is a he, and he is called bob. Don't know why, but i think thats what we called him last year, anyway, we got him last year and i felt really guilty getting rid of him, so we took him over to my mom and dad's to put out in the garden and grow a little more for this year. My mom even re-potted him, bless.

So this year he is a little bigger and he has filled out alot more, you can still see the main branch, and he doesn't hide the lights very well, but maybe in a year or too he will become even bigger.

Sunday, December 15

Nude Audio speaker review

hi everyone,

so today im going to do an exciting review of Nude audio speakers*. Who have recently launched their products into the UK during London Fashion week. They are a range of 4 Nude Audio speakers with different colour varieties and different sizes. I got the small sized version in a lovely mint green.

medium sized Nude Audio speaker

Thursday, December 12

Born Pretty watch review

hi everyone,
so today is a review of a beautiful watch i got sent by BornPretty online. The great thing about this store is it sells everything hair and beauty related, Its amazing, and it also does lots of discounts. They ship worldwide for FREE, and you can put it into any currency type that you use.
The watch i picked was the roman dial roses bracelets watch.*

It is so easy to put on, it just has 2 pop clasps at the back so it looks like a wrap around wrist watch but it doesn't take much effort to put it on which is great, it is a lovely white and perfect for work, its not that bulky or chunky but you can still see the dials and still stylish.

Tuesday, December 10

how i lost weight (with tone it up video)

Hi everyone,

So last week I uploaded a video on YouTube all about how I lost weight with tone it up :), it was really fun to film and I hope this gives you a better idea of ny healthy eating ad hopefully for you to look into the plan itself.

If you have any questions please leave a comment and I would love to answer them for you, anything at all, even if you think it's a stupid/embarrassing question to ask!!

Please let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy

Sunday, December 8

the autumn/winter tag

hi everyone,

i love tags, and i found this tag floating around the blogosphere, i think i found this one from rebecca at autumn leaves. So this one is the autumn/winter tag.

1. What is your favourite thing about autumn/winter?: my favourite thing is the leaves changing, i love the beautiful colours they create, how can one leaf, or one tree create so many different colours, its amazing! and i love really hot showers, it gives you an excuse to stay in the shower longer and put the temperature up to high!

Thursday, December 5

My winter essentials

hi everyone,
so now its coming up to winter and theres only 3 weeks till christmas!! arghhhh!. i thought i would share with you some of my winter essentials.

i hope you've started your christmas shopping, if not, start panicing! only 3 weeks left hehe.

so, my first winter essential is a good, warm dressing gown. Or a onsie if you prefer those, but this one is so soft and silky, and it is also quite long, like a nightie length which is really good, and has a nice design and a hood with bobbles. cute. It was a birthday present from my aunt, but i want to say you can get it from primark but im not sure.

Tuesday, December 3

Leather skater skirt styling

hi everyone,
so today is another item i got from Club L at Asos. I absolutely adore leather now, ever since it was in the a/w 13.
Obviously it needs to be fake leather, but i like the roughness of the fashion and the great thing of how you can dress it up or down.
Asos is amazing for different brands and different clothes ideas and they always have some kind of sale on which is really good, and always find clothes if you are on a budget. So if i don't have alot of money to spend i always go to check out Asos
The delivery is really fast and you can exchange or return items for free, yaaa. 

oversized jack daniels shirt with asos leather skirt

Sunday, December 1

in love with skater skirts

hi everyone,

so another fashion outfit for today, i love to use the same clothes but pair them differently and see if i can get a different style out of them.
Because lets face it, we dont have a million different clothes for every single day, so mixing and matching is the best way to make an old outfit look completely new.
So today im used my skater skirt from new look, which i absolutely love!!! and my check shirt from new look too.

check shirt and skater skirt from new look

Thursday, November 28

Asos christmas dress

hi everyone,

i bought a dress from asos that i think i might use for my christmas outfit, but i am going to try different outfits to see which one i prefer, or whether i want to wear more than one hehe.

At the moment i really like cut out, or cross back dresses and i found this one on asos that looked really really nice, and was in a lovely green colour aswell, perfect for Christmas.
Asos is a great online store which pretty much every brand you can imagine, they have free exchange or returns aswell and really really fast delivery which i love, so it will come in time for christmas. They have a twitter account and love to interact with their customers, which i really love for such a big brand and ive never had a bad thing to say about them, which is a good thing from me hehe.

asos sundress with cross back

Sunday, November 24

Blogger interview: by jess

Hey everyone,
so probably about a year ago i started a thing called Blogger interview, were i came up with a couple of questions and asked bloggers to fill it out and posted it most sundays. When i stopped blogging i kind of gave it up, but now i really want to start it back up again. So this weeks interview is by a lovely lady called jess who run a blog called dungarees and donuts.

Friday, November 22

songs im loving at the moment ♥

hi everyone,
so this is abit of a different post today, more lifestyle based but i thought it would be nice to share with you what songs ive been loving at the moment.

I absolutely love music, there is not a day i can go without it, and i love finding new songs and new bands, so if you have any throw them my way, i listen to pretty much anything and everything.

so these are my top 5 songs im loving at the moment:
(all off youtube)

Tuesday, November 19

mac lipstick in costa chic

hi everyone,

so today im doing a review on a mac lipstick :D, yet another mac lipstick i might hear you cry, yes, anyone that is new to my blog will not know that i have a HUGE obsession with Mac lipsticks.

mac costa chic lipstic

Sunday, November 17

October favourites

hi everyone,

ive put up a video on youtube all about my october favourites, talking about my favourite beauty, hair and random favourites of october.

Friday, November 15

Benefit how to look the best at everything

hi everyone,
so a couple of days ago i bought the Benefit how to look the best at everything kit as i present to myself. I talked about the hello flawless oxygen wow foundation by benefit in the #bbloggers chat on sunday and i really wanted to try it.

benefit how to look the best at everything

Tuesday, November 12

elf haul

hi everyone,

so today im going to show you what i bought from elf. elf stands for eyes, lips, face and is a brand that is only available online, as far as im aware, i may be wrong. But it is a great brand. I have heard loads of great things about them and the make-up is quite cheap from elf, so considering i sometimes think that the quality wouldn't be great.

eld make-up that cost under £20

Sunday, November 10

My favourite red coat

hi everyone,
So as its autumn, rapidly getting colder and becoming more like the antarctic everyday, its time to get out those woolly scarves and gloves and opt for a more warmer fashion sense.
Generally my fashion sense goes out the window in winter just because i prefer being warm and cosy and couldn't care less of what im wearing, as long as it feel warm.

Thursday, November 7

Shopping My Stash

hi everyone,
so ive never done one of these posts before but i love to read all of them, so i thought i would give it ago, also i've rekindled my love for some of the products i forgot about in my stash of makeup.
If you've never heard of Shopping My Stash, its basically finding products in your stash of makeup that you either forgot about or haven't used for awhile.

products include rimmel mac clinique and mua

Tuesday, November 5

three ways to wear a LOVE fashion dress

hi everyone,
so i found a really nice website called LOVE fashion and they are holding a blogger competition. You pick between 2 categories and show a collage/lookbook of the theme.
I choose three ways to wear, because i love taking one product and just matching it out with different things that i have in my wardrobe and we have to own something thats versatile don't we?

and as you may be aware i LOVE dresses! i own tons. i LOVE how versatile they are and how easy they are to just put on and go.

so the dress i chose is called LOVE baroque woven skater dress and its £38 and comes in sizes extra small to large.
an edgy look i did with a LOVE fashion dress

Sunday, November 3

selfridges christmas emporium 2014

hi everyone,
so last week i went to selfridges for their new christmas emporium opening.Its the first time the christmas emporium has come to selfridges in birmingham, it is usually just in selfridges in oxford street.

It is on level 1 of selfridges just behind the food section. It has some really fantastic presents and products for you to purchase all from food and drink to vintage toys.

selfridges emporium what selfridges emporium looks like

Friday, November 1

A/W how to wear tartan

My name is Amy Marie & I blog on behalf of the online boutique Scarlett Fashion. The lovely Kelsey has kindly allowed me to guest post on her blog today and I hope you enjoy the post I'm sharing.

With the change of season always comes with some new fashion trend. This year the big one on all fashion fan's lips is tartan. Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying it's everywhere. I don't believe it's been as big since the late seventies/early eighties when my own mum was a huge fan. She even joked as I met her from work while wearing my tartan smock dress that perhaps she should dig out her old tartan cigarette trousers she wore when she was a Bay City Rollers fan. I have to admit, I've always had a taste for the tartan, this probably comes from having a Scottish father who would wear his kilt at any and all opportunities. I also live in the Scottish Borders, tartan is readily available to us all the time.

Today I thought i'd share with you a post on how to wear tartan. I know some people find tartan a bit like the summer neon trend, how on earth do you wear it? I've put together a couple of outfits that although they're incorporating tartan, they are quite understated. Which is great if you don't want to stand out of the crowd too much but still want to be right on trend. One is a simple day time outfit, and one is a classy evening outfit. 

Sunday, October 27

lazy sunday

hi everyone,

so today is my lazy sunday day, i don't always get these, because i generally have to do something on a sunday because i either work or its my day off out of 2.
But this one, im doing absolutely nothing, and for a do nothing lazy sunday i wear pretty much really comfy, loose clothes, or my pj's because im lazy :D

new look clothes, check shirt, top and jeggings

Thursday, October 24

it's all about the leather

hi everyone,
im loving doing fashion posts at the moment, and i hope you all enjoy it! please say if you do :D

this autumn it's all about the Leather, and leather jackets. I love Leather (fake obviously) because its so easy to put with other items. It also makes a very girly outfit look abit more edgy.

The leather jacket i have in these pictures was from my momma, its a lovely tan leather (fake) and it is slightly too big for me, but who cares :D

a new look dress which is white with a flower design and a tan leather jacket

Monday, October 21

haul from t.k.maxx and new look

hi everyone,
so today i went for a little shopping trip and i made a haul from t.k.maxx and new look.

and i thought it would be a nice idea to show you what i bought because ive gotten abit to excited about what i bought, and can't wait to wear them all.

clothes from newlook, jeggings, and t-shirt top, and checked shirt

first things i got were from new look and i bought, a tee shirt top in burgundy, a pair of jeggings and a cross checked shirt. I styled this with a Skater skirt in a post recently.

Thursday, October 17

in my "birthday suit"

hi everyone,

so no im not in my "birthday suit" dirty minds :D, but i did go out for a meal with my boyfriend, to an amazing italian restaurant and i had garlic bread *shock*

Your birthday is one day a year, and some people don't even get that so i took the day off, i still exercised but i didn't keep track of my eating, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Theres no point restricting yourself on your birthday, anyway (your getting off track kelsey)

this is what i wore out for the night time, my "birthday suit"

going out outfit purple skirt new york see-through top bow belt

Wednesday, October 16

Its my birthday!

hi everyone,

Its my birthday today! woooow, i have no idea what im doing today, i have the day off from work which is nice and then i go on holiday for a week, not doing anything really, just a break from work and i need to use up my holiday.

so im offically 23 =[ wahhh, im getting old now, haha, do you remember when you were little you look forward to being older and getting on with your life with no more school. Oh was i wrong haha, i miss school, take me back to the easier times when everything made sense, haha.

so just a quick post to just let you guys know, i hope you all have an amazing day whatever you are doing, and i will see you guys in my next post! :D xxxx

Sunday, October 13

healthy pumpkin pie recipe

hi everyone,
did you know its canadian thanks giving today?

so today is going to be a lifestyle post. I love making really healthy recipes that feel like you're having an indulgent meal but really they are amazingly healthy for you, so i found a recipe of healthy pumpkin pie but i tweaked abit to suit what was in my cupboards.

And of my god! they taste amazing! i never used to be a fan of pumpkin, and i couldn't work out why people liked it, but ever since the pumpkin spice latte at starbucks i have found a new love for this autumn favorite.

Theres something about the pumpkin that tastes amazing, it has like an earthy taste but also this really sweet creamy texture to it aswell. Now in the uk it isn't as reddy available as it is in the states. But we are definitely getting better, so you can buy a pumpkin and make your own puree, which is great if you're going to do pumpkins for halloween, or by 100% pumpkin puree. I found it at waitrose or tesco's. Tesco's it was in the american aisle and then waitrose it was just in the baking section for about £2.

Saturday, October 5

John frieda range for damaged hair

Hi everyone,
Today in going to review the John frieda range for damaged hair, called hydrate and repair.

It's a brand new formula out of their full repair range. Still in the red packaging. 
Their is a shampoo* , conditioner* and hair oil*.

Wednesday, October 2

My weekend away

hi everyone,

so last weekend i went away again with my mom, nan and auntie. We go away every year as like a girly shopping trip and i love doing it, its full of food shopping and alcohol. We usually go for christmas shopping and normally in november, but in my job now we are not allowed any time of in november or december, so we had to make it september, so it was just a girly weekend
What's not to love, hehe.
I thought i would share with you my weekend away pictures, and show you all the amazing food i had to eat. As some of you may know im on a healthy eating lifestyle, and i basically decided to have the weekend off, we all need a treat once and awhile, and i needed a break from life in generally.
We went to bristol, and we hired out an apartment for 2 nights and 3 days, we were right above all the shops and so many fantastic food places right by us, i forgot to take some pictures because the food was just incredible, i eat it without realising.

 So here we go:

Sunday, September 29

Teeth whitening: does it work?

Hi everyone,

Today I'm doing a little different post today, all about Teeth whitening. I've always been sceptical on it, so I am testing, does it really work? 

Wednesday, September 25

MRP apparel store

hi everyone,
long time no see, sorry i have been away. It's hard to juggle everything going on in my life, but i am trying.

Anyway, with payday just around the corner i thought i would tell you about a fantastic clothes site i found, that could actually be cheaper then primark?!!! WHAT??!!

MRP apparel store is an online store, It stands for MR Price, have a look at the MRP apparel store.They say its the "south african equivalent to primark" and i think they are absolutely right. You can get a whole outfit look for under £20, thats incredible.

And MRP apparel store ships to the uk it only costs £4. Amazing!
so i have been lusting over the website all day, i have obviously had nothing better to do with my time.
Ive put together some looks and when i get paid i am so buying most (all) of these items.

a look from the MRP apparel store for under £20

Thursday, September 12

new youtube video: loosing weight

hi everyone,

so today's blog post is about another video i have done on youtube,
It's about when you start to lose weight and none or some of your clothes fit and they are really loose on you.

Monday, September 2

my first ever OOTD video

hi everyone,

so i have just uploaded another video to youtube, yaaa :D

i want to try and aim to do one a week, because that way it won't get too overwhelming and i reckon i can always think of something to do that way.

so this is my first ever outfit of the day or outfit of the night video, i really hope you enjoy it, and please tell me what you think.

as some of you may now, i am in the process of losing weight and getting fitter, so please don't leave any nasty comments if you can help it.

anyway, enjoy!


Sunday, August 25

It's a nice day for a white wedding?

hi everyone,

so i have a wedding to go to in just over 2 weeks. I have no idea what to wear! i have one dress that means alot to me but i don't know whether its wedding appropriate.

so i need your help, i need to know whether this is ok for a wedding? im only going to the reception/night do not to the actual wedding.

Thursday, August 22

new youtube video


hi everyone,
ive really missed youtube, and making youtube video's and soon i'll be getting alot more time to do them as im lowering my hours at work, which i cant wait for!

so i decided to do an empties video as my first video to come back too.

please tell me what you think and subscribe if you want to see more video's from me

and if you have any suggestions for videos then please leave them below!! :D

so yeah hope you enjoy. xxxxx

Thursday, August 1

#throwbackthursday fashion

hi everyone,
so i loved doing my last thursday's post so much, i thought i would do another one, i don't think i will be doing it every thursday, because i will definitely run out of clothes, my last post #throwback fashion.

so this throwback thursdays outfit is a skater dress from primark.

Tuesday, July 30

Bumble and bumble surf travel kit

hi everyone,
so if you follow me on instragram, then you may know i have just come back from camping with my boyfriend.
I loved it, it was so peaceful and hot and i did get sunburnt like everywhere! haha.

anyway, as i was camping i didn't want to take to much stuff so i wanted to buy a travel size shampoo so that i could take it with me and then just use some of my own leave in conditioner. 
anyway i kept forgetting to buy some didn't i! every time i went to the shop i forgot!

until the day we were leaving, i went into boots to buy me some lunch so that i could eat it in the car, as i was in the queue i spotted this little beauty, i swore at myself for forgetting travel shampoo yet again and picked this up.

ive never tried bumble and bumble before but ive heard such good things about them, and it was £8 for it, so i thought why not!

Saturday, July 27

What i'm loving right now

hi everyone,
so today is what im loving right now, like right now haha

first is my nails, i love having more than one colour on my nails, and this colour is gorgeous! it is topshop's jewel in the crown* and then on my ring finger is rimmel's disco ball glitter nail polish.

Thursday, July 25

#throwbackThursday fashion

Hi everyone,

so today i really wanted to do a fashion post :D eeeeee
im finally feeling comfortable in my own skin, which feels amazing, i can wear dresses and have my legs out :O

and yesterday i weighed myself and i am officially the smallest i have ever ever been, which is exciting, obviously im not anywhere near where i would like to be but im getting there, so no mean comments please, i would love to do alot more fashion posts but as im slimming down i have no clothes.

I've had to give away a whole basket full of clothes and still i have more that are too big, but i can't give them all away otherwise i'll have nothing to wear. So i thought of this idea.

on instragram they have a tag that is #throwbackthursday which is basically an old picture of you that you repost, but instead im taking some of my old clothes and showing them off :D my next #throwbackthursday fashion post, just click the link to see. 

seen as i have no new clothes and i don't see the point of buying anymore if im not gonna fit into them in 2 months =[. oh maybe a mini trip to primark would work? lol


Sunday, July 14

photobox customised iphone case

hi everyone,

so today i thought i would show you the amazing iphone case that i made myself! (well kind of)
I was looking for a new iphone case, caz the panda i had was a plastic one, but it was starting to stretch and not fit my iphone, and it was also losing the black sections on it, like his feet and hands.

so i started to google things, and ebay things, and then i thought about making my own, putting my own pictures onto it.
I decided to make it a very inspiring case, filling it with alot of motivational quotes and things i would look at everyday and smile. Because i use my iphone every day, without fail, which is sad but i will look at it every day.

Friday, July 12

workout clothes wishlist!

hi everyone,

so ive been really lusting over some new workout gear, that, well i can't afford, so i thought i would make a wish list so that i could save up for them or buy one thing every month.

Wednesday, July 10

Saturday, July 6

competition!! open internationally! (closed)

hi everyone,

so here it is,

im doing a little giveaway for you guys!, since gfc is finishing =[ which is very sad, i thought i would do a giveaway to up your spirits.

Thursday, July 4

Huge haul

Hi everyone,

So it's pay day, and I went a little crazy on stuff that I needed, all needed (so I tell myself)
And also purchased some things for a giveaway :) which all pop up in a couple of days woo!

So anyway I went into boots, and here's what I got (not all beauty related, well I spouse it is)

a haul i did from boots, with shampoo's, deodrants, berocca, mouthwash, toothpaste and more health stuff
(original source shower gel, sure mens lotus deodorant, casting creme gloss hair dye, venus razor, vosene anti-dandruff shampoo, tresemme platinum strength shampoo, dentyl active, colgate toothpaste, dental is on 3 for 2, revlon lipstick, makeup on buy 1 get 1 half price, witch blemish stick, berocca, on 3 for 2 aswell)

Also bought alot for the boyfriend :)

Hope your having a lovely day!

Sunday, June 30

motivational sunday

hi everyone,

so this post today is going to be a motivational post, i did do one a while back, and it's spouse to be on a monday, so it rhymes, but i thought i would do one today as a little pick me up throughout the week.

i have done a blog post on my journey through my lifestyle plan called tone it up, where i have showed you pictures and really opened up about myself.you can find it here if you haven't seen it.

The one thing that i forgot to mention, which i would love to mention now is that before i started this, I was suffering with severe migraines, nearly every day, it was crippling, most nights i would have to sit in bed with all the lights of, curtains closed, and just fall asleep, it wasn't nice.It was probably one of the hardest times in my life,i had no energy, i was always tierd, i couldnt concentrate on anything and my eye focas always zoomed in and out so it was hard to stay standing (abit like when your drunk, but no alcohol involved) I also (this is gonna sound weird) had an eye twitch. You know when of those ones where you can feel your face twitch but no one can see it. I was getting that too, in my right eye. I even went to the doctor about both things and he said it was because i was tired. Tired? i slept for like 15 hours a night. i even had to take tablets for my

Friday, June 28

got2b beach matt review

hi everyone,

so some of you may have heard alot of things about the schwarzkopf got2b beach matte spray already, but i love it so much i wanted to do a review on it.

This is brand new out by schwarzkopf, it is basically a salt spray. You can spray it on to wet or dry hair and it makes those natural beach babe waves, like you've spent hours at the seaside and just came back with awsome hair.

On the bottle it says "mermaid look, texturizing salt spray - beachy waves - texturize - body - tousle"
a picture of the new schwarzkopf got2b beach matt

Wednesday, June 26

Jo malone cologne grapefruit

hi everyone,

so today i thought i would share with you a fragrance i picked up the other day, its by Jo malone and its called grapefruit.
a picture of the jo malone cologne in grapefuit

Ive always wanted a Jo malone fragrance ever since i started blogging, so i thought i would take the plunge and do it.
The bottles are just so pretty and fresh looking, they look great in your fragrance collection.

Monday, June 24

guest post: My Dream Summer Outfit

hi everyone,

today is a guest post from the lovely Sherin from http://www.thehifashionsite.com/ all about her dream summer outfit. I hope you enjoy!

They say summer is coming, but I'm not sure if I believe it anymore. Staring out the window, while wearing a hoodie and jeans, is making me long for the days when I can wear a cute t-shirt, with shorts and just go. I always find summer outfits so much easier to just put on. They're so low maintenance with no need for multiple layers or struggling to tuck jeans into boots; you just out on some light pieces and are good to go.
Although, this is by no means stopping me from imagining and mentally putting together a cute outfit for the next warm day we have. This means as soon as the sun comes out, I know exactly what I'm wearing, wasting no time deciding, so I can spend as much time as possible out enjoying it – who knows when it'll be back.
I like to keep my summer outfits nice and comfortable, so that there’s no faffing about and I can be as comfortable as possible. I do love wearing oversized t-shirts when it’s warm and, while I have no boyfriend to steal them from, I invest in super cute men’s t-shirts. There’s such a wide variety online and paired with a pair of denim shorts and sandals, it’s a perfect summer outfit.
what items of clothing i would love for my dream summer outfit, all from superdry or mel

Saturday, June 22

next blogger challenge: what's in your travel bag?

hi everyone,

so next have set a blogging challenge of what you would take with you on your travels this summer. you can read about it here.

Now this summer unfortunately i don't think i'll be jetting off anywhere nice, but i am planning on going to a few seaside towns and relax on the beach, if the sun does come back!.
I live nowhere near the sea, im actually in one of the furthest towns you can get inland.

so when i want to go to the seaside it is a trek, and i want to make the most of it. This is what i am planning on taking.

Wednesday, June 19

my tone it up jorney

hi everyone,

*warning pictures and measurements of a fat person trying to become healthier and skinner*
so as some of you may know i have started a new lifestyle regime. One of the main things i have to point out is, its not a diet. It's not a quick fix. Its designed to make you healthier, stronger, fitter and live longer.

so I have started a plan called Tone It Up or TIU for short. It is all about eating everything as fresh and natural as possible. No processed anything. no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and everything lean, clean and green.

so that means no fried foods, no deep fried foods, nothing with sweetener and nothing with all the ingredients that you can't read and don't know what they mean. No sweets or chocolate, pizza's,chips, etc.so instead have sugar instead of sweetener, lean meat instead of red or fatty meat. lots of fruit and veg.

this might sound abit extreme to people, but it makes sense if you think about it, your body is so complex and a perfect design that even scientist can't understand, so why would you fill it with processed things that your body just can't break down and can't digest. You will feel sluggish, bloated, unhealthy and just horrible inside.

Tuesday, June 18

how to: start a blog lovin account

hi everyone,

so today i am going to show you how you can get your own blog lovin' account if you don't have one already, and how to follow me on there.

As most of you will know, google friend connect is closing down, as of july 1st i believe (please correct me if im wrong) and the best may to follow your favourite blogs is through bloglovin'

seen as hellocotton closed down aswell, soon people aren't going to be able to follow blogs at all. anyway.
so to start of with you need to go to www.bloglovin.com and click on the button that says "join bloglovin"

then itll take you to a page that says "sign up with facebook" or "sign up with email". i prefer the sign up email way but if you have a facebook account and don't mind bloglovin connecting to that then its quicker, you can just click onto it and it'll ask for your permission on facebook and then your done its all set up and you can skip to the import blog bit, if not follow this:

Sunday, June 16

my favourites of all time

hi everyone,

so i thought i would show you things that i love, i was going to do this in separate blog posts but i think it will be alot easier and nicer to read if i put it all in one post.
so im going to do it for different categories aswell. Some of these are my favorites because i have ran out of them before and tried something else but come back to them because they are just that good.


Friday, June 14

how to apply different foundation

hi everyone,

so today i thought i would show you how to apply different types of foundations. If you know how to apply foundation and are quite happy with how you do it, you don't really need to read this.

This is for people that are really not sure how to apply something other than liquid foundation or are just interested in this :D

so the first one im going to show you is liquid and cream, there are lots of different ways to apply it, but this is the way i prefer and get the best results from.

i use a foundation brush, you can use your fingers (but not great for my skin because fingers have oil on them, and on oily skin this is not good!) or sponge (i find that i use too much with a sponge and it also soaks up all my foundation).