Sunday, September 30

how to: make your own fudge

hey everyone,
right some of you may know that i loveeee to bake,
some of you may not, but i do, im a huge cupcake fan and i love to create different designs, and i even started a cooking blog at one time, but gave it up because i ended up doing to many things at once,

Saturday, September 29

free graze box

hey everyone,

so a couple of days ago i received an email saying that i could recieve a free graze box, now ive heard alot of good things from lots of bloggers of this, so i thought oh cool ill give it ago.

so i went onto the website, put in all my details and then they said i could receive one 2 days later!

Friday, September 28

montagne jeunesse goodies

hi everyone,
You know how much i love this brand, and montagne jeunesse sent me over some more masque to try, how lovely is that.
I absolutely love masques, I use them when im lying in the bath, submerged in smelly things and candles all around me, its like heaven, and i could stay in there for hours!
I put a hair mask on, a face mask and im gone :D
Montagne Jeunesse are a really good brand, you can find them at most places, like asda, superdrug, tesco and even new look, they even have there own website

 the masks i was sent, is blemish mud, very berry, iced crystal and a peel off masque.

Wednesday, September 26

nail of the day: owl attack!

hey everyone,

so this weeks nail of the day i was looking for some inspiration on pinterest, because it is amazing and i found that somebody did some owls on there nails,
i thought this was an awsome idea so i changed the colours abit but kept it near enough the same :D
soo i will show you how to do them to, here we go:

Tuesday, September 25

contour like Kim kardashian

Hi everyone.

I don't know whether you saw a few weeks back the picture of Kim Kardashian in a magazine, with stuff all over her face, and she said that this is how she/her make-up artist contours her face.

so after that image i thought i would give it ago, and it actually turns out really well!, it makes me looks tanned, which is abit weird for me because i am soooo pale, but it makes your cheeks and nose look thinner which is a good thing for me,
so let me show you how i did it, and then you can give it a go, you will need to show me how you look aswell! :D

Friday, September 21

products i regret buying

hey everyone,
so i thought i would never do this post, because ive always thought that i liked the things ive brought and that i would never regret buying things,
but looking through my make-up and hair care i realised that actually there are products i really dont like.

now i will continue to use them, because i don't believe throwing things away unless they are:
1. used up or 2. out of date

so here are the products i regret buying:

Wednesday, September 19

nail of the day: glitter and hearts

hey everyone,

so a couple of weeks ago i won a competition on twitter, just by re-tweeting from a fellow blogger and i won a prize.

i love twitter for this reason, it is soooo easy to enter competitions and a lower number of entries, so much easier to win things.
so this is what i got:

Monday, September 17

mac lipstick in morange

hey everyone,

so for this post i am going to tell you about the mac lipstick in morange that i brought in my last post haul part 2.

so this is the one i wanted a while ago but i was to scared to get, so i got the Vegas volt one which is in this post. But i did love the colour so much, and i don't have an orange lipstick, so i wanted to give this one a go.

Saturday, September 15

haul part 2

hey everyone,

so i thought i would share with you my second part to this huge haul. If you haven't seen the first half click here!

well i forgot i ordered all of this, so its a good job i didn't purchase it twice, i would have died! this is basically all my money gone for the month now, but i really don't care, im in love haha

so basically, i brought more clinique stuff, and one mac lipstick (you know my obsession, i will own them all one day)
so here is what i brought:

Thursday, September 13

no7 stay perfect foundation

hey everyone,

today im going to talk about the foundation i picked up at no7 called Stay perfect foundation.

i picked this one because my skin is a combination skin, and i wanted something that was quite sheer, and this was the one she suggested, it is the perfect colour for me and matches perfectly, could not get any closer to my actually skin colour.

Tuesday, September 11

haul part 1

hey everyone

right, as you may know ive been going abit crazy with buying things this month,
well i keep telling myself why not? i get paid every month and it is finally a decent salary in a proper grown up job, and i haven't had a holiday all year (in fact i have had no time off), and at one point i was working 3 jobs, so im moaning now, but you get the idea lol.

so here is my first haul, haul part 1:

it is all from no7 because atm boots are giving away vouchers, so basically what i did was buy 2 diet cokes for like £2 and get a free voucher,
the voucher is £5 off skincare and £3 off make-up, but there also doing a 3 for 2, so i brought 3 things and basically only paid for 1 thing, how awesome is that.
This is what i got:

Thursday, September 6

mac lipstick: double spin

hey everyone,

so as i promised here is a review of the mac lipstick in double spin i brought in my last haul, i brought it from the mac shop but it is actually from the old Christmas collection called glitter and ice,
you can occasionally go into a mac shop and they will have left overs of some collections, as long as the haven't been opened before you can get them from like years ago,
so that's what i did, i love this colour, i like my nudes, and this fits the bill.

Wednesday, September 5

haul time!

hey everyone,
so i went on twitter yesterday (im under MissPenelope90) and told you that i went abit mad yesterday buying things,
well i did, its not alot but its more of the high end items i brought, so it does add up to a good amount of money,
i should not be trusted with a monthly pay check, i spend it all in one go, who else does that?