Friday, March 30

150 follower competition time

hello everyone :D

im sooo soo happy that i am over 150 followers, im so glad so many of you enjoy what i write and what i talk about anyway lets get to the good bit,

right colour b4 have been ever so lovely and given me some prizes for one lucky winner to win.

there is:
pre-colour clarifying treatment
after colour stabilising treatment
hair colour remover regular
hair colour remover extra

this is for anyone who is unhappy with their hair colour and want to remove it to their original colour or if you have to much colour build up on your hair and want to refresh it.
i have made a blog post about it before if you would like to read it click here
the colour stop is great if you have dyed hair already and want to keep the brightness
and the b4 u colour is also great as like an exfoliator for your hair to use once a week :D

this is what colour b4 say
 "time to spring clean your hair and lighten up. It’s the time of year when our thoughts turn to sunkissed, lighter locks to compliment our tans.  However, going from dark to light can take months of careful colouring and several trips to the salon.  The Colour B4 range can make the change instantly. 
 Start by spring cleaning your hair with B4U Colour, a clarifier that washes away all the built up residue that can dull your locks from using conditioning and styling products, and pollution.  This literally makes your hair squeaky clean.
 Then prepare to freshen your colour with Colour B4, the UK’s original hair colour remover that shrinks the colour molecules away, without bleach or ammonia.  It also has a buffer to brighten and nourish after the treatment.
 Here we show you a quick bit of magic – Colour B4 in action.

so if you would like to enter here are the rules:

  • it is only open to united kingdom based people (sorry)
  • you must follow my blog with either gfc or hellocotton (state which one) and you need to follow colour b4 on twitter here
  • leave a comment down below of your email address so i can get in contact with you and what you would like to see more of on my blog/or what you enjoy
  • this gives you one entry
extra entries:
  • follow me on twitter here (+1)
  • tweet about the giveaway including me and colour b4 "something like check out @MissPenelope and @Colourb4 giveaway on" (+2)
  • follow colour b4 on facebook here (+1)
  • follow me on youtube here (+1)

i will pick a winner randomly using and email your for your address, then i will tell colour b4 who wins and they will send out the prize to you. the giveaway will end on the 21st of april 2012

hope you enjoy this giveaway and goodluck

Thursday, March 29

notd: my top 10 nail varnishes

hey everyone,
for my nail of the day i thought i would change it slightly and instead show you my top 10 nail varnishes that i love.
in my top 10 i picked each colour category and then picked my favourite from it, i have actually picked quite cheap ones, i dont know why just ended up that way oh well.

Here is my top 10 nail varnishes:

first ones are the pale colours:

my palest colour is mua love hearts i <3 u and then peach melba by barry m

mua i <3 u: is a real pale like skin colour nail varnish, review here
barry m peach melba: is a nice peachy colour, review here

next are the blue and greens:
barry m mint green: is a gorgeous colour but you either love it or hate it, review here
barry m blue: this a nice blue with a purpley under tone

next red's, pink's and purple:
barry m raspberry: nice dark purple, review here
orly haute red: a beautiful bright red simliar to o.p.i big apple red
rimmel hot shot: i super bright pink like neon pink

then the darks:
rimmel black cherry: gorgeous dark purple, abit like o.p.i linkin park at midnight
rimmel grey matter: nice grey colour with a purpley blue undertone

then my favourite effect nail varnish:
rimmel disco ball: a gorgeous glittery top coat with purple, blue,silver and abit of gold flecks in it, lovely!, review here

i made a video on them aswell check it out here:

have you tried any of these and do you enjoy them?
hope to see you soon xx

Monday, March 26

im on youtube!!

hey everyone,
sorry i havent been blogging alot i have been busy with my new job :D, but i have put up my first ever video on youtube about my march favourites,
i hope you enjoy it and here the link

Sunday, March 25

bloggers interview:

this week blog interview is by the lovely rachel, hope you enjoy!

1. Tell Me A bit About Yourself?:
My name's Rachael, I'm 22 and currently studying a degree in graphic design at Central saint Martins college.

2. Whats The Name Of Your Blog?:
Green Finch and Linnet Bird after the Sweeney Todd song :)

3. Explain What Your Blog Is About?:
My blog is mostly about beauty but would like to expand into the fashion and lifestyle side also.

4. What Inspired You To Start Your Blog?:
I've been reading blogs and watching youtube videos for over 2 years now and they always really inspire me. I've wanted to do this for a while but i never thought anyone would be interested in what i had to say and then i just decided one day to do it and get a bit more involved with the beauty blogger community.

5. If You Could Only Have One Make-up Item In The World What Would It Be?:
Probably foundation, sometimes i wear just that if I'm in a no makeup mood, I don't have the best skin so I'm always looking for ways to improve it and foundation is always good masking the odd blemish.

6. What Posts Do You Enjoy Writing The Most? Reviews, Swatches, Products e.t.c?:
i like to write about products I've had a good success with, if vie been using for a while and I've repurchased i'll write about it because I like to share my experience with others and hope that they get good results using the products too

7. Where Can We Follow You?:
You can follow me on GFC, Bloglovin' and hello cotton. All links are on my blog

8. What Blogs Do You Recommend Us To Read?:
Here a few of my faves

9. Where Do You See Your Blog Going In The Next Year?:
I'm not too sure, hopefully people will still be reading. I'm sure I'll still be writing because it's nice to share my thoughts with people who share the same interest which is something I can't do in real life as no one I know is too interested lol

10. And Lastly, Is There Any Advice You Would Give To Other Bloggers?
My advice would be if you're thinking about starting a blog, do it! You'll never know if you like it or not until you do and just have fun with it. Don't worry about the amount of followers you have because your blog is about you.

Thursday, March 22

notd: how to do a marble effect without using water

hey everyone :D
today for my nail of the day i tried to do marble effect on my nails, but i couldnt be bothered with all the who har of the water and such so i just decided to try it without the water and here's how it went:

so what you need is:
a base colour (i choose barry m black)
and a marble colour (i choose barry m mint green)
and i orange stick or cotton wool bud something to stir the polish with

what you need to do is paint all your nails with one coat of the base colour and let it dry
then once that has dried apply another coat of the base to the finger you want to start with

before it dyes add a couple of dots of the marble colour into the nail

then using an orange stick swirl the marble colour with the base to create a marbled effect,
it took me awhile to get used to it but i got the hang of it by the end

i added abit of the 17 glitter top coat over the top as well just to see what it looked like :D

 hope you enjoyed it? have you tried either of the marbled effects, what do you think?
see you soon xx

Monday, March 19

how to: hair sock bun

hey everyone :D
i love watching hair tutorials and trying them out but i never share any with you guys so here it is:

i saw this hair sock bun on pinterest and thought it was an amazing idea, so i thought i would show you how to do it :D
my pinterest is here if you would like to follow me:

ive always wanted to buy one of those round buns that are called roly polys but never got round to it and i think there abit expensive for what they are, and when i found out that you could make a sock into one i jumped for joy. 

so here goes:
what you will need:

a sock
some scissors
a bobble
and bobby pins

so what you need to do is pick a sock, any sock will do, i was stupid and picked a purple one haha but you should try and pick one that suits your hair colour
then you need to cut the toe section of your sock using the scissors and roll it up. so it looks like the picture on the right.

then tie your hair into a pony tail, as high or low as you would like your bun to be, doesnt really matter, you can leave your fringe out too if you want.
then grab the sock bun and put your pony tail through the middle of the sock

then what you want to do is grab the end of your pony tail and tuck it under the bun to hide the end and roll the bun down your hair so your hair folds over the sock and creates a spray effect with your hair, then all you have to do is hide the sock, you can use bobby clips if you need (i need probably about 30 because my hair is so fly away =[ ) and use hairspray aswell if you need.

but thats it simple but really really good. It makes your hair look so much thicker and longer then it actually is, so when you see all those lovely people on the street with those really high buns and wonder how there hair looks so gorgeous and how is that long to do that you dont need to wonder any more :D

and the best bit, you dont have to pay a penny.

hope you enjoy? see you soon xx

Friday, March 16

how to: cut your own fringe/bangs

hey everyone
today i thought i would share with you how to cut your own fringe, learning to do this will save you money and time in the long run :D

i trained to become a hairdresser so this is how i was taught how to cut fringes (Americans call them bangs)

what you need:
  • a fine tooth comb
  • a section clip
  • pair of scissors

now you dont have to buy really expensive scissors to do this, you can go into say Boots, and buy some hairdressing scissors from there, they can range from £10 all the way up to £500, so trust me get the cheapy ones, its only for cutting your fringe :D

1. oki so what you need to do is section of your hair, so that you have all the hair that you dont want in your fringe out of the way

2. next what you do is grab your comb, make sure there are no knots in your fringe and then with your comb in one hand and your index finger and middle finger on your other hand, follow the comb down and swoop your fringe across the other side of your face so its inline with your nose

3. next you want to cut along your fingers, you want to make the top shorter then the bottom (of your fingers) so that you get a sweeping fringe, start by doing alittle at a time if your not sure, you can comb it down and see whats happening and then comb it across afterwards.

4. so once youve cut of enough you should have something that looks like this

theres also an easier way to cut your fringe if your skilled enough, its called slicing, because its like you know when youve wrapped a present and you use the ribbon to decorate but you make it a spirall with your scissors, like that (haha cant describe it well)

so you basically use the base of the scissors and where you want your shortest bit to start you slice, you glide the open scissors down your hair and the scissors should cut your hair while they are open.
(please for the love of god do not just cut straight along and close your scissors, i am not responsible for the outcome of that.)

so there you have it, how to cut your own fringe, i hope this helps and saves some money at the hairdressers.
See what i use to wash my hair, just click on the link.

see you all soon xx

Thursday, March 15

notd: opi texas collection

hey everyone :D

so for this weeks nail of the day im going back to one of o.p.i's old collections

this is Austin-tatious Turquoise from the texas collection o.p.i 

o.p.i says "Cowgirls love this bodacious blue-green (S)" the s stands for shimmer lacquer " enriched with a soft undertone of sparkly gold or silver (S)

i love this colour, its a strange one because its like a bluey green you can see the green on the underside of your nail and when you take the nail varnish off.

im obsessed with my matte nail polish at the moment, so i tried it on this aswell!, so i did matte on all the nails apart from my ring fingers, you cant really tell a difference apart from it being abit more shiney :D

i love this colour so much, its sooo pretty and sparkerly 

have you tried any of this collection?
see you all soon xx

Wednesday, March 14

cupcake mission

hey everyone,

doing 2 posts today because ive been absent for awhile and there only small so instead of one big one you get 2 small ones lol

anyway, i made some cupcakes today, i havent done it in a really long time and i was getting pretty good at it, but i broke my electric whisk =[ *nooo* so i did it by hand haha

so here is what they looked like

now they are not the best, the buttercream frosting was to runny but they do taste good.

i made the cupcake with vanilla and a bit of maple syrup.
then the icing a made with cocoa powder and maple syrup, i like maple syrup.

so what do you think? they dont look the prettiest but oh well :D

see you soon xx

lush: magic mushroom

hey everyone :D
today is just a quick post :D sorry ive been absent for abit, ive just started a new job, so im very excited about that eeee

so i got the magic mushroom from lush, i love this one. i love all bubble bars if im honest, i find them sooo much nicer then the bath bombs and you get mountains of bubbles which is amazing!

you can break it into two if you want, i just used the whole thing because i really do like mountains of bubbles, i use the whole of the "blue sky and fluffy clouds" because of the bubbles. 
it isnt ver cost effect but i dont care lol

so i broke off the "stem" first and crumbled it under the water, and made the bath white and really pretty bubbles

then i broke the "top" up and put it in the water, and it turns the water red,ooooo

i think you could get away with either piece for each bath, so you can have a white bath and a red one, i do love the white.

the magic mushroom is flavoured with strawberry and vanilla, its strange the white section is flavoured with strawberry's and cream and the red section is vanilla scented.

it left my skin feeling really really soft and i enjoyed this.

have you tried this one? do you like it?
see you soon xx

Monday, March 12

twitter help?

hey everyone,

just a quick post, can anyone help me on twitterm ive asked on there but no one responses lol

how do i get my hashtags to work again, they havent worked for about 2 weeks now, like my #bbloggers
so i cant really join in on the sunday chats =[

does anyone know whats going on or how to help me
please leave a comment down below

see you soon xx

Sunday, March 11

bloggers interview:

this weeks blog interviews is by the lovely, chloe
hope you enjoy!

1.      Tell Me A bit About Yourself?:
I study Journalism at Derby University, I’m 20 and can’t remember ever wanting to do anything but be a writer! I live in Derby with my best friend and 2 other girls (next year I will be living with my best friend and 3 other girls), I LOVE student life, I HATE that being a student means having no money, but I still have the best time.

2. Whats The Name Of Your Blog?:
My Blog is called Muffins Priorities. I toyed around with different names but I still haven’t found the right one. Muffin is my nickname so I thought i would incorporate that.

3. Explain What Your Blog Is About?:
Bits and bobs really. My aim is to write about makeup and fashion that I like but I put some random stuff in there as well, I will think of any excuse to write another blog!

4. What Inspired You To Start Your Blog?:
I first made my blog because we had to for my journalism course but I never quite knew what to blog about so my early blogs are very random and I had no idea where I was going with the posts. Recently I was reading a lot of fashion and beauty blogs and realised that that is what I should be blogging about! I always said I wanted to write about fashion so it’s mad that I hadn’t done this sooner!

5. If You Could Only Have One Make-up Item In The World What Would It Be?:
liquid eyeliner!!!! I don’t know how I would survive without it. I’ve used it since I was about 15 and have never gone back. Although, recently I have been venturing from my house with just foundation on when I’m in a rush.

6. What Posts Do You Enjoy Writing The Most? Reviews, Swatches, Products e.t.c?:
I haven’t wrote many reviews or beauty and fashion related blogs yet, I’m really just getting started but at the moment writing about anything and everything that inspires me is what I love writing about most.

7. Where Can We Follow You?:
my blog :
Twitter: @chloemuffin_

8. What Blogs Do You Recommend Us To Read?: I actually have only just found this blog but I love the mix of stuff she writes about. She also inspired me to take more pictures.

9. Where Do You See Your Blog Going In The Next Year?:
I have no idea but I’m hoping it will help my writing get better and that people will like my writing. Going to Uni and seeing how everyone else writes was very scary and made me feel as if I wasn’t good enough anymore. This way I can get better.

10. And Lastly, Is There Any Advice You Would Give To Other Bloggers?
Going back to Uni making me feel as if my writing wasn’t good enough, I found that sharing my blog helped. Put yourself out there. I write because I love to write but getting followers and feedback is always a lovely feeling, it makes you push yourself harder and become more enthusiastic.

Saturday, March 10

KONY 2012

oki everyone,

if you havent seen or heard anything about kony you should watch this video,
omgawd you need to watch it

you need to share it with everyone you know!!
you need to share it with the world!

there was alot about it on twitter the other day but it seems to have died down
please if you have never watched it you need to, it is such a moving and empowered video.

i am ordering my kit as soon as they become available again!

watch it now!

also visit there website and make your pledge here:
where you can message celebrates and the policy makers!


and the 100 follower giveaway is....

Hey everyone :]

i just wanted to say a huge thankyou to everyone who joined in and took part in this giveaway
im so excited to say that im one away from 160 aswell, im going to need to decide what my 200 giveaway will be soon =/ argghhh

ironically this is my 100th blog post aswell, go me! (i didnt even plan this)

soo here we go
my giveaway winner is......

 jenna froggy!

yaaaaaa :D, congrats, please send me your details through my email ( and i will send out the prizes a.s.a.p

thankyou again so everyone who took part, im sorry i couldnt give you all something.
see you soon! xx

Thursday, March 8

Lush: Frog prince bath bomb

Hey everyone,
I thought id share with you the bath bomb i brought a couple of weeks ago, I havent been able to use it till know because i had my arm in a cast, but now its out yayaaaaa!!!
so i can now have a bath and relax.

when you drop it in the bath it turns the water a greeny colour, the lips are the last thing to dissolve is the lips, which is pretty cool 

(my half dissolved prince), the only thing with mine is that all the blogs ive read said they got a little message inside the frog saying something like "uve been kissed by a prince",  i didnt get anything like tht =[ unless it dissolved too haha 
i was upset lol!
oh well maybe next year

Did you have one this year? did you enjoy it?

see you soon xx

notd: mua leopard matte nails

hey everyone :],
i thought i would try something different this week :D,
 i am not very good at nail art, i would love to be good at it but im just not! and i saw some matte leopard print nails on google and i really wanted to try them, here is how i got on.

what i did was put 2 coats of the mua shade 10 or 11 i cant remember, then i applyed the rimmel matte finish top coat.
after it all dried i then used an orange stick and dipped it into the mua nail varnish and drew a couple of patterns on my nail to look like leopard print,
i dont think they look very good but at least i gave it ago :D

cant blame a girl for trying 
what do you think? does it look oki lol 
see you soon xx