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the thoughts and opinions i express are my own, therefore i may change my opinion on a product from time to time, what works for my skin/hair/body may not work for you. I am not an expect on any of these products and wont know whether you are allergic to any of them. For your own safety please read the instructions and how to use the product and follow them, read the ingredients list to check that you are not allergic to anything before using them, if you have any concerns about a product please contact the manufacturer.

All my opinions are my own 100%. In the event that a company supplies me a product or service to review i will put a star (*) next to that item, this will not influence my opinion in anyway and i will always state the truth. I am affiliated with sigma beauty,and hair trades so i may put discount codes and items they have sent me on my blog from time to time. Everything else i will have paid for with my own money and is brought by me.

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