Monday, February 27

at the Oscars :]

hey everyone,

 i thought i would give you a low down on who won at the Oscars
and also some of the guests and what they were, theres some beautiful dresses :]

and the winners are:
best picture: the artist
actor in a leading role: Jean dujardin (the artist)
actress in a leading role: meryl streep (the iron lady)
actor in a supporting role: Christopher plummer (beginners)

(George clooney and his wife)

actress in a supporting role: octavia Spencer (the help)
animated feature film: Rango
cinematography: Hugo
art direction: Hugo

(jennifer lopez)

costume design: the artist
directing: the artist
documentary feature: saving face
film editing: the girl with the dragon tattoo

(Gwyneth paltrow) 

foreign language film: Iran "a separation"
make-up: the iron lady
music (orgainal score): the artist
music (orignal song): "man or muppet" from the muppets

(brad pitt and angelina jolie)

short film (animated): the fantastic flying books of mr. morris lessmore for a short film it does not have a short title
short film (live action): the shore
sound editing: Hugo
sound mixing: Hugo
(meryl streep)

visual effects: Hugo
writing (adapted sceenplay): the descendants
writing (original screenplay): midnight in paris
(cameron diaz)

(mario lopez)

(Natalie portman)

hope you enjoyed the oscars, or at least swooned over the gowns like i did :]

see you soon

Sunday, February 26

sunday shopping: 90's remix

hey everyone (and too all my new followers),
sorry for my complete lack of posts, i have planned them but ive just been soooo busy, i will explain why soon though :]

anyway, you know when you have no money you want things a bit more?, well ive seen everywhere, everyone wearing them and i really want some =[
here is what im loving at the moment.

top left to right: 1.river island £20.00 2.river island £30.00 3.asos £24.00 4.asos £10.00
middle left to right: 1. asos £20.00 2.asos £28.50 3.asos £32.00 4.asos £4.50
bottom left to right: 1.asos £95.00 2.asos £28.00 3.asos £32.00 4.asos £9.50

i really want all of this stuff :], but i cant afford any of it =[, i literally have zero money in the bank,
oh well
hope you all had lovely sundays ♥
see you soon

bloggers interview:

hey everyone,
this weeks bloggers interview is by the lovely lisa, i love reading her blog so i was sooooo happy when she sent me a message to do this interview :]
hope you check her blog out and enjoy it as much as i do!!

1. Tell Me A bit About Yourself?: Hello! My name is Lisa and I am 26. I am originally from Glasgow but I moved to Kent last year to move in with my boyfriend. I have 3 cats, who are my little babies and love all things pink and glittery! 

2. Whats The Name Of Your Blog?: My blog is 

3. Explain What Your Blog Is About?: My blog is mostly about beauty but over the next few weeks I will hopefully be branching out and doing a more varied range of posts so keep a look out!

4. What Inspired You To Start Your Blog?: I started my blog as I loved reading other people's blogs and thought it looked a fun thing to do! I love writing mine, it is my little bit of escapism.

5. If You Could Only Have One Make-up Item In The World What Would It Be?: Definitely mascara! I have quite fair eyelashes and I think they look terrible without mascara on!

6. What Posts Do You Enjoy Writing The Most? Reviews, Swatches, Products e.t.c?: I wouldn't say I have a favourite type of post to write but I do enjoy doing swatches and writing reviews.

7. Where Can We Follow You?: You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin', Hello Cotton and GFC. You can find all the links to these on my blog here: 

8. What Blogs Do You Recommend Us To Read?: A few of the blogs I love to read are

9. Where Do You See Your Blog Going In The Next Year?: Hopefully in a years time my blog will still be going strong, I'll still be enjoying doing it and still meeting lots of lovely bloggers.

10. And Lastly, Is There Any Advice You Would Give To Other Bloggers? Blog about something you love!

This was a lot of fun to do, thank you for the questions and hope you like reading them! 

Let me know if there's anything else you need to know!

Thanks, Lisa xx

(if you would like to take part please look at the link here)

Thursday, February 23

notd: mua love hearts: u rok and u & i

hey everyone,
today for my nail of the day post i thought i would do 2 of nail varnishes from the love hearts collection.
ive decided that if i only do one a week its going to take me like 6 weeks, and youll be getting bored and so will I.

so today my first 2 are:
u rok: a pastel lavender colour
u & i : a nice soft yellow

first off ill do u rok:
(with flash)

(without flash)

this is by far my Favourite nail varnish out of the collection so far, its lovely pastel lavender and its beautiful, ive never had a lavender nail varnish so this is a nice colour to add to my collection.
it goes on really smooth and it is the best brush by far, the consistency is a little watery but i prefer that to the thicker ones, it means it dies quicker and you can add more layers to fill it in and it wont go gloupy.
when its watery i find its easier to apply as well because the brush is quite small and thin (im used to o.p.i brushes)

u & i:
(with flash)

(without flash)

i love the fact that these nail polishes look the same with or without flash, its a lovely soft yellow, would be great in the summer.
has a bit of a better consistency then u rok but is thicker, so i was able to put this on in 2 coats instead of the normal 3. not as nicer brush, same as the i love u polish, but well worth thev money :]

i love these polishes at the moment, i will show you the other 3 next week :]
have you tried these? which polish do you prefer out of the range?
please comment below

see you soon xx

Monday, February 20

optibac probiotics

hey everyone, i thought id talk to you about some probiotics ive been taking and the benefits you can get from taking them.
ive been taking these for about a month now, maybe more haven't really been taking that much notice, they are a probiotic in the form of a capsule, instead of in a drink form like activia,  these are specific to generall health and daily wellbeing, so you take these 2 times a day every day.

i find capsules easier to take and less calories then drinking those drinks (great if trying to loose weight), but if you hate them you can take it apart and put it into your Favourite drink.

they are suitable for everyone.
optibac say: This daily supplement promotes a healthy balance of friendly bacteria throughout the entire intestinal tract. In For daily wellbeing, the acidophilus and other probiotic bacteria along with the prebiotics have been selected for their specific clinically proven health benefits they convey in the different parts of the small and large intestine or colon. For daily wellbeing contains a variety of well-researched and documented probiotic strains.

i think it has helped, i get lots of headaches and i cant find anything to stop them, but after reading their website i found it could help, thats why i took them, now i don't know whether its a placebo affect but i feel it does help,

other then that i feel like ive got more energy, and i feel better in myself, if you know what i mean.

they retail at £10.20 for 60 capsules and you can obviously buy more, you can also find a stockist near you on their website so you don't have to pay postage.

their website is  please check it out, even if its just a quick noisy at the products they do. its well worth it 

disclaimer: this product was sent to me for my review, my opinions are 100% my own and are not affected by the company

Sunday, February 19

bloggers interview:

hey everyone,
this weeks interview is by the lovely Devon, she is so interesting and creative
hope you enjoy

1. Tell Me A bit About Yourself?

My name is Devon, I am 18-years-old, and I was born in England. I lived in England for 14 years, and I have lived in Scotland for the past 4 years. I live with my parents, my younger brother, my parrot, and my dog. I also have a wonderful boyfriend named Oliver. I play the piano, I compose a lot of my own music, and I will start studying a degree in Music at university later this year!

2. Whats The Name Of Your Blog?
My blog was originally called ‘Devonisonfire’, a play on the name of the band ‘Alexisonfire’. But it is known as simply ‘Devon Elizabeth’ these days, which is my first name and middle name.

3. Explain What Your Blog Is About?
My blog is basically a dump of all the thoughts and ideas that would just seem weird when said out loud in conversation. If I use a good beauty product or read a great book, I’ll share it. If I travel and do some photography, I’ll display it. If I discover something or someone inspiring, I’ll spread the word.

4. What Inspired You To Start Your Blog?
I came across some very lovely blogs about three years ago and thought “Hey, that looks pretty fun!”, but then I also realised a greater purpose. I love the idea that one day, when I am old, I will have everything I am writing now to look back on. If only the monumental resource that is the internet had been available to past generations. How interesting would reading a first-hand, detailed, photographed account of your great-great-great-great grandparents daily lives have been? Maybe future generations will read mine. I also just love seeing how I develop and grow as a person over time. It’s pretty interesting to look over.

5. If You Could Only Have One Make-up Item In The World What Would It Be?
I haven’t actually been into make-up for all that long, but I have already discovered that a matte mousse foundation is essential! Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in porcelain is my must-have.

6. What Posts Do You Enjoy Writing The Most? Reviews, Swatches, Products e.t.c?
I enjoy all of them really, but I guess I do particularly enjoy writing about events I have been to and lovely places I have visited. Definitely the more personal posts. Anybody can write about a mascara or a book, but only I can write about the things that happen to me from my perspective.

7. Where Can We Follow You?
My blog URL is and you can also follow me on Bloglovin’ at For elsewhere you can find me, such as Twitter and Tumblr, see my sidebar on my blog for a full list of links!

8. What Blogs Do You Recommend Us To Read?
The main blog that inspired me to start writing my own was Kaelah’s blog at She’s incredible.

9. Where Do You See Your Blog Going In The Next Year?
I see it continuing to show my ever-changing tastes and documenting my discoveries. I also see it getting pretty interesting when I start university.

10. And Lastly, Is There Any Advice You Would Give To Other Bloggers?
Blog for the right reasons. If you’re just blogging for popularity and followers, you’re going to crash. When you start blogging for anything other than yourself, it becomes a chore. Keep it about you. Blog for you and you only. Don’t blog how you think other people want you to. It’s your blog. Write it how you want to.

(if you would like to take part please follow the link here!)

Saturday, February 18

Mua love hearts haul: lipstick + lipgloss

hey everyone,
as you may know i brought alot from mua, and brought the whole love hearts collection and some extra bits.
today i am going to show you the 2 lipsticks i bought and the lip glosses from the love hearts collection.

i missed out 3 lipglosses because im holding my first ever giveaway, and you can find out how to join here!


kiss me + sweet kiss:
kiss me:
 is a gorgeous colour, it is not as bright as in the packaged, is wish it was! its easy to apply either with your finger or a brush, its nice an soft and lasts for ages.
(no flash)


sweet kiss:
is a nice nude colour, is the same is kiss me as in its a nice application and is soft :]
its damn near to the colour too

(no flash)

lipsticks shade 21 +14:

(no flash)

left 21 right 14

shade 21:
is a nice pinky glittery colour, and the glitter isnt annoying on your lips either, catches the light beautifully

shade 14:

is a gorgeous nude colour, its shiny and pretty and i think this is my new fav colour. its got a little bit of a pink tinge to it aswell so its perfect if you are pale skinned :] 
(with flash)

(no flash)

I love the packaging sooo much and their so cheap, lipsticks are £1 and lip glosses are £2, so amazing quality for the price,
i really want the eyelashes they bought out but i cant afford them yet :]
cant wait to try them
you have found a very loyal customer now MUA.

have you tried any of these?
what do you think?

see you soon!

Friday, February 17

my first ever giveaway!!

hey everyone,
im soooo excited to announce that i am holding a give away because i reached 100 followers!! (yaaaa)

this is the prize:
  • a tresemme smoothing hair masque
  • batiste dry shampoo in blush
  • mua love hearts lip gloss in sugar lips
  • mua love hearts lip gloss in hot lips
  • mua love hearts lip gloss in great lips

(a close up of the colours)

as its my first give away i am going to make it easy,
ive asked a few people and rafflecopter seems the way to go and that way no one complain its not fair :]

so for the rules:
  1. you must be a follow, either on gfc (Google friend connect) or on blog lovin' whichever just state where you follow me and under what name
  2. leave your email address so i can get into contact with you

so simple :]

optional (these you can do to get more votes to have a bigger chance of winning):
  1. follow me on twitter @MissPenelope90 and state your name on there - gives you an extra entry
  2. tweet about my give away, copy and paste: "Hey! @MissPenelope90 is holding a giveaway feat mua products,check it out" its also on the rafflecopter - give you 2 extra entry's
  3. you can tweet every day just be sure to come back and add it too your list otherwise it wont be counted

i will announce the winner in 3 weeks, on the 9th of march 2012, which ironical is the day my cast comes off.

good luck!! and i cant wait to announce the winner!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, February 16

notd: mua love hearts i love u

hey everyone,
this is one of the nail varnishes out of the mua love hearts collection.
its called i <3 u

its a beautiful colour, its a nude peachy colour, its only £2 as well!! wow
i still have a cast on so its not the easiest to apply so be warned its not completely smooth.
(with flash)

(without flash)

but it is a beautiful colour, i did 3 coats to get it semi smooth.
the brush is abit hard to work with but for £2 i can deal with it 

have you guys tried this? what do you think?

mua love hearts haul

hey everyone :],

im excited because i purchased the whole of the love hearts collection from the MUA website :]

and a few other thing :], you will see why all the lip glosses are not here tomorrow :D.

i brought so much i am going to show you everything in different posts, so all the nail varnishes will be shown on Thursdays for my nail of the day, then ill do the lipsticks and lip glosses in a post on sat 

my nail varnish for today will be up abit later 
but for now ill show you all some close up pics

(without flash)

(with flash)

(with flash)

(without flash)

have you tried any of these products? do you like them?
see you soon :]