Tuesday, July 30

Bumble and bumble surf travel kit

hi everyone,
so if you follow me on instragram, then you may know i have just come back from camping with my boyfriend.
I loved it, it was so peaceful and hot and i did get sunburnt like everywhere! haha.

anyway, as i was camping i didn't want to take to much stuff so i wanted to buy a travel size shampoo so that i could take it with me and then just use some of my own leave in conditioner. 
anyway i kept forgetting to buy some didn't i! every time i went to the shop i forgot!

until the day we were leaving, i went into boots to buy me some lunch so that i could eat it in the car, as i was in the queue i spotted this little beauty, i swore at myself for forgetting travel shampoo yet again and picked this up.

ive never tried bumble and bumble before but ive heard such good things about them, and it was £8 for it, so i thought why not!

Saturday, July 27

What i'm loving right now

hi everyone,
so today is what im loving right now, like right now haha

first is my nails, i love having more than one colour on my nails, and this colour is gorgeous! it is topshop's jewel in the crown* and then on my ring finger is rimmel's disco ball glitter nail polish.

Thursday, July 25

#throwbackThursday fashion

Hi everyone,

so today i really wanted to do a fashion post :D eeeeee
im finally feeling comfortable in my own skin, which feels amazing, i can wear dresses and have my legs out :O

and yesterday i weighed myself and i am officially the smallest i have ever ever been, which is exciting, obviously im not anywhere near where i would like to be but im getting there, so no mean comments please, i would love to do alot more fashion posts but as im slimming down i have no clothes.

I've had to give away a whole basket full of clothes and still i have more that are too big, but i can't give them all away otherwise i'll have nothing to wear. So i thought of this idea.

on instragram they have a tag that is #throwbackthursday which is basically an old picture of you that you repost, but instead im taking some of my old clothes and showing them off :D my next #throwbackthursday fashion post, just click the link to see. 

seen as i have no new clothes and i don't see the point of buying anymore if im not gonna fit into them in 2 months =[. oh maybe a mini trip to primark would work? lol


Sunday, July 14

photobox customised iphone case

hi everyone,

so today i thought i would show you the amazing iphone case that i made myself! (well kind of)
I was looking for a new iphone case, caz the panda i had was a plastic one, but it was starting to stretch and not fit my iphone, and it was also losing the black sections on it, like his feet and hands.

so i started to google things, and ebay things, and then i thought about making my own, putting my own pictures onto it.
I decided to make it a very inspiring case, filling it with alot of motivational quotes and things i would look at everyday and smile. Because i use my iphone every day, without fail, which is sad but i will look at it every day.

Friday, July 12

workout clothes wishlist!

hi everyone,

so ive been really lusting over some new workout gear, that, well i can't afford, so i thought i would make a wish list so that i could save up for them or buy one thing every month.

Wednesday, July 10

Saturday, July 6

competition!! open internationally! (closed)

hi everyone,

so here it is,

im doing a little giveaway for you guys!, since gfc is finishing =[ which is very sad, i thought i would do a giveaway to up your spirits.

Thursday, July 4

Huge haul

Hi everyone,

So it's pay day, and I went a little crazy on stuff that I needed, all needed (so I tell myself)
And also purchased some things for a giveaway :) which all pop up in a couple of days woo!

So anyway I went into boots, and here's what I got (not all beauty related, well I spouse it is)

a haul i did from boots, with shampoo's, deodrants, berocca, mouthwash, toothpaste and more health stuff
(original source shower gel, sure mens lotus deodorant, casting creme gloss hair dye, venus razor, vosene anti-dandruff shampoo, tresemme platinum strength shampoo, dentyl active, colgate toothpaste, dental is on 3 for 2, revlon lipstick, makeup on buy 1 get 1 half price, witch blemish stick, berocca, on 3 for 2 aswell)

Also bought alot for the boyfriend :)

Hope your having a lovely day!