Sunday, August 25

It's a nice day for a white wedding?

hi everyone,

so i have a wedding to go to in just over 2 weeks. I have no idea what to wear! i have one dress that means alot to me but i don't know whether its wedding appropriate.

so i need your help, i need to know whether this is ok for a wedding? im only going to the reception/night do not to the actual wedding.

Thursday, August 22

new youtube video


hi everyone,
ive really missed youtube, and making youtube video's and soon i'll be getting alot more time to do them as im lowering my hours at work, which i cant wait for!

so i decided to do an empties video as my first video to come back too.

please tell me what you think and subscribe if you want to see more video's from me

and if you have any suggestions for videos then please leave them below!! :D

so yeah hope you enjoy. xxxxx

Thursday, August 1

#throwbackthursday fashion

hi everyone,
so i loved doing my last thursday's post so much, i thought i would do another one, i don't think i will be doing it every thursday, because i will definitely run out of clothes, my last post #throwback fashion.

so this throwback thursdays outfit is a skater dress from primark.