Saturday, May 29

cupcake muffins rule!!

oki i know this has nothing to do with beauty or hair or anything, but i am so excited
i made muffins :D
chocolate muffins with marshmellows in them and white icing on top, AND the best bit is that they are quite healthy. I made the recipe on and they are only 2 and a half points each. and they are pretty big. so thats cool :D
there is alot of pictures. well 3 but im so happy with them :D

outfit of the day: leggings

outfit of the day video is up.
just a quick video on what i am wearing for the day and how i can change it up to suit different situations.
i always talk about my hair and makeup
go check it out :D

i am addicted to leggings at the moment. it is all i am wearing. so i just put different tops and shoes on. haha

Friday, May 28

Topical Punch

hi everyone,
so i got a new nail polish. its quite old but i love it :D haha
O.P.I....its called topical punch

My thoughts: its a nice colour, more like a baby red/dark pink colour, lighter then it is in the bottle, but i think most nail varnishes are like that. it chips quite easierly too. The ends of my nails are quite worn now but i still like the colour. The varnish itself is good, i didn't like it at first and thought the brush was too big but as i got used to it and applied a second coat it wasnt as stricky or glopey (is that a word?)

Verdict: 8 out of 10 :D

i have also put flowers on my tumb nail and my ring finger.

i do have a tutorial on it on my youtube channel. if you guys want to see it go check it out.

Wednesday, May 26

how to make long hair short. without cutting your hair :D

this would look better if i took more time on it, but yeah.
this is for days when you want short hair but dont wont to cut your hair, caz i know when you cut it short you want to cry. haha
please check this video out and subscribe. would mean the world to me if you did :D

it hasnt got me talking. which is probably good, i have a funny english accent. :D
and it also has glee on there....caz glee is great!!! :D

hope you like it

vlog on books and mini haul

just abit of a ramble about terry pachett, and how i love him, haha.
i picked up a few items from new look and tk max.

Saturday, May 22

Not in the mood to shop!!

I know. What!?!
It is true. I went to town today with my friend intending to buy some things for a haul. And I didn't buy anything :(
Well I brought a Barry m nail paint in black because I am in love with black nail varnish for some reason.
Anyway I couldn't find anything to buy because I wasn't in the mood :/ yeahhhhhh!! Ha

So I think I need to wait like a couple of days till I feel in the mood. I know I need to go to lush because I have ran out of cleanser :(
I am a lush addict. Seriously I go like every week. I had to have friends stop me going near it at one time, crazy!
I'm rambling now so bye! X

Friday, May 21

I have a new love

Hello again,
Second blog post :)
Anyway, I have a new love.... Reading, yes Reading, I am a geek haha!
I have fell in love with terry pratchett, his books are amazing. I have read the colour of magic and the light fantastic and now I am making my way through them all.
There are 36 (to be exact) 36!!! Yeah, and I'm on the third. I WILL do it though :)
That's not including the books just about the diskworld. Ha
If none of you know what it is I recommend u watch the film he made (the colour of magic) u will be hooked right away. I thought it was so much better then the hogfather, though I do like it, they sometimes show it on sky one too. Because that's who made them, with terry pratchett of course.

Oki I'm rambling so I'm going to leave u with a quote he said "why should I live in the real world, when I have made so many worlds in my books"

Thursday, May 20

New Member!

Well this is my very first post. :D
im going to fill it with lots of boring stuff about me. ha not really :D
i want it to be about my life and the things i do. good and bad. and even when i make video i can talk more in depth about it here.
i hope you guys will like that.

P.s. i know im new so i dont know everything about this. so please bear with me :D