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Friday, February 27

What to wear to work

what to wear to work
wanted to show you all what i generally wear to work. I love wearing dresses or anything thats quite loose fitting. Other than wearing my Workout clothes or my pj's, for work i tend to just wear clothes that i feel comfortable in.
I sit at a desk all day and sitting in tight jeans would be really annoying, i also think that dresses tend to look abit smarter. 

There are times when i will venture out about what i want to wear to work, but about 4 days out of 5 it will be a dress.
what i wear to work from the side
the back of what i wear to workthe front of what i wear to work
Rocket Dog boots from Schuh

What i wear to work:

Dress and leggings: Primark

I also like to wear the occasional bit of jewellery, depending on my mood. I love silver jewellery, i dont really suit gold. And my  matches my lipstick, which i think is quite cute :)

bracelet: bought for me from a friend

I couldn't find a jacket anywhere, one that was long enough to cover my bum, be suitable to wear to work and still warm enough to wear in winter, but i managed to find one in New Look. The leggings are just regular plain black from primark, as well as the dress that i managed to pick up last week. it was £10 so it was a bargain :)
My shoes were bought for me at christmas from schuh and the make is Rocket dog, they are so comfy and easy to wear that you can throw them on with just about anything. Thinking of different outfit's for work is hard, you tend to just wear the same things over and over again, so if you have any ideas for me i would be grateful.

What do you tend to wear to work?:

Saturday, February 14

healthy breakfast when out and about

Hi everyone,

Happy Valentines day :), now if i was more organised i would of done quick valentines recipes, because i love baking and i love valentines day, but oh well, maybe next year.

So this post is going to be about how to find a healthy breakfast when your out and about,especially if you have a Bill's near you.

If you have never been to a Bill's before, you are missing out and with new Bill's opening up all the time, you are bound to have one near you.
Bill's, for people who haven't got a clue what i am on about, Bill's is a chain of restaurant's that originally started in Brighton, and has grew from there.
I would describe it as a farmers market restaurant. It has wholesome, fresh food, with healthy and quirky ingredients. Ill pop the link for a  Healthy breakfast at Bill's so you can find a restaurant near you.

So Me and the boyfriend went to Bill's recently for breakfast and thought this was a good opportunity to show you guys what kind of food they have. You could either go for the healthy options or the not so healthy :)

I did a little of both.

Bill's breakfast menu

So Luke had a strawberry and banana smoothie, which is kind of like a meal in itself, and then went for a big breakfast, with extra bacon and crispy potato (which turned out to be like a massive hash brown).

Bill's Big Breakfast

I had a eggs Benedict. The good thing i like about Bill's is you can make healthy choices, but still feel like its not being healthy. I know that it is not the healthiest thing in the world, but it is hard sometimes to find something healthy for breakfast when your out and about.
The Eggs Benedict, was 2 pouched eggs (which were perfectly poached btw) and 2 slices of ham, a tiny bit of hollandaise sauce and a toasted english muffin. It also had pumpkin seeds on top. You could swap Eggs Benedict for Eggs Florentine, which instead of ham is spinach, a good idea if you are vegetarian.

Healthy breakfast options for out and about

So as breakfasts go, it wasn't too bad. We also had a bed basket to share, with toasted bread, croissants and 2 pain au chocolat Luke's wasn't as healthy, but you could of made it healthier. With no crispy potato, Other options you can have is a breakfast smoothie, yogurt and granola, or buttermilk pancakes topped with fruit.

Bill's in worcester

For drinks, they do coffee's or flavoured tea's, which s essential for me :) but then they also do, juices, smoothies and frizzy drinks.

where would you go for your healthy breakfast ideas? if you go to Bill's please tell me what food options you went for, i love to know what people choose for meal ideas, as im always looking for something new to try.

Saturday, February 7

Workout clothes

 Hey everyone,

So to start off my newly vamped blog, and after a year off from my blog, i wanted to make it more fitness and fashion based.

So my first proper post it will be what i generally wear to workout in. I try to workout about 5-6 days a week, but obviously that will change.

clothes to workout inTK Maxx workout clothes

Sunday, February 1



Long time no speak, It's been just under a year since i have posted ANYTHING! on this blog, and i wanted to start again.

I lot can happen in a year, and somewhere a long the way i lost why i was writing a blog, and gave up.

So i have decided to change my blog slightly, and do more things that i love, obviously people grow and change and i want my blog to represent that.

So i am changing my blog slightly, to be more fitness and fashion related, i will still do beauty things but i want to concentrate on fashion, clothes e.t.c. and then fitness, because im in love with fitness :) 

pinterest picture for my fitness blog

so what do u think??
im going to start to do 1 or 2 blog posts a week and take it from there.

pinterest picture for my fashion blog

I'm excited to see where this will go and excited to start writing again :)
talk to you guys soon

Tuesday, February 4

wreck it journal review

hi everyone,

so I thought i would do a review on the wonderful wreck it journal. I got this just after christmas because one of my friends got it and it looked amazing, so i thought i would go with the trend and get one too, haha.

Let me warn you this is not for the perfectionists!!! this is not for the people who treasure books and can't bring themselves to destroy one.

my wreck it journal