Sunday, February 1



Long time no speak, It's been just under a year since i have posted ANYTHING! on this blog, and i wanted to start again.

I lot can happen in a year, and somewhere a long the way i lost why i was writing a blog, and gave up.

So i have decided to change my blog slightly, and do more things that i love, obviously people grow and change and i want my blog to represent that.

So i am changing my blog slightly, to be more fitness and fashion related, i will still do beauty things but i want to concentrate on fashion, clothes e.t.c. and then fitness, because im in love with fitness :) 

pinterest picture for my fitness blog

so what do u think??
im going to start to do 1 or 2 blog posts a week and take it from there.

pinterest picture for my fashion blog

I'm excited to see where this will go and excited to start writing again :)
talk to you guys soon

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