Monday, December 31

Where have I been??!!!

Hi everyone,
Do yes I've been gone for ages haven't I!!!

Well some things have happened in my life in the last 2 weeks which meant that I felt to sad or to busy to post anything on here,
If you have me on twitter (@MissPenelope90) then you might no some of this already.
But for one, I have moved back in with my mom and dad, just so about a month or so, because basically we uterally hated where we were lived and moved out within 6 months, 3 more people have moved from there flats too which tells you alot really, I don't want to get into why, but yep so we have moved back in with my mom and dad (me and the bf) and it took us all yesterday and several trips to do it.

Tuesday, December 25

Merry Christmas everyone :)

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted well anything, in the last week, you will know why if you follow my twitter,
But I will resume posting after Christmas

For now I just want to say merry Christmas, I hope you got everything you wanted and had an amazing time with friends and families,
Hope u have an amazing new year too
Love u all ;)

Friday, December 14

Christmas wrapping! part 2

so i hope my last post helped, this one will be exactually the same, so if you know how to wrap, and find this boring, just wait till my next post :D

this is a harder present, one of those presents that you have no idea how to wrap =/

christmas wrapping! part 1

hi everyone,

so i know my last post was reallllyyyy long, but i thought you might like to know what i did for Christmas, because everybody's story is different and i love to know what people do for Christmas  or whatever religion you support around Christmas!

so anyway back to today's post, today is going to about present wrapping, ive talked to a few on twitter that have no idea how to wrap, so i thought it would be a fun idea to show you how i do it, obviously you dont have to do it this way :D

so first off you need wrapping paper, some celetope and some scissors. You also need a large space to work on, i recommend the floor, and if you get stressed easierly a good alcoholic drink!

Wednesday, December 12

My Christmas traditions

Hi everyone,

so seen as its so close to Christmas  and im getting sooo sooo excited about it, i thought i would share with you some of my Christmas traditions that me and my family do in the month of December.

Now, im not like normally people and start to celebrate it like in November  or even the first week of December  I start to get excited about Christmas when i go away with my mom for Christmas shopping.

Saturday, December 8

Mini haul

Hi everyone,

so i thought i would show you a couple of things i bought recently, nothing special just my refills that i need because i ran out of everything at once,i have my first ever empty's post planned aswell :D.

Thursday, December 6

My 1 year blog anniversary winner!

hi everyone,

im so excited to announce my 1 year blog anniversary winner.
I cant believe i have been blogging for a year, just doesn't seem like that long, which is amazing! ive met some amazing bloggers, and talked to some amazing bloggers, and i just love the community that surrounds blogging.

Its also sooo close to Christmas now, scary, i have no idea where this year has gone, ive gone through 2 flats, 3 jobs and gained a bunny rabbit, haha

Wednesday, December 5

Bloggers meet-up outfit

Hi everyone,

so as some of you may know, i went to meet up with some fellow bloggers from around the Midlands and we meet in Birmingham, we also went to a cocktail opening, which i wasn't too impressed with, but that isn't the reason i went

it was my day off and i have been talking to a couple of girls for a long time, but have never met them, so i thought it was time and so we did.

Monday, December 3

Origins zero oil

hey everyone,
so next up is another review for you guys, its the Origins zero oil, i picked this up a couple of weeks ago to use underneath my make-up as a sort of primer, not realizing it is something else :D

Saturday, December 1

My 500 follower give away winner!

hey everyone,

so this post is for my 500 followers give-away.
I cant believe how amazing you all have been, i have enjoyed all your comments about what you favourite things are in autumn/winter and i have to say, nearly every single one is my favourite, i love the leaves falling off the trees, i love curling up on the sofa with like 5 layers on and a hot water bottle anddd my hot chocolate with marshmallows :D
and my mom has this amazing fireplace, with a real like log fire which is amazing!, i took a picture of it on instragram  so if you haven't seen it please subscribe to me on there, i am under @MissPenelope90