Sunday, March 31

Friday, March 29

the tangle teaser

Hi everyone,
So today I’m going to review the tangle teaser hair brush, i brought this at boots on a little shopping trip and i will show it in a video here

Saturday, March 23

barry m high-shine gelly nail paint

Hi everyone,
I haven’t done a nail post in ages, i used to do one every week but i stopped because i am not allowed to wear nail varnish at work, but hopefully that’ll change soon.

Thursday, March 21

smashbox complete complexion kit in light

Hi everyone,

Today i am going to review the smashbox complete complexion kit, i got this one in the lighest colour called light.

In the kit it contains, their famous smashbox primer, smashbox high definition concealer, smashbox high definition foundation and silk powder
How pretty is the girl on the box, i want to be her, anyway in the bottle the foundation looks way! To dark for me, i am pale as pale can be so i was abit disappointed when i first opened it, but I’m a beauty blogger, i had to try it out.

Wednesday, March 20

Sinful colours nail polish

Hi everyone, so today is an exciting launch day :)
Sinful colours has come to the uk, now I have never real heard about these, but when I put them on twitter alot of people tweeted me saying finally :)

They came out today, well I think, in the Birmingham boots they did anyway :)
Boots are doing a 3 for 2 on all make-up aswell which is a bonus!

Tuesday, March 19

primark haul

Hi everyone,

So last week i did abit of a shopping spree, i thought its coming up to spring (eventually) and most of my clothes are now quite old, so i will have a spring clear out and buy some new ones, so i went to primark with my pay check and spent abit of it.

 I also did a tiny, tiny bit of shopping in boots, so i thought i would film a video of what i brought, hope you enjoy :D

Saturday, March 16

What I want!!

Hi everyone :)
So as you may know I have no Internet, so I am doing this reluctantly from my iPhone, but unfortunately the picture is going to be at the end! Grrr!

But the problem is the by people have now said I am not going to have Internet for 5 weeks!!! As the previous tenants discounted. The line completely! Idiots!

So I'm without Internet :(

So anyway back to the point, I have made a wish list of things I would like to get in the near future, some of then I will, and some of them will get forgotten because a brand new thing will come out :) (like most of us do right??)


Monday, March 11

I'm moving, poor blog!

Hi everyone :)

I know my blog isn't getting any attention at the moment, I'm sorry but I am moving house :)

Me and the bf are moving to a 2 bed flat, we stayed at my mom and dads for about 3 months so we could get enough for the rent deposit,
But now we are back out on our own and the place is amazing!!! :) I'm so happy with it!!
Now I have no Internet there ATM! I don't know how I am going to cope! I need Internet :(

But I hope things will get back to normal soon,
Ill leave you with a couple of pictures of the place when it's empty :)
Have a lovely day x

Wednesday, March 6

empties for feburary

hi everyone,

so i have a new video up on youtube, i have just started to get back into filming, and i am loving it at the moment.

I think to keep it easy for me, i am just going to put a video up every week, when my day off is. Because i think i was getting to stressed before because i thought i needed to put loads up, but im going to calm down, take a deep breath and just enjoy what i do :D

so i have made my first ever empties video. I have never done an empties post on here either, so im gonna leave a pictures of what the empties were, if you wanna hear my thoughts and things on the products then please watch the video, if you don't want to that's fine aswell :D

but if you watch the video, please tell me what you think in the comments, i know the quality isnt very good, but i would love to know what you all think!

Monday, March 4

how to: clip in hair extensions

hi everyone.

so for those of you who don't know, i got an amazing set of dip dye hair extensions. see what i think here.

so if you wear alot of hair extensions, or are thinking about wearing them but haven't got a clue how to put them in, i will give you a quick guide on how to do it.
Now there are quite alot of different ways to put them in, so you don't have to do it exactly like this, its just an idea.

oki, so different brands will come with a different amount of pieces and different lengths, but most will come with 3 pieces with 3 clips, or maybe 2 lots of 2 clips and then one long section.
The one im using comes with 2 large 3 clip pieces, 2 small 3 clip pieces, and then 6 1 clip pieces.

so first off you need to section your hair right at the bottom, straight across, so that a 3 or 2 clip can fit along the line.

Saturday, March 2

montagne jeunesse peel of passion mask

hi everyone,
i received a little valentines present from montagne jeunesse the other week :D
it is one of there peel off masks in passion peel off*

now, i don't think that valentines day should be the only time that you should pamper yourself, so i waited until i had a day off, and made a whole day of it.

Friday, March 1

hairtrade hair extensions ♥

hi everyone,
im very excited about this post :D

you may not know this, but all through my teen years, i used to wear clip-in hair extensions, every single day, even if i changed my hair colour i would still have a hair extension set to match. So i know loads about hair extensions and how to blend them in with my hair.
then when i turned 20 i couldn't afford to any more hair extensions, and my other ones had gotten all matted so i had to throw them away.

since then i have been looking for the right hair extensions, and every one i find just don't last as long. And then i dip dyed my hair, which i absolutely love but i didn't think i could get any hair extensions that would ever match my hair.
Then when i joined in a partnership with hair trade i was so excited that they do hair extensions.
They also do dip dyed hair extensions.
So i literally jumped at the chance to try them out, i have had 2 years of crap hair extensions, these had to be better!

and they are, they are amazing! When i saw the packaging i didn't even have to try them in my hair to know that they were a perfect match. That's how extensions should be.