Sunday, October 27

lazy sunday

hi everyone,

so today is my lazy sunday day, i don't always get these, because i generally have to do something on a sunday because i either work or its my day off out of 2.
But this one, im doing absolutely nothing, and for a do nothing lazy sunday i wear pretty much really comfy, loose clothes, or my pj's because im lazy :D

new look clothes, check shirt, top and jeggings

Thursday, October 24

it's all about the leather

hi everyone,
im loving doing fashion posts at the moment, and i hope you all enjoy it! please say if you do :D

this autumn it's all about the Leather, and leather jackets. I love Leather (fake obviously) because its so easy to put with other items. It also makes a very girly outfit look abit more edgy.

The leather jacket i have in these pictures was from my momma, its a lovely tan leather (fake) and it is slightly too big for me, but who cares :D

a new look dress which is white with a flower design and a tan leather jacket

Monday, October 21

haul from t.k.maxx and new look

hi everyone,
so today i went for a little shopping trip and i made a haul from t.k.maxx and new look.

and i thought it would be a nice idea to show you what i bought because ive gotten abit to excited about what i bought, and can't wait to wear them all.

clothes from newlook, jeggings, and t-shirt top, and checked shirt

first things i got were from new look and i bought, a tee shirt top in burgundy, a pair of jeggings and a cross checked shirt. I styled this with a Skater skirt in a post recently.

Thursday, October 17

in my "birthday suit"

hi everyone,

so no im not in my "birthday suit" dirty minds :D, but i did go out for a meal with my boyfriend, to an amazing italian restaurant and i had garlic bread *shock*

Your birthday is one day a year, and some people don't even get that so i took the day off, i still exercised but i didn't keep track of my eating, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Theres no point restricting yourself on your birthday, anyway (your getting off track kelsey)

this is what i wore out for the night time, my "birthday suit"

going out outfit purple skirt new york see-through top bow belt

Wednesday, October 16

Its my birthday!

hi everyone,

Its my birthday today! woooow, i have no idea what im doing today, i have the day off from work which is nice and then i go on holiday for a week, not doing anything really, just a break from work and i need to use up my holiday.

so im offically 23 =[ wahhh, im getting old now, haha, do you remember when you were little you look forward to being older and getting on with your life with no more school. Oh was i wrong haha, i miss school, take me back to the easier times when everything made sense, haha.

so just a quick post to just let you guys know, i hope you all have an amazing day whatever you are doing, and i will see you guys in my next post! :D xxxx

Sunday, October 13

healthy pumpkin pie recipe

hi everyone,
did you know its canadian thanks giving today?

so today is going to be a lifestyle post. I love making really healthy recipes that feel like you're having an indulgent meal but really they are amazingly healthy for you, so i found a recipe of healthy pumpkin pie but i tweaked abit to suit what was in my cupboards.

And of my god! they taste amazing! i never used to be a fan of pumpkin, and i couldn't work out why people liked it, but ever since the pumpkin spice latte at starbucks i have found a new love for this autumn favorite.

Theres something about the pumpkin that tastes amazing, it has like an earthy taste but also this really sweet creamy texture to it aswell. Now in the uk it isn't as reddy available as it is in the states. But we are definitely getting better, so you can buy a pumpkin and make your own puree, which is great if you're going to do pumpkins for halloween, or by 100% pumpkin puree. I found it at waitrose or tesco's. Tesco's it was in the american aisle and then waitrose it was just in the baking section for about £2.

Saturday, October 5

John frieda range for damaged hair

Hi everyone,
Today in going to review the John frieda range for damaged hair, called hydrate and repair.

It's a brand new formula out of their full repair range. Still in the red packaging. 
Their is a shampoo* , conditioner* and hair oil*.

Wednesday, October 2

My weekend away

hi everyone,

so last weekend i went away again with my mom, nan and auntie. We go away every year as like a girly shopping trip and i love doing it, its full of food shopping and alcohol. We usually go for christmas shopping and normally in november, but in my job now we are not allowed any time of in november or december, so we had to make it september, so it was just a girly weekend
What's not to love, hehe.
I thought i would share with you my weekend away pictures, and show you all the amazing food i had to eat. As some of you may know im on a healthy eating lifestyle, and i basically decided to have the weekend off, we all need a treat once and awhile, and i needed a break from life in generally.
We went to bristol, and we hired out an apartment for 2 nights and 3 days, we were right above all the shops and so many fantastic food places right by us, i forgot to take some pictures because the food was just incredible, i eat it without realising.

 So here we go: