Thursday, May 31

outfit of the day: primark maxi dress

hey everyone,
this is abit of a different post, i used to do these outfit of the days most of the time, but ive gained quite alot of weight so i was scared to show you anything i wear on the internet.
But i brought this maxi dress from primark and i love it sooo much, and i was like, "well you know what, why should i hide".
lol, people can call me fat i dont care :D (i hope no one will though)

i know there are people out there like me that are scared to show people the way they look so hopefully this will help.
you always see skinny people showing off what they were and im just like, well great i cant wear that.

ive started to loose wieght and im feeling abit more confident, and one day ill explain how im doing it, but here goes: =/

Wednesday, May 30

notd: my very first essie nail polish

hey everyone,
today for my nail of the day im going to show you my very very first essie nail varnish i brought.

i went to boots, in my sunday stash and brought one, i was soo amazed they had one i wanted to buy them all, but for obvious reasons i didnt :D.

i brought one called watermelon. 

Monday, May 28

maybelline colour sensation pop stick

hey everyone,

yesterday i showed you what i brought at Shrewsbury from boots, so today im going to show you the new maybelline colour sensation pop stick.

the colour is pink sugar, and the lipstick is amazing!.

Sunday, May 27

Sunday stash

hey everyone,

hope your oki, sorry ive been away from my blog for abit, the last 2 weeks have been absolutely crazy ive been having one day off a week so yeah, you can imagine.

anyway, next week im off quite alot, probably to say thank you :D, but that's not going to help my bank balance, anyway.

i went to Shrewsbury with my mom on Friday (not really a Sunday stash more like a Friday stash but oh well), we went because we wanted some mother daughter time together just us and every time i go to Shrewsbury i never know what's there.

i know they've got a indoor shopping centre and a little bit of a high street but i never knew they had all the old quirky little shops everywhere else, so when everyone went "oh Shrewsbury is a lovely day out" id be like "well really?"
so mom was like right, im taking you there lol

so i only brought a couple of things, i was looking for a really nice maxi dress, the one with the long back and the shorter front, but i couldn't find one, so merry hill it might have to be.

so here is what i got:

Thursday, May 24

Nail of the day: Retro nails

Hey everyone,
I'm sooo sorry I forgot this weeks, well I thought it was Wednesday and it turns out it is Thursday but I knew that tomorrow was Friday so I really don't know what I was thinking, but anyway,

My nails this week are very simple, I'm in to nail art at the moment, but as I don't own any nail art pens (I should really get some) I have to improvise

I'm going to call them retro nails, they remind me of like the 80's :)

Tuesday, May 22

i wear glasses?!

hey everyone :D,

today is a different post, because basically i was soo excited and happy about them i just had to show you guys.


i know your probably thinking, erm since when did you wear glasses?
well forever, let me tell you abit of my story:

Thursday, May 17

strawberry love

hey everyone,

todays nail of the day is abit of nail art, now im not very good at it but at least if i show you then some bright spark out there will be better and do this design fantastical :D

anyway, to start of with, i don't own any nail art pens or kit or anything, so i have to use normal nail polishs and things i find lying around the house to draw my designs on in this case a pen :D ball point to be exact.

here we go:

Wednesday, May 16

travel pamper pack

hey everyone,

are you thinking about going on holiday for the summer, about what to buy for your holiday beauty wise, well Montague Jeunesse have brought out the best solution.

im going to talk about the travel pamper pack today that was very kindly sent to me by montagne jeunesse.
they were absolutely lovely in sending me this so thank-you.

anyway down to the product:
so it come in a little booklet, and in it contains 6 sachets of different face, feet, body and hair treatments.

Monday, May 14

beauty and hair show uk

hair everyone :D

i posted on twitter yesterday that i was going to the hair and beauty show uk, that is held every year in the nec birmingham.
the only draw back to this is that it is only for professionals, so you have to prove that you do hair and beauty, with a certificate or something.

i was soo excited to goo!, i spent all week going eeeeee lol
it is held on a sunday and monday

so its on today still till about 5pm, but you would have to pay £10 to get in if you wanted.

the great thing about it, is that it is free, all you have to do is sign up online and the ticket will arrive through your door about 2 weeks before the show, you can take non beauty friends or family with you aswell if you want, you just add then to your ticket under non-professonal :D.
so i went yesterday, we live about 1 and a half hours away from birmingham so the show starts at 10, we got there for about 10:30. i dragged my boyfriend with me because i didn't want to go on my own.

it was very busy, there were sooo many people, basically there is so many you can just walk with them if you havent got a clue where your going, like us, just follow the swarm of people, they will get you there.
people turn up in waves, you it was easy to get in, there is a big archway with 2 people standing under it, you just show them you ticket, they scan it and your in.
when you walk in another 2 people scan you ticket, again, i don't know why.

it is massive!, and i mean massive, if you know the nec at all, it basically took up 2 halls.

(the poor attempt to cover my last name)

Friday, May 11

my 200 follower giveaway winner! (closed)

hey everyone,

so as you may know, i had a competition up for reaching 200 followers, eeeee, it finished on the 7th and i have now picked a winner using

the winner is *gina*
congratulations, i have sent you an email, could you please contact me soon, thankyou

sorry i couldnt give a prize to everyone =[ but i dont have that much money unfortunatly,

i hope you all still read and enjoy my blog as much as i do, i hope to keep growing my blog.

thankyou guys see you soon 

Thursday, May 10

lush: dragon's egg

hey everyone,
got another lush item to show you
the dragon egg,

now im guessing this is inspired by harry potter because when you get the sticker that explains what it is it talks about harry potter, so i was eeee im having this,
im like a crazy harry potter fanatic.

Notd: rimmel hot and spicy

Hey everyone,
For Today's nail of the day I found a rimmel nail polish,
It's called hot and spicy, it was £1.24 on offer, because of its name I thought it might of been a dupe for the o.p.i one, but no lol

Tuesday, May 8

lush: yuzu and cocoa

hey everyone,
sorry i havent done a post in agesssss, i have been working very hard and then when im not i relax and eat and things, before my next shift.
so sorry about that guys, i feel like im saying this alot but its true or well

anyway, as you might know, i love lush, and ive got a bubble bar to show you

yuzu and cocoa:

Sunday, May 6

bloggers interview:

hey everyone, this weeks interview is by the lovely Helena, i like reading her blog so please check out her blog,

1. Tell Me A bit About Yourself?:

I'm 21 and studying for a degree in Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing, which actually ends in a couple of weeks. I'll then be looking for internships and jobs and whatnot.
I have a boyfriend called Eddie who I've been with for a little under a year. He sometimes appears on my blog and is really supportive of it. He's just a lovely guy in general and i'm lucky to have him.
Other than that, I am just your average beauty blogger. I love all things fashion and beauty related. I dream to one day be a beauty editor at a glossy magazine.
I used to actually write a blog about being single which was quite successful but I obviously had to stop that when I met eddie.

2. Whats The Name Of Your Blog?:

The edge of beauty. It took me ages to come up with something that I actually like. But in the end it was the title of one of my favourite books that inspired me. 
my blog: 

3. Explain What Your Blog Is About?:

As I say, it is all about fashion and beauty. Helping others discover products I have found that are great and enjoying embracing makeup and clothes and using them to express my personality.

4. What Inspired You To Start Your Blog?:

Youtube mainly. I'd been watching beauty gurus for years and wanted to get into it. Then i discovered the world of blogging and thought it suited me a lot better as I can be quite shy. Plus I have a huge passion for writing. I actually get withdrawls if I don't hold a pen and write something often.

5. If You Could Only Have One Make-up Item In The World What Would It Be?:

Its a tough one but I would go with foundation. I have had trouble with my skin through my teen years and foudation really helps to conceal my flaws and make me feel more confident about myself.

6. What Posts Do You Enjoy Writing The Most? Reviews, Swatches, Products e.t.c?:

I'm not sure really. My weekly wishlist is always something that I find enjoyable because I love to shop - what girl doesn't. On the other hand, I really enjoy reviewing new products I've discovered in the hope that they will help someone else out;

7. Where Can We Follow You?:

I am on twitter - @edgeofbeauty7
Hello Cotton - edgeofbeauty7
Blog Lovin - theedgeofbeauty7
GFC - theedgeofbeauty7

8. What Blogs Do You Recommend Us To Read?:

Two of my closest friends through blogging are Rebecca Louise and Hevowen. So definitely go check them out!
9. Where Do You See Your Blog Going In The Next Year?:

Hopefully I will still be blogging, and people will stil enjoy reading what I blog about. That's all i could ever hope for.

10. And Lastly, Is There Any Advice You Would Give To Other Bloggers?

Not really anything special. Just blog about your passion and enjoy it regardless of what anyone else thinks. Do it for you and it will become a lot more rewarding.
If you love what you write, and others will too.

Thanks :) 
Helena xxo

Friday, May 4

cosmopolitan awards:

hey everyone,
this is abit of a different post today.
as some of you may know that cosmopolitan hold a blog award every year, this being there 3rd year running.
i would absolutely love it if you guys could vote for me
"under best new beauty blogger"

all you have to do is go to this address:

then click next, enter all the information and press done, simple as that :D

you can vote as many times as you want, and for whatever blog you want, even your own, and because this year cosmo have teamed up with next, you will be in the chance to win a £500 shopping spree in next every time you nominate someone,
i will be nominating a couple of my well loved blogs (but im not telling who) 
who will you vote for?

Thursday, May 3

notd: summer pastels

hey everyone,
sorry this is a very late notd, i really didnt realise what time it was, its half 10 (wow)

so here goes:

Wednesday, May 2

skin heroes: break-out mask and de-clog pores

hey everyone,
this is the second half of my face masks review, please check out here if you want to.
so to continue:

skin heroes face mask:dry skin, t-zone and shine control

hey everyone,

so today im going to review some face masks for you all, im going to do it in 2 separate posts, because
1. it'll get really boring and really long in just one post
2. and so you can choice which skin type is urs and read the review on it, so you don't have to read all of them if you dont want too.

so these masks are all from montage jeunesse, and their new range skin heroes, they are new because they come in two parts, the bottom bit is the mask and the top bit is a moisturiser, snazzy hu? (apart from the pore strips of course), they are suitable for vegetarians and they say "we always look to use natural ingredients"
they never test on animals either, which is a big bonus!