Monday, July 30

my mac lipstick collection

hey everyone,
so today i thought i would show you all my mac lipstick collection.
i have 8 mac lipsticks in totally, which probably isnt alot to some people, and probably is to others.
But i love them so much and i wanted to show you all the colours that i have picked up along the way, because i love finding out what colours people like to pick.

A picture of all my mac lipsticks, 8 of them

Thursday, July 26

FashionistA custom design pallete

hi beautiful people,
today im going to show you what i picked up yesterday while i was in Worcester with my best friend :D.
haven't seen her for ages and probably wont again, so we spent a couple of hours in Worcester looking at make-up and perfumes and general just walking around, i also brought a birthday pressie for my dad :D.

so anyway, back to the product:
FashionistA custom design pallete with blusher and bronzer

Tuesday, July 24

montagne jeunesse: clay spa face masks

hi beautiful people,

today im going to review and show you the lovely clay spa face masks that montagne jeunesse kindly sent to me :D,
i have reviewed a couple of their things before so i was so excited when i heard that they are bringing out even more of a skin care range.

Wednesday, July 18

au natural nails

hi beautiful people,
so i don't know whether this is going to be an interesting post for you or not, but if not then don't read.
this week for my nail of the day im just having no nail varnish on my nails.
I know boring right.

But ive been so busy and ive packed everything away that i cant remember where i put my nail varnishes, and looking at my nails they need a break.
Its been one week to be precise, now, they looked awful at the start of the week, chipping away at the edges and flaking with months of nail varnish on them i thought i would just give them a little rest, they deserve it

Tuesday, July 17

festival hair idea's

hi beautiful people,
as some of you may know i went to a little festival at the weekend :D
my very first one don't know you, it was anything huge, just local bands playing with burgers and donuts and things, was very good. Then it poured it down with rain, but lets not get into that :D

so as i was deciding on a hair style, i wanted to look girly yet a little hippy at the same time, i heard that immediate Pr (on twitter here) are doing a competition, it is to see who the best festival hair is and they win some topshop vouchers, and tickets to cream fields.

And i thought, well i will give it ago, i was gonna show you all anyway, so its just an added bonus that there is a competition going :D

so here goes:
i came up with a couple ideas, so i will show you those first

Monday, July 16

my week in photo's

hi beautiful people,

i haven't done one of these posts for such a long time but i really enjoy reading them, so im going to do one with a kind of update on life at the end :D, so would you like to see my week:


Friday, July 13

clinique repairwear laser focus foundation

hey beautiful people :D
time for my other clinique review, now i haven't done a review of a foundation before (i don't think) but i really enjoyed doing this, so if you like it please tell me and i will do more :D

so anyway, i got some free samples of clinque stuff when i went for my trip in brum, you can see the other review here. this one is about the clinique repairwear laser focas all-smooth makeup foundation with spf 15 (wow that is a mouth full), now i love clinique foundations, i had the even better foundation until i ran out like last month, so i know they are good and was excited about this one.

Tuesday, July 10

clinique high impact mascara vs. length impact mascara

hey everyone,

sorry ive been gone, nearly there with all this moving malaricy,
ive been working 45 hour weeks and trying to move and everything else, im surpised i have time to blog lol

anyway, when i went to Birmingham by myself, which you can read here. i got some free samples, and the most exciting bit is i got clinique samples, which are amazing, and im going to test out the 2 mascara's i got today.

Thursday, July 5

The day alone!

Hey everyone,
This is just an update on things really so if you don't want to read that's fine by me :)

So anyway, I just want to tell you about the trip I did to Birmingham all by myself, now some of you will think oh dear lord, wierd girl
But honestly I can say I have never been to a big city by myself so this was quite daunting for me

But I want to tell you all it was amazing, I drove to the train station, I got on a train, and back all in one piece.

Basically some of you might know I'm moving, I'm moving to a town, where it has actually shops on my doorstep, where I live at the moment I have to drive 30mins to reach the town, let's say you need a pair of tights for work because you've just riped your only pair,
Now imagine having 2 drive 30muns there for a pair, then 30 mins back
It gets abit crazy!

So yeah, of on a tangen abit there, anyway me and my bf are moving closer to shops, and right by a train station, perfect for finding a job
So I had a job interview in brum and I went all by myself, I am so very proud haha
But it opens up amazing opportunitys for me.

This was basically just a little diary post that I wanted to share with you, I also took pictures because I was in awe with the shops!
and I got free samples, how cool is tht, they were handing out free toliet roll aswell, but I thought I would pass on tht

Wednesday, July 4

interview nails

hey everyone,

so ive got an interview coming up, which i really want, but anyway, i wanted something quite natural looking.
i couldn't just have plain nails, which i was actually planning on, because my mushroom nails stained them, arghhh. But oh well!

so i had to come up with a plan, now the interview isn't for an office or anything and its quite creative so i decided that i could go abit sparkerly, just not really bright colours.
so i came up with this

Tuesday, July 3

i brought 2 mac lipsticks

hey everyone,

sorry ive been gone a little bit, i explain abit more here. But ill show you all after when its all sorted :D

soo, a couple of weeks ago i brought 2 mac lipsticks off a blog sale and i thought i would show you the ones i picked up.