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Tuesday, July 10

clinique high impact mascara vs. length impact mascara

hey everyone,

sorry ive been gone, nearly there with all this moving malaricy,
ive been working 45 hour weeks and trying to move and everything else, im surpised i have time to blog lol

anyway, when i went to Birmingham by myself, which you can read here. i got some free samples, and the most exciting bit is i got clinique samples, which are amazing, and im going to test out the 2 mascara's i got today.

clinique's high impact mascara vs. clinique high lengths mascara

high impact mascara:

this is by far my favourite, the brush is a traditional big rounded brush, with lots of finely spaced out bristles. This mascara is for when you want your lashes fuller and thicker, which i think it defiantly does. 

clinque say:
"High Impact Mascara is a multi-benefit mascara that adds maximum volume with definition and length. Specially developed brush and formula work together to dramatically thicken lashes while separating"
It is a true black colour and also is available in black brown if you want abit of a more natural look.
i like the black packaging and it has little bits of glitter in there aswell, which makes it nicer to to photograph.
I would say that it adds length to your lashes aswell as thickness, so it is a great all rounder.

high lengths mascara:

I'm not sure on this mascara yet, when i first opened it i saw this wierd brush, ive never had a brush like this so that was interesting, but very easy to use actually.

clinique says:
"Winner of the Top Sante Health & Beauty Glow Awards 2011 for Premium Cosmetics Range. 

Provides length and volume upon immediate application. Its unique 'willow' applicator captures and coats all lashes to the very tip. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Opthalmologist Tested. For best results, use with Lash Building Primer."
i would say it differently lengths but doesnt give any thickness to the lashes, so its good for like a simple day time look, i love the packaging more then the other, i love the white and silver lid, the brush is actually quite cool, and very easy to use as it gets every lash.
it is black and come in black/brown too.

these mascara's are both £16.00 which is quite pricey for a mascara, which i wouldnt pay, because i think they are just as good as drugstore/highstreet versions, but i would choose the high impact mascara if i could choose one

have you tried any of these? what did you think?


  1. Hey, I have the High Impact mascara sample size. Haven't tried it yet so its nice to read your views on it :-)
    Found you via Blog Hop.

  2. High Impact one makes your lashes look great x

    Simple Beauty Bag


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