Saturday, July 31

hair supplements do they work?

do they actually work?

i want to know,

my hair has always been just below sholder length, and it is doesnt grow.

(insert bad old photo)
 If i have it cut it will grow like wildfire untill it reaches the same length than stop again, why!

so if i take the tablets would they work? has anyone tried them, i need some advice.

Thursday, July 29

Christmas in July???

I was watching on the news today and saw that Selfridges they are putting up a Christmas section/floor, because apparently there is a demand for people to buy Christmas presents early!!

Are people insane!! Why would you buy Christmas present yet, people don't even know what they want yet so how are u spouse to buy them presents.

If you buy for little kids they won't know, and if you ask friends and family they won't care because they won't be thinking about it!!

Grr gets me so annoyed, you've got another 5 months so why don't you save up till December so you can buy better presents!?

:) it's still summer for gawd sake!

Stupid people :)

Tuesday, July 27

1 pound eyeshadow????

Sorry I've been MIA the past week, I was enjoying my 2 days off abit too much haha,

Anyway one day last week I went to superdrug to buy some fake tan (review soon) and I stumbled across a whole line of make-up tht was only a pound each, yes everything £1!!!!

I could only buy two things because at this time I didn't have any money left, wish I had gone to this shop first :(

They are the make-up academy and these are the eyeshadows I brought one silver and one pink

The silver is really pretty, not so keen on the pink, they don't have names:
The pink is shade 16-matt
And the silver is shade 1-pearl

The silver is very pigmented and really glittery
The pink you can't really tell is there

But for £1 I am not complaining
Go to your nearest superdrug and see if they still have them it's worth it!!

Tuesday, July 20

Lush review- buffy

I'm going to do a review on buffy the body butter from lush,

Lush says:
There's no need for body lotion after a Buffy, because the cocoa and shea butters in it moisturise your skin beautifully. There's something about exfoliating your body that makes you feel bright and bouncy, as well as smooth all over. Slay that cellulite.

I didn't understand how to use it at first because it doesn't explain it on the label or on the website (they have since improved the website), I had to do research, which means if I don't some of you might not either so....

(this is how much I have left now)

To start with I thought you used it after the shower or bath because it was a body butter but it's not, so when I came out the shower I was disappointed to find I couldn't use it,
What you do is when your in shower or bath you rub it all over your skin and then use your hands to rub more to exfoliate your skin then wash it off, after you have finished your skin will be left with a layer of moisture (oil)

What's in it:
Rice and ground almonds to exfoliate your skin (tiny beads)

Shea butter to moistures and gets rid of cellulite (the oil layer left on your skin)

My verdict:
The beads in the body butter are big, they are good if you want a good exfoliate, the beads can hurt if you rub too much, so probably not good for sensitive skin or people that don't like the irritation.

After you rinse it off it leaves a layer of oil which is good to use for shaving, especially if you need to shave after, i need a new razor because the blades are starting to go but because my leg was (moisturised) oiled it slide along and took every single hair, even the stupid ones by the ankle

I don't know wether it's true yet but I do believe it is getting rid of my cellulite too, dunno wether it is actually working or I just think it is.

The only downside is when you dry you get the oil residue and if you wear like a nightie or a skirt your legs rib and it's not that pleasant, I want to rub it all off but can't , so I wear trousers but other then that I love it!!

9 out of 10 go buy it!!
It's £9.00 and I've used it 5 times maybe more and have more than half left :)

Sunday, July 18

Stitch me up

I remade a dress I brought last week,
It is a maxi dress and i brought out my sewing skills :)

(warning lots of photo)

It is very pretty but the top bit is awful,
I don't like halter tops so I changed that

And this bit is very revealing and has extra material everywhere and like a White insert that wasn't needed

First I took out the stocked and removed the cup

Then stitched the whole back up,
It doesn't have to be neat because no one can see it

Next was the extra stuff

Cut the fabric at the seam and then sewed it back up and cut off the extra material

Next I added two buttons on the back

And used the halter straps and just looped them around the button to make normal straps

And wohoo done!!
A nice normal maxi dress

It is still a bit revealing but I am just gonna have a White top underneath

And I got rid of more fabric then this but this is disgusting they could probably make a kids top with all the fabric I through away

in or out?: long peasant skirts.

would you wear this fashion item?
i think it looks good if you have the right body shape or height, if you get it wrong it can look disastrous

is it in or out??
i think in :D

Monday, July 12

Large fashion haul!

Wow I loges on today and I have 20 followers, that's ace, hi everyone :)

Anyway my haul:
I went shopping today, I haven't been able to go shopping for 3-4 months because I didn't have a job for awhile, anyway let's not get into that, but now I get paid every week so every Monday I will have a haul lol

So here it is:

From left to right:
Primark: I brought it caz I AM amazing haha
202: I don't know what this shop is or if they have it anywhere else but I wanted a maxi dress and this was the nicest one I could find

Left to right (top to bottom):
Grey top: from primark need some plain shirts for work
Strait top: primark
Jeggings: primark
Skirt: primark
Waistcoat: primark

Yes I went abit crazy in primark but I love it caz it's cheap!

I then brought two items for my boyfriend a marvel top with like superman, batman and all the rest and some pyjamers :) hehe

Then I went to boots and brought my urban decay foundation, I love it and a lipstick from 17 lovely colour

Very glossy it's nice!

And last but not least a ring from h&m which was £2 oOoOo haha

Anyway sorry for the amount of pictures, but I like pictures :)

Hope you have a lovely day/night everyone xx

Saturday, July 10

Notd- jade is the new black

Nail of the day:

I have on jade is the new black by O.P.I -from the hong kong collection

The nail varnish is really runny, I don't know why but some of their nail varnishes can be really runny, strange, but I love the colour would differently look better on toes :)

follow my blog if you want to read more

Thursday, July 8

Ootd- work

So I have a little time before I go to work so I thought I'd show you what I'm wearing, it's abit boring but what do u expect from work haha

My outfit is actually all from newlook I think!
How sad?
Except for my necklace which is from pandora, I got it for Christmas from my boyfriend and you can pick the necklace and then pick what charms you want on it, very nice

That's abit it :) bye for now xx

Oh p.s who loves my phone cover it's a devil how cool!!??

Tuesday, July 6

July favourites!

oki so i know its the erm... 6th of july....oki so not that late but anyway here are my favourites for the month of july.
this is my first monthly favioutes but as i keep doing these you will see some of the same things pop up

oki so from left to right (starting with the back and moving forward):

*bad gal lash ( from benefit): i love this makes my eyelashes super long and has a big fat brush

*veganese (from lush): the only conditioner i have found that makes my hair detangled and super clean

* the olive branch shower gel (from lush): i love the smell of this, and it leaves your skin squeaky clean and its all natual ingredients :D

*straight guard defender (from chi): you dont need alot of this at all, stopped using it for a couple of months and didnt use any heat defender on my hair, very very very bad!, and it sineged my hair so now ive gone back to this and its working great

* velvet foundation primer (from gosh): it has silcon in it which doesnt agree with everyones skin and it doesnt sink in, but i love it for the reason that it doesnt sink in, it stays on the skin which means the foundation clings to it to make it last all day, and it really does espically on the bottom of my eyes and my upper lip, which is were i tend to sweat, it stays on, always a plus.

*it stick (beneift): of course this is what all the beauty bloggers brought from the compan magazine, i think thats right, and i absolutly love it, everyone said it will be the last one left on the selves because its not that good, but it suits my skin colour pefectly and with my foundation primer it stays on all day, and i have no bags under my eyes :D

*foundation in illision (urban decay): It is cream to liquid, i think dont quote me on it, and sits on my skin all day, it matchs my skin colour pefectly and because im very VERY pale its hard to find the right foundation, normally there always to dark and i look stupid but this one matches, its a miracle, i will defenctly repurchase it, and i will soon because i have the tinyest bit left =[

*msn(mineralize skinfinsh natural) in medium (by mac): i love this, i have had it for about 6 months now and have only just hit pan with it (insert sad face) but they last for absolutly ages, so for the price you pay it is well worth it, im always scared of buying expensive make-up just incass but it differently lives up to the name, i switch between this and the blotting powder, i think i might get that one when i run out, seen as its summer and i dont want my make-up to run when i sweat, eww!

*lipstick pen (from somewhere): i dont know where this is from, i know its cheap and i got it for christmas of one of those people who just buys you cheap make-up caz its better then nothing, ha, anyway i really like the colour it comes out as, doesnt last for a very long time but it doesnt matter, and i love the idea of a lipstick to look like a lipliner pen.

last but not least:

* black eyeliner (from rimmel london): i have had this for about 2 years now, different products obviously, and i love it, it comes off easily when you sweat or your eyes water but i love the intense black and it glides on so easily.

thats it for my may favouites, sorry for so much writing, i will leave you with a picture of my outfit for today.

what are your favioute products??

Sunday, July 4

TAG! 8 questions

I read a blog post by tonia and she tagged everyone who read this
So I thought I would give it a go

What you do is answer the person who tagged you questions and then come up with your own for everyone else to answer, so here goes:

1. How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Well in ten years I'll be 29 :/ scary! By that time I would love to have my very own house and start building a family and be engaged, I've planned a lot

2. Is there something you regret doing?

No! I don't regret anything, even if it's the worse thing ever at the time, I believe everything happens for a reason and it might take years to know why but you will eventually.

3. Is there one thing you would change about yourself and why?

I would love to be thinner, I am a size 14 and that's average and I know it's fine but I don't feel fine, I'm on a diet and loosing the weight slowly but I would like it to be faster lol

4. What is your favourite childhood memory?

My favourite memory is of my grandad he died when I was 2 but the only thing I remember of him was this game we used to play with newspaper and that he smelt of musty cologne :)

5. If you could have a super power what would it be?

I really don't know I would love to move things with my mind but I'd like to be read peoples mind and fly haha

6. If you could only have one make-up item what would it be?

It would be concealer, to cover everything so my skin would at least look smooth

7. What is the best thing about being a beauty blogger?

Having this community and having so many lovely people to talk too

8. What is your best make-up tip

You can use blusher for so many things, on cheeks, on eyelids and even as a base from lipstick, find make-up that has more then one use then you don't need so much.

Oki now my turn I tag everyone who reads this:

1. What is your day to day job?
2. If you were stranded on an island and you were only allowed two items what would they be?
3. What is your favourite make-up item?
4. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or Alive, who would it be?
5. What is better, tomato sauce or brown?
6. If you won the lottery what would you buy/do first?
7. What pet do you own, if you don't have a pet what would you like?
8. What three things do you never leave the house without?

Ootd and make-up

I wore this to work on Saturday our outfit is mainly black so that's why it looks boring

Black top with blue shorts and black leggings

My make-up was this:

Eye make-up I used:
urban decay primer potion
A pearly colour I don't know
Purple from beauty uk pallets number 22 (the bright coloured one)
Bad gal lash from benefit
And if course eye bright by benefit (the one from company magazine)

(insert terrible quality picture because it was late at night)

Face make-up:
Gosh velvet foundation primer
Urban decay foundation in illusion
Coralista blush from benefit
Mac naturalised skin finish in medium
And the it stick by benefit (from company magazine)

The last product I have on my lips it's a pen but actually lipstick in the pen rather than lip liner

I don't know where there from but I know there really cheap, if u guys know where there from please tell me

Love you all xx

Friday, July 2

facts about beauty!

oki so ive been gone for a little bit (sorry)
but i thought i would just give you a list of facts that i have learnt over the last couple of days related to beauty, hair and make-up :D

1. Marilyn Monroe was a size 14!
2. models 20 years ago wieghed 8% less then the average woman (size 14) now they weigh 24% less.
3. most cosmetics are built on fantasies and fake science.
4. dandruff is caused by your hair being dry not oily.
5. one in 20 adults suffer from acne (your not alone)
6. you DONT need to wash your hair every day
7. soap and water is not good for your skin!

8. in ancient greece the most sort after hair colour was blonde
9. always remove your make-up before you go to bed, itll give you wrinkles if you leave it on.
10. milk can cause spots in teenages and adults alike, got to the doctors to see if your allergic
11. l'oreal was the first company to invent safe hair dyes.
12. perfume used to be drunk as a health drink in the nineteenth century

do you know any other beauty facts?