Monday, May 13

Motivation Monday

hi everyone!

so since i've started on the Tone It Up plan. Every monday is called a motivation monday, which is when you see a quote that inspires you in either exercise or everyday life.
So i thought i would share with you the best quotes that i have found for today, i might do this more than once because it is very inspirational and makes you want to live life, not just day dream about it.

Wednesday, May 8

My favourite mascara duo

hi everyone,

Today i thought i would share of you the best mascara combo i have found by far. 

Since i have found out how to put on my mascara and get the best results i haven't stopped wearing it, i wear it every single day for about a month now.
They might run out soon =[

so the first mascara i use is clinique high impact extreme volume in extreme black. Now this is utterly amazing. The volume and length this gives you is out of this world, and so quickly too, every other mascara i have found you really have to work with it, and do a lot of coats to get it to where you want your lashes, and even then its not very good length.

my eyelshes without mascara

my eyelashes are very short and stubby. So having this is like i have false eyelashes on, it so weird to look at and so amazing all at the same time.

Monday, May 6

Herbalife radiant c daily facial scrub cleanser

hi everyone,

so today i'm going to review the Herbalife radiant c daily facial scrub cleanser*.

I get sent this lovely product to share with you and i couldn't wait to share it, i have given it about a week and a bit to really see what its like and i love it. You might know i am a bit obsessed with skin care!

a picture of the herbalife radiant c daily facial scrub cleanser

Saturday, May 4

John Frieda volumize range

hi everyone,
so i have neglected this blog a little, i'm just trying to find my feet, i've started eating healthy and working out and ive joined in with the ToneItUp girls. I will explain if you don't know about it a bit further down the line.

so anyway back to the point:
today i am going to review the John Frieda collection of volume products. I was sent some products to try out. Now i know there is a lot more in the range but i'm reviewing the shampoo (john frieda luxurious volume touchable full shampoo*), conditioner (john frieda luxurious volume full conditioner*) and dry shampoo (john frieda luxurious volume volume refresh dry shampoo*).

john frieda luxurious volume shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo