Monday, June 28

In or out series: latex leggings?

hey everyone,

so im going to start a new blog series, of clothes that are in or out, and you guys can tell me what you think on the particular item of clothing

this week, latex leggings!

is it me or does it just make there thigs look bigger then they actually are?
what do guys think about this item of clothing?

is it in or out?

Sunday, June 27

New Job

hey everyone, sorry i have been gone for like a week, week and half, i don't know

the reason that i was, was because i got a NEW job, yes after 3 months without a job i have found a new one
and i love it, bare in mind i have only been there for a week so we will have to see how it goes, but nether the less i love it.
i am training how to do hair so an NVQ level 2 hairdressing as an apprentice, its basic but you have to start from somewhere
and i am doing nails as well, i am trained in beauty and nail technician (that's what there called but basically someone how does manicures and pedicures) and i get to play with gorgeous products!

O.P.I none the less. its great! i think we are getting the shrek collection soon as well which will be ace. i am not bragging because at the end of the day i don't get to keep any of these colours, i don't even get to wear them, i just put them on other peoples toes and hands. ha ha

so that is where i have been, as well I'm just gonna show you a few pictures of my week so far :D

a field full of poppys by my house, they even did a photo shoot here with a girl in her wedding dress, gorgeous!
me and the boyfriend decided to cook some sausages on a disposible barbeque :D lovely!
because it was sooo hot!

Wednesday, June 23

Review on ultra-blend (lush)

Sorry I've been gone awhile. I have got a new job so I have been busy doing that. It's going great at the moment, I get to do manicure's and train in hair aswell :)

Anyway the review, I have been using ultra-bland for about 2 weeks now:

What it does:
Ultra-bland is a cleanser, it cleanses away every last trace of dirt,oil and make-up that is found on you're skin using almond oil as the base. It also contains rose, beeswax and honey to moisturize the skin.

My review:
I don't think I like it, it leaves my skin too oily and the oil is very hard to remove from my skin, I have to use another cleanser twice to get rid of most of the oil and not all of it goes. I use tea tree to get rid of it.
Although it does get rid of all my make-up, and I do mean every last trace, even water proof, the oil basically breaks down the molucles in the make-up.

My score: 7 out of 10 maybe even down to a 5. I'm so sorry lush I will not repurchase thus product, it's too oily for me.

Sunday, June 20

hair mask using kitchen supplies

so we all want a hair to look silky, shiny and full of life dont we?
well what i you could do all of that and not have to break the bank with salon hair masks.
i am going to do a different hair mask every week for different hair types to show you that you can still get gorgeous hair without professional help!

everything i use is natual, and most products we use to do use natual ingredients you find everyday

to start of with we need these ingredients:

honey: will make your hair super soft and give it lots of nutients
lemon juice: i have blonde hair, and for blondes it looks wonders, will take away the brassyness that comes with blondes and can even make it lighter, brunettes can use it to, it wont lighten your hair just make it soft to touch.
milk: to make your hair soft and even shiny
natual yogurt: it is very good for you, and your hair. it is high in lactic acid and will provide lots of nutients for your hair and lock in moisture.

first add the honey

then add lemon juice and stir into a think paste (more or less depending on how light you want your hair)

then milk (add more or less depending on how long or short your hair is)

then 2 tablespoons of natual yougurt and mix it all together :D

it will look very disgusting but it is very very good for your hair.

next you need to apply it to your hair, prefrebly over the bath or sink because it will go everywhere, and then you need to cover your hair either in cling fim or just pop a towel around your hair:
1) to stop the drips
2) so it will retain heat into your hair and scalp to open up the folicules so the nutients and moisture are easily absorbed.
then just sit back and relax from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how much time you have.
then just shampoo and condition as normal, but let your hair towel dry, please dont use any heat products on it while it is wet and has no heat protectant on it, try not to comb it aswell, if you do use a wide toothed comb.
and de dah, you have lovely shiny silky soft hair :D

Saturday, June 19

OOTD- or night

im going out tonight with a couple of my friends and wanted to show you what i'm wearing and what make-up i have on :D

my dress is some republic and i absolutly love it :D. and i borrowed the jacket some my mom :D haha

jewellery im wearing is from @lovesuziej on twitter
go check it out some gorgeous stuff

and my braclet from new look like a year ago but it goes with anything
and my make up i used maybelline eyeshadows and urban decay's mascara with maybelliene the colossal volume express waterproof
ideal for going out so it doesnt run down your face, and using two different types of mascara mke your lashs look fake :D
thats all for now bye bye x

Thursday, June 17

Miss aguilera is back!

Miss christina aguilera is back everyone!
and i am so exited, i have been her fan since like forever, every since her very very first song, the one from mulan (the amimated one from disney) where she had to hit a high e and most people cant, so yeah.
i espeacially love her fashion and make-up sense i think it is amazing
not many people can get away with red lips but this lady deffinatly can

even when she has just dressed down to go to the corner shop she looks gorgeous!

lady gaga better watch her back :D

OOTD: simply sweet!

oki i know its simple but its so hot out there i dont care. :D
white 3/4's which is odd but it was the only thing i could find that would keep me cool.

its so hot but not that sunny. its odd =[

love you all. talk soon :D

NOTD: barry m rasberry

nail colour im wearing today is barry m's number: 273 in rasberry
now i thought i wouldnt like this colour but i brought it because it was 3 for 2 in boots, and my boyfriend said he liked the colour, so i though why not?

i love it now, it doesnt really remind me of a rasberry colour but it is a lovely deep red and looks great if you dont want bright red nails but still want that lovely red look, more gothicy (if thats a word) without going black :D
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Sunday, June 13


hey guys,
sorry i dont really post much on here. having a hectic time really.
i have no money because my car has to be all redone.
lets just say "i had a fight with a wall and the wall won".

then i have to put my car in for a services because some idiots thought it was fun to remove both my side mirrors, well one side mirror and smash the other. so i have to get those fixed too. its so fustrating, why do people think they can do that to other peoples cars.
learn some manners!!

anyway. sorry about my little rant, i will leave you with a picture of my beautiful car "pablo" before it was beaten up (yes he is called pablo :D )

Friday, June 11

Nail of the day: mint green

I don't know wether I like this nail pain yet it is a very nice green and it does come out like it is in the bottle.
Only downside is that it comes out runny and is quit streaky for a Barry m nail paint, normally there fine, and that my ring finger kinda peeled away in the night, as you can see in the photo.
But still love the colour and i still love barry m x

Wednesday, June 9

Lush goodies!

* sorry i have been gone for awhile, i have been ill and now my boyfriend is ill too. not nice, anyway*

i brought alot of things at lush the other day. i have made a video about it on youtube

anyway if you dont want to watch it. i am going to put pictures of the things here.

to start with a brought one bath bomb and one that you cumble in the water (can't remember the name of it)

the happy pill: it is massive its about as big as a c.d           

the conforter: i have used half of it already. it makes amazing bubbles.
next i brought a cleanser, called ultra bland, a shower gel, called olive branch, and a conditioner

ultra bland i am nt quite sure on it is very oily and leaves your skin feeling oily, so im not sure about that yet.  
the olive branch is nice, it smells lovely and has alot of bubbles. only downside is it can be abit runny.
and the veganesse (i think thats how you spell it) is the conditioner, its lovely makes your hair so soft and so clean. my boyfriend even asked my what i used because he loved the way my hair smelt. so that always a plus.
then i got something called the all-inclusive package. it is 6 products for 10 pound. they are limited addition and very cute. it is like samples and full size of products designed for your holidays.

buffy is the first one. ive tried this already and i love it. It claims to get rid of celliute and tone up your skin ready for your holidays, it has tiny beads in it which exfoliate and smells nice. only downside is, it does leave your skin abit oily.
next is the ultra light sunscreen and the fair trade foot lotion. both nice. the sunscreen is a moisturer and is abit heavy for my skin, but it has spf 10. the fair trade foot lotion is so good. it has mint in there so it cools down your feet and makes then soft. it smells like mint too :D. it is also pink so it looks pretty.
i got these size samples because they had run out of the little tins.
last products: are stepping stone foot scrub, the glorious mud body mask and the toner tab in tea tree.

i had the tea tree toner tab because they ran out of the sauna tab, which your spouse to get, but it doesn't really matter.
sorry that was so long. had abit of a mad spree in lush. :D
hope you guys like it, tell me what your favouite product from lush is. mine has to be the conforter.

Wednesday, June 2

love suzie jewellery

I have just brought these lovely items from love suzie jewellery and they are amazing.
the postage is so quick (considing it was on a bank holiday aswell) and she offers an amazing service.
these items are made by her and are incredably cheap for what you get.
they are very nicely wrapped and the details are beautiful.
She is based in the uk but she does ship internationally, which is always a plus

When you first open it up, it comes lovely wraped like parcel and it even has a little letter that says your name on it. which is soooo cute :D

I brought 3 items, and i because it was a bank holiday she had a sale going, 15% off over the bank holiday weekend, i think she does regular sales so i will put the link to her twitter down below, so add her and keep your eye out for the offers, there great!

I brought these earings, you can choice between 6 colours, mine are the lilac ones, and they were £3.39. £3.39 for earings...thats amazingg!! (15% off though)

to show the necklaces i took a far away picture and a close up so you can see how long the necklaces are. this one is 18" if i remember rightly. which basically means it finishes just below your neckline.

This one is called love letter and it is gorgeous. you can wear it with another necklace if you want because the chain is short. this was £7.64 (with 15% off)

The next one is called cupcake and it is gorgeous, i think this is my favioute :D. i got this on a 24" chain so it was abit longer. This one stops where your top starts (if that makes sense).

The close up of it it has a heart shaped jem on the icing and then in the bottom half it has flakes of glitter in the blue section which is gorgeous :D

Please go check this out, she is amazing.