Thursday, February 28

blog URL has changed???!!!

hi everyone,

i really don't know where this week has gone, i cant believe its been over a week since i have posted something on here, its really weird.

so to kick of the new lot of posting, i have changed my URL!!!

wooooo! finally!

Wednesday, February 20

rimmel match perfection blush

hi everyone,

today im going to review the new blush by rimmel called match perfection blush, my next post is going to be on rimmel aswell, because rimmel are doing 3 for 2 at the moment at boots, so i thought i would buy all these things and share with you what i thought about them.

Monday, February 18

rimmel fix and protect pro primer

hi everyone,

so today is my last rimmel product i promise :D, this one is their primer. I needed a new primer for ages, and i couldn't decide on one, i knew i wanted to try a high street brand but the Revlon photoready one is like £11.99 and i didn't want to pay that much because i couldn't buy a high end one for like 5 more, so i decided to go for a rimmel one, seen as their on 3 for 2 in boots :D

Saturday, February 16

How i wear the rimmel Apocalypse range

hi everyone,

i was talking Emma on twitter (@MissEmmaLou_) and i was talking about how i should include the new rimmel apocalypse lip sticks/gloss in a blog post, because i know loads have bloggers have been doing reviews on them and i know you are getting quite bored of them.

so she came up with a really good idea of showing you how i wear them/making a make-up look with them.
so im going to show you how i love to wear my favorite colour from the range.

Thursday, February 14

make-up & outift of the day

hi everyone,
This is my favorite outfit to wear for winter :D, not when it gets super cold and snowing and god knows what else, but when its just cold enough that you can see your breath and not freeze to death.

It may look abit like, well i dont have enough on, but i hate jackets,

Tuesday, February 12

haul time (with a saving)

hi everyone

now im going to do a haul for you, and start off with my clinique stuff, now some of you may know that i am now obsessed with clinique skin care, i cant get enough of it, so basically im just topping up what i already have, and i brought a new foundation.

Tuesday, February 5

20 random facts about me

hi everyone,
so this has been floating around you tube and the blogging world and i thought i would jump on the bandwagon and share with you some random facts about myself that none of you would know :D

so here goes: