Wednesday, August 29

how i style ombre hair

hey everyone,

so I've had my ombre hair for a couple of days now, and im in love with it!
i took some pictures of it yesterday when i dolled myself up, and i must say they turned out really good. So now that the colour has settled abit, i will show you :D

                                           without flash                                 with flash

Tuesday, August 28

DIY: ombre your hair at home

hey everyone,

so Sunday i was talking to a couple of the girl on #bbloggers, mainly Teresa from cityscape bliss, and we were talking about how much we wanted to ombre our hair, and i have for a very long time, and i remembered that i had some bleach left over from my hairdressing, so i though i would dive right in and just do it!

so i am going to show you how you can dip dye, or ombre your hair at home.

now first thing i should point out is that you need bleach, hair bleach, from any supermarket or hair place will do as long as it says it has bleach in it, a regular blonde hair dye will not do, has to be bleach :D

i am using the professional wella one, which you can grab in sally's, but you don't have too.

so what you will need:

  • some bleach
  • a bowl with brush
  • tin foil
  • hair brush
  • really moisturising shampoo and conditioner
  • a towel and a clip

what i did:
wrap a towel around my shoulders and used a clip to secure it, then i mixed my bleach and peroxide together, it will tell you how to do this in a little leaflet you get with the home kit.

then i parted my hair where it normally lies, and split it into two sections, then poped some gloves on and grabed a dollop of bleach in my hands. rub it though the ends of your hair to get an even coverage and wait
(oooo attractive)

then i waited for about 20 mins, washed it off and dried it too see how it looked, i wanted it abit lighter so i did the same, put a dollop of bleach on the ends of my hair and rubbed it in to coat it evenly, but i only did it to the very ends of my hair.
I then covered it in tin foil to keep the heat in and make it process quicker

left that on for 30 mins and washed it off.

i used my tresemme spilt remedy shampoo and conditioner, but i would say anything that has moistures in will do great, because the bleach takes all the goodness out of your hair, you need to put it back in, so lots of treatments and moisture conditioners and your good to go.
I am planning to put my hair through a deep condition today, i only washed it quickly so the colour hasn't settled yet, but i cant wait till it does, im excited!

 before                                                                                        after

i will say that it does like a tad orange on the camera, but i took the picture at like 11pm at night, so my lighting was abit all over the place

if you follow me on instragram (under MissPenelope90) then i will be putting a fresh picture of my hair in the sunlight very soon :D
hope you found this helpful, and what do you think?

Sunday, August 26

lush hair care products review

hi everyone.

how are you all today? i am going to tell you about my new hair care routine, well what i use as shampoo and conditioner.

Tuesday, August 21

working on a make-up counter

hey everyone,
i know I've been gone for like ages!! (more the a week)

but i have been super busy, i have been juggling 3 jobs and having NO days off a week, so its been very hard for me, butt i have decided to give up the bar job i was doing, for different reasons, and now i will have more time to big (this is not the reason i gave the job up but it will be nice to have some free time)

so i thought i would do abit of a different post for you all, i am working on a beauty counter in a big store in Birmingham  its only temporary but im hoping to make it permanent, and i cant tell you where, ive probably said once but i cant repeat it lol, im not allowed,

anyway, because all of us beauty bloggers love make-up, and some of us want to work on a beauty counter, i thought i would give you a rough idea of what it is about,
so if you would like to work on one and don't know much about it, or just like to read my blog posts then keep on reading :D

Friday, August 10

mallzee: new online shopping experience

hey everyone, 
today im going to show you a cool website i came across the other day. It is called mallzee, it is an online shopping store with a twist.

What you do is create your own "mall" by picking your favourite brands and stores and from this information the fancy computer geniuses will find the products that suit your personal style and showcase them on your "mall". 

Wednesday, August 8

purity organic skincare: facial wash

hey everyone,

im back with another purity skincare product, and this one is my absolute favourite, over every one of these products i will pick this one up straight away without a doubt.

It is called the facial wash.

Monday, August 6

purity: conditioning cleansing lotion

hey everyone,
i know I've been gone for a long time, but i have been working my butt off, with 3 jobs on the go and no days off it is hard to fit in my blog all at the same time, so my first day off in like 2 weeks im making some blog posts for you guys, so i apologise for it =[.

so anyway, i was sent an amazing amount of products by an amazing brand called purity, i was amazed when i opened it and i received 6 full size products from them, i have been trying them out for over a month now, replacing my normal skin care routine with just these products to get the best out of them, and here are my thoughts on my favourite product.

Wednesday, August 1

get ready with me

hey everyone,
i have another video for you guys :D
this time it is a get ready with me video but for an interview, so i show you what make-up i have worn to my interview.
I have changed it up abit so tell me what you think about it please, i did a voice over and music instead of me just talking to the camera, i prefer this way but ultimately it is your decision, so tell me what you think :D

love you all