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skin heroes face mask:dry skin, t-zone and shine control

hey everyone,

so today im going to review some face masks for you all, im going to do it in 2 separate posts, because
1. it'll get really boring and really long in just one post
2. and so you can choice which skin type is urs and read the review on it, so you don't have to read all of them if you dont want too.

so these masks are all from montage jeunesse, and their new range skin heroes, they are new because they come in two parts, the bottom bit is the mask and the top bit is a moisturiser, snazzy hu? (apart from the pore strips of course), they are suitable for vegetarians and they say "we always look to use natural ingredients"
they never test on animals either, which is a big bonus!

ok, so the first one is my fav :D,
dry skin mask, has blueberry, strawberry and red grapes:

(sorry about the faces in this oh dear, just keep the giggles to yourself :D)
it has a really nice smell to it, there is a hell of alot of mask product in these small pouches which is really impressive, but it did take more then 20 mins to dry because i put ALL of it on. 
But it leaves your skin really soft afterwards and really nourished without leaving it sticky or greasy.
there is a moisturised in the top half and there is loads in that too, i cant use alot of moisture on my face because it doesn't soak it up well, at all, so i didn't use all of these, i could probably get 3 or 4 uses out of this baby, it soaked in aswell.

 the t-zone peel off mask, has tea tree, Canadian willow and witch hazel in it:

this is very wierd, i have never tried a peel off mask before so i was really excited to try on out. It is a clear liquid, so nothing like the picture, i was hoping it was green but i guess they have to show it on the picture somehow oh well. A really sticky liquid =/, when you put it on omgawd! it is freezing, its really cold, it felt like i had put my face into an ice bath at like -100 and i had to leave it till it was hard enough to peel off.
There isn't much in the packet,which i was actually thankful of, and you apply a really thin layer of it all over.
Because it has the tea tree in it its why it makes it soo cold, and it is a liquid rather then a mask.
I would call it more of a break out mask like the other than a t-zone one.
peeling it off is wierd, its like peeling off your own skin =/ not nice
this one is differently not my favourite.

shine control, argan oil and acia berry:
sorry i forgot to take a picture of this one, it was a weird colour, but it didn't smell and because it was a mus mask it didn't set really hard and was nice on the skin. It washed off really easierly an didn't leave you with a overly squeaky clean skin feel. The moisturiser sank in well but again there was too much for my skin.

all these masks are availble from asda or from there website

to see the next part of my review click here

disclaimer:so the lovely people at montage jeunesse sent me these products, but does not affect my opions at all, as you can see i do make a few not so good points, and have a more in depth review of them all as i have tried them all and enjoyed them.

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