Friday, November 25

Review: Kevin murphy colour bug

Hey guys, I'm so excited about this,
I love this thing so much

It's called colour bug and it's buy Kevin murphy, they are £12.45 and it is a hair shadow for your hair

You know like the hair mascaras you could buy that washs out that's what it is basically, there really concentrated colours and work in every colour hair, obviously it will be lighter on blonde hair but it is amazing in my dark brown hair

I recommend everyone try this, they have purple, pink and orange and you can do highlights or big chunks of colour.

Tell me what you guys think, good idea??

Bye xxxxx

Tuesday, November 22

looking forward to the weekend?!

hey everyone,

so im soooo excited about the weekend, im going away for 3 days with my mommy and we are going christmas shopping:D, for the whole 3 DAYS!! arghhh

we are going to chester, lovely bit of the uk and has some gorgeous, quirky shops, amazing place and so very christmassy, i cannot wait
this is a picture i took of chester last time i went,

have you guys got any ideas of what i can buy when im over there??, comment below :D

Monday, November 21

review: lee strafford protein hair growth treatment

so, hey everyone

I'm reviewing a treatment today by lee Stafford, its called hair that will never grow past a certain length.

this treatment is a protein treatment that is spouse to nourish the hair and scalp to improve hair growth and thickness and protection of the scalp.

Ive been using this treatment for about 2 weeks now, well just under and i don't know whether it has actually made my hair grow because it doesn't seem to have but it has made it super shiny and so silky smooth. so i know it is doing my hair some good.

to start with my hair will not grown past just below my shoulders and is so thin from bleaching my hair thousands of time, it is so badly damaged that my hair does grow Caz i get roots very easily but the ends snap of straight away. I'm hoping that this treatment is doing some good

this is what my hair looks now, i haven't even straightened it yet either. my hair gets very frizzy and its a big improvement from what I'm used to, still got a long way till my hair is in a better condition but it is a start. I'm even getting long roots and I've started to get tufts of hair all over my scalp where my hair had fallen out from the bleach (sounds lovely doesnt it lol)

dont know whether you can see them or not, but i can definitely feel them. anyway im still gonna keep going with this product and see if my hair will actually grow, caz then it really will be a miracle :D

have a nice day xxx