Tuesday, October 2

my skin care routine

ive been wanting to show you guys this for a while now, and so i finally went, Kelsey, just take pictures already!

hi everyone,

ha, so here is my skin care routine, i am going to break it down into morning and evening routine, because they are a tiny bit different, and then show you 2 products that i just pop in every now and again,


(R-L clinique liquid facial soap in mild, purity facial wash, clinique clarifying lotion 3, clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion, clinique pore refining solutions correcting serum, fade out white eye cream, clinique superdefense SPF 25)

so as you can tell im abit of clinique freak:
  1. so i either use the clinique facial soap or the purity facial wash first, the clinique one is only a sample size so when i run out of it ill be going back to my purity one, i have a review here!.
  2. then i use my clinique clarifying lotion, this is a chemical exfoliator for oily combination skins, (they match you to a number before you buy their products so you don't need to worry) i use cotton wool pads, soak it and then wipe across my face once.
  3. then use the clinique moisturiser all over
  4. then use the clinique pore refining solutions serum, this is spouse to reduce pore size by 58% in 2 weeks, which i can honestly say, yes, yes it has, its also got rid of all my blocked pores on my nose aswell, a miracle this product is!
  5. then i use my eye cream, its by fade out, it has a little tint to it and it gets rid of any darkness under your eyes and helps produce collagen for lines and wrinkles, when i first brought it it was really hard to get hold of but now ive seen them in boots, so easy :D i have a review here!
  6. and last product i use is from clinique again, i use it purely for the SPF because you need an SPF on your skin every morning, even when its raining or cloudy!!!, i got it free in their bonus time gift box thing
so wow, alot of products in the morning, but it will only take me like 5-10 Min to do all this and then i do my hair while the products dry into my face and then my make-up, so it doesn't take me long at all. 
I like to spend abit more time at night, just because i feel like im kind of pampering myself abit more, some are the same products so i wont explain them again, but i do love to try different skin care so i like to mix it up!

(R-L no7 beautiful skin, garnier pure 3 in 1, purity facial wash, clinique facial soap, clinqiue dramatically different mouisturzing lotion, pore refining solutions correcting serum, nouri-fushion eye cream)

  1. so first i take off my make-up and i either use the no7 hot cloth cleanser or i use the garnier 3 in 1, im not going to explain what the no7 one is because im guessing most of you have heard about it or know about the liz earle one so... but the garnier one i absolutely love, i think ive been using it since i was 16, it gives me the most amazing feeling skin, it has clay in it so you can use it as a mask, and gets rid of every trace of make-up with the exfoliating beads it has inside, i love it, i think its my holy grail skin care item, that i could never do without! 
  2. then i cleanse my skin again to make sure ive gotten all the make-up off, i don't use another exfoliator because the garnier has beads in it, and the no7 one says its cleansers and exfoliates at the same time, so when i do put another cleanser on my skin gets to tight and hurts alot.
  3. so i just put on my moisturiser  
  4. then my serum
  5. then i don't need another exfoliator because i don't need an SPF  because its night!, so then i just go straight onto my eye cream, this one is buy nouri-fushion, its got lots of vitamins which the other eye cream doesn't so i swap them around occasionally. i have a review here!
Then i have 2 products where i just use randomly, morning or night to give my skin abit of a boast.

(R-L lush eau roma water, toner water, nouri-fushion multivitamin moisture mask)

  1. so the lush toner water i use when ever my skin feels abit dry or tight, because i have combination skin my skin can get really oily one day and really dry the next, so i use this over my make-up, spray it on throughout the day when my skin feels really day, and its soo cold and refreshing in the summer.
  2. Then if my skin is feeling really really dry i use this moisture mask, now i only need to use this like once every 2 WEEKS! because it gives it an insane amount of moisture, its like an over load, i tend to use it at night because my skin can feel quite greasy when i use it but the next morning it looks fine.

so there you go, my skin care routine,sorry it was sooo long, i think there's like 12 products i use on my skin, that's insane!
if you have a skin care routine i would love to see the blog post on it, i have also done a video on it if you would prefer me talking to you, rather then you reading this massive blog post, i will leave the link here:

so i hope you are all having a lovely day and i will see you soon

disclaimer: some of these items were given to me for free or i won in a competion, but that does not mean that i have to post them here, or that i have to use them on my face every day, i do it because i love them! :D


  1. I love the No7 hot cloth cleanser but I can't use Clinique skincare as my skin reacts badly!



    1. oh wow, how does it do that, its allergy tested =/

  2. Just got your link from the bbloggers chat!
    I love the purity products :)

    1. oh cool, yeah i love them too, i do use there other products, just not as much as these ones :D love them!

  3. I've been wanting to try that Lush toner water for ages! I have quite dry skin so hopefully it should work for me :) xx

  4. You got a lot of skin care products there! You’ve been using these products for how long now? I only use a simple facial wash with a scrub and moisturizer, night and day for maintenance. Aside from these products, keep in mind that you also have to feed your body with a healthy and balanced diet. What you eat also reflects on your physical appearance.

    -Francis Powers

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