Monday, April 30

who wants to be an angel?

hey everyone,

this is abit of a different post for you all, i want to enter the aussie angel competition they have launched at

i saw it and was like wow, i want to be an angel, well i know i am not the slimist of people or the most beautiful, but i do LOVE my hair. aussie say " there’s more to life than hair but it’s a good place to start"
and i think they are damn right, who doesnt feel confident and beautiful if their hair is amazing and actually doing what you want it to for a change. 
so i thought i would share with you:
 my hair story.

Saturday, April 28

busy bee candles

hey everyone
sorry ive been away for like nearly a week, shock!
sorry about that, ive been really busy at work, i haven't stopped all week, i think ive been getting in at like 8pm eating then bed =[

anyway, after my little ramble, i brought some candles.
I love candles sooo much, and on twitter i found a great company,they are called Busy Bee Candles the are handmade in Wales,they are made from soy wax and a cotton wick. the owner actually tweets and she is soo nice! you can follow her at @BusyBeeCandles

As our candles are made from Soy wax and we use good quality cotton wicks, a layer of the wax will melt at the base of the flame and display a two tone colouration. This is perfectly normal and helps “launch” the scent into the room. This is a mark of a good candle. All of our candles will burn to the base of the jar therefore you have no wasted wax. When you extinguish your candle, the melted layer of wax will solidify as before

Thursday, April 26

notd: bys hocus pocus

hey everyone,

sorry ive been so distant this week, ive been working all weeks and my next day off is sat so i can properly come on here and organise myself
so sorry, my life is getting in the way lol :D

anyway, here is the nail varnish i won from amiee which i mentioned in my last post,
someone commented that they wanted to see it and i was like, mawhaha read my mind :D

anyway this one is called hocus pocus, from the summer brights collection.

Tuesday, April 24

what i won

hey everyone,
sorry havent been blogging alot, you know when life just gets in the way!

well anyway, this is a real quick post about what i won from over at amiee's blog.
over at

accent tag

hey everyone, i don't know how good the vid quality is but i do explain in the video

Sunday, April 22

bloggers interview

hey everyone,

oki today is going to be abit different, i have no one to interview this week (if you would like to take part all the information is here )

so i decided that it might be a good idea for me to answer the questions, now you don't have to read it if you don't want to, you might already know enough about me that your sick of hearing anything else haha
but just incass you don't really know anything about me i have answered the bloggers questions

here we go:

Saturday, April 21

loreal caresse: number 06

hey everyone
hope your alright

today im going to show you the lipstick i brought in my haul i showed you the other day

the loreal caresse lipstick in shade 06 called Aphrodite scarlet

denman: tangle teaser

hey everyone

i read a blog post by the lovely Lucy the other day, probably like 2 weeks ago now and realised that i have had the same brush/comb for years.
on my mission to grow my hair longer i realised that "how am i souse to grow my hair if i cant even be bothered to buy a decent brush"

so i thought, well why not, they can do amazing things with brushes now a days, (its not just a brush anymore) so i went ahead and brought one
and i haven't looked back!

Friday, April 20

haul: i had some money :]

hey everyone

well as some of you my new on twitter, i got a tax rebate, not alot but enough to pay off my bills and pay the rent and some money i owed my bf :D and then i went on a little shopping spree to celebrate

Thursday, April 19

notd: spring time nails

hey guys :D

hope you are oki, sorry ive been abit mia for the last couple of days i have had just loads to do in a short amount of time so havent been able to concentrate on this much,
hope you will forgive me :D

anyway for my nail of day i thought i would show you what i do with my nails in the spring time,
i like to change it up.

Wednesday, April 18

lush: fluffy egg from easter

hey everyone :D

how are you, i thought i would show you one of the bath ballistics i got from lush for easter

Monday, April 16

200 follower giveaway! (closed)

hey everyone,

im so pleased to announce that i have 200 followers on my blog :D eeeeeeee
and i have also had over 10,000 views on my blog aswell
im so happy and excited and so proud of my little old blog :D

so to say thank you for everyone reading it, and actually commenting and things i have put together a little give-away for you all

it was all brought for by me and will be sent by me and hopefully i have picked some nice products for you all, i did get a few suggestions so here goes!

Sunday, April 15

bloggers interview:

hey everyone, this weeks bloggers interview is by the lovely rebecca-louise, ive been reading her blog for a long time so was excited to read her answers.
hope you enjoy:

Thursday, April 12

my very first models own: beetlejuice collection

hey everyone,

for my nail of the day i have brought my first ever models own nail varnish and im excited to show you and tell you how i got on with it.

Wednesday, April 11

wake me up foundation by rimmel

hey everyone

i know you have seen this everywhere, and by every single beauty blogger, but i hope your not too sick of it to read my blog post on it,
because honestly
i love it!!!

Monday, April 9

revlon lip butters

     hey everyone,
 in my last post i showed you what i brought at boots for the 3 for 2 offer, and these 2 gorgeous things are what i brought along with some other things, see what i brought here!

i brought to revlon colourburst lip butters

boots 3 for 2 mini haul

hey everyone,
how are you all?

last week i went to one of my nearest "malls" and brought some things from boots, i went with my boyfriend and ended up spending quite a long time in there which he didnt really like but oh well :D (whats a beauty blogger to do)

so i will show you a mini haul that i brought because boots had a 3 for 2 offer.

Sunday, April 8

bloggers interview:

hey everyone,
this beauty bloggers interview is with the lovely brittany, hope you enjoy:


1. Tell Me A bit About Yourself?:
My name is Brittany, I’m 20 years old, and I’m a full-time college student. I’m studying to be an Administrative Assistant, and I have about one and a half semesters left until I graduate. Iowa is the place where I call home. I’ve lived in this same small town all my life, and I don’t plan on going anywhere. It’s quite cozy and sweet. Although I don’t have huge department stores and higher-end stores close to me, I still make the best of what I can when it comes to beauty.

2. Whats The Name Of Your Blog?:
Brittany’s Secret

3. Explain What Your Blog Is About?:
My blog is about my experiences with beauty. Everything from hair to nail polish to makeup. I love it all, and always have been obsessed with anything beauty. It’s where I share what I’m loving at the moment, what I hate, and what I absolutely love!

4. What Inspired You To Start Your Blog?:

I knew that I wanted to get my opinions out about beauty, so I just started a blog one day. I have always enjoyed watching YouTube videos, but making videos just wasn’t me!
5. If You Could Only Have One Make-up Item In The World What Would It Be?:

Foundation. PERIOD. It’s my confidence booster—I have some pretty horrible skin!
6. What Posts Do You Enjoy Writing The Most? Reviews, Swatches, Products e.t.c?:
I love writing posts about things I love—my monthly favorites! I always have loved reading and watching (YouTube) what other people are loving and using!

7. Where Can We Follow You?:

8. What Blogs Do You Recommend Us To Read?:

9. Where Do You See Your Blog Going In The Next Year?:

I see my blog growing as in expanding on the topics and products that I use—maybe even doing a post every day or even more than one. I know my makeup and polish collections will keep growing, so I know more and more comparison posts and reviews will be happening. I really can’t wait to see where my blog goes.
10. And Lastly, Is There Any Advice You Would Give To Other Bloggers?

Don’t make blogging all about gaining followers. Have fun. Be yourself. And write about what you want to write about—don’t let others tell you what to write about.

Finally, use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc….they really do help! ;)

Saturday, April 7

nouri-fushion skin care range

hey everyone,
i recently received 3 products by herbalife nouri-fushion skin care, i received an exfoliating scrub, a moisture mask and an eye cream, see how i got on with them

(i dont know why i didnt photograph it in the box =/ sorry)

i will start with the exfoliating scrub seen as that's the first one you would use in the skin care routine (not a whole routine but with the products i have)
i LOVE exfoliators so i was soooo happy i got one, this one is out of the multi-vitamin range, and the scrub has things like vitam a,c and e

herbalife say " rasberry and strawberry seeds gently transforms skin from dull,rough and dry to super soft and smooth. jojoba and beeswax beads literally polish the skin to reveal a much clearer and younger looking complexion"

this product is really good if you have really sensitive skin, i like my exfoliators to feel like there working, basically scatching my skin, which this doesn't do, and it defiantly feels like your skin is moisturised after aswell.

then the moisture mask:

herbalife says "luxurious mask to gently cleanse and moisture leaving skin silky smooth whilst reducing the appearance of dry skin" 
now this is very creamy, it does feel really luxurious and amazing when its on your skin, my upper lip is really really sensitive (i don't know why) so i cant put many products on it, and it didn't like this cream so i couldn't put it there because it burned abit, so probably not very good for really sensitive skin, but it defiantly gives moisture, my skin doesn't soak up moisture very well so it did feel abit oily after so i would use it every 2 weeks, but that's not going to stop me using it because its sooo nice, it does say you have to use it on clean dry face but i find i can either use it on dry or wet and it does the exact same thing :D

last but not least the eye cream:

this eye cream is really nice, its a thick consistency, not like what it looks like in the tub, its not very yellowy like it is in the tub, its white, which is good.
herbalife says "emollient rich non greasy formula containing vitamins and minerals to soften the delicate eye area. helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and strengthen skin around the eyes"
a little of this product goes a long long way, the very first time i used it, i obviously put on too much the first time and my bf said why is your face shiny, lol, my bad, its a really thick creamy product and doesnt add any colour to your skin, i recon this could last you a good year at least! so even though its a small tub, you only need a little anyway.

If you would like to check out any of there products, because they even do toners and moistures (i would really love to try the toner) you can find out here:

have you ever tried these? how did you get on with them?
see you all soon xxx

Thursday, April 5

onna ehrlich: bag heaven!

hey everyone,
this is just a quick post, about my new found bag envy of everyone out there who has a onna ehrlich.

(an onna ehrich bag from friends with benefits)

these are such beautiful bags, they were founded in 2004 by onna and her partner johl bell, and each bag is named after a woman very important to either onna or johl. they take inspiration from her Nigerian background with a californain twist, where she also lives. 
(Each one is hand crafted and made with the finest Italian material.)

i love the rachel petite in blue (its also available in black): £220.50

the sofia tote in black (also comes in blue): £189.00

and the brooke fwb in brown (also comes in black or grey): £453.60

i want all these bags, haha, (but i really really want the rachel petite) i know i cant have them all, but aren't they just sooo pretty :D
what do you think? have you got one or do you want one?
see you guys soon xx

notd: heart beat nail art

hey everyone,
how are you all today, for my nail of the day i found a beautiful nail design on the wonderful thing they call google, and decided to try it out, but the problem was i haven't got any nail art pens, so i decided to do something different.
(left hand)

(right hand)

what i used:

1. barry m base, nail strengthener and top coat
2. orly elsbeth's rose
3. urban decay 24/7 liquid eye-liner

to start you need to paint all your fingers with your chosen colour (well duh)

with orly you only have to paint 1 coat of the colour, because its super opaque and a beautiful baby pink with a slight blue undertone, (paint 2 if you have to) and let it dry completely.

then you need to use the liquid eye-liner as an nail art pen, (it is alot runner and you need to let it dry and apply another coat so that it appears black) i drew a small heart so i knew the shape of it and then enlarged it as i went.
then i just drew the lines of a heart monitor onto my nails, and voilĂ  done, just finish with a top coat to seal in eye-liner.

hope you enjoyed my nail tutorial of a heart beat nails, tell me what you think?
see you soon xxx

Wednesday, April 4

john frieda: full repair serum

hey everyone,
ive bet you've seen this john frieda: full repair products everywhere through the blogging world,
the only thing is i havent really liked mine!

dont get me wrong, it is a really nice product and there are some good bits about it but i dont see it making a difference to my hair.
(a picture of the bottle next to the packaging, thank god its bigger then the picture because it is still tiny)

oki so the bad bits
this bottle is tiny, and i mean tiny!, i think it was like £7 pound or £6 to buy, luckerly i had some boots points on my card so i brought it with these, yaaaa, i think i would rather buy the spray because it comes in a bigger bottle and looks like it does the same thing.
it is in a liquid form and acts just like water, it feels like it has no substance so i dont know whether it is actually doing anything to my hair.

(my lame attempt at showing the constancy of the serum)

i also found a sizzled bit of hair when i started using this, you know when your hair is dry and you find abit that's got tiny zigzags like its been shinged which wasn't good, i have no idea with it was this product at all, so im not blaming it, but after i put 2 heat protectors in my hair i couldn't feel it anymore.

so the good points:
it soaks into your hair really quickly and easily, and you don't have to wipe your hands on a towel to get rid of the residue after like you do with some products.
you can use up to 7 pumps in your hair for extra protection and it wont leave your hair feeling crispy or oily when its dry, but at the same time i feel like 3 pumps does just the same so it could last a long time.
it has things in it like icha inchi, micro oils rich in omega 3, so it has lots of lovely things in it
doesnt really have a smell, so it isnt good or bad.

so have you tried it before? do you like it? just remember not every persons hair is the same so what doesnt work in my hair my work in yours.

see you all soon xxx

(my big sexy hair after my sock bun, can find it here!)

Tuesday, April 3

fade out eye cream white

hey everyone, 
i won my very, very, very first competition a while go from the lovely amiee from dream in colour and this is what i won

fade out white eye cream

it is a really thick under eye cream that "reduces puffiness, targets fine lines and wrinkles and for bright even skin tone"

you are spouse to use this product morning and night but i find using it just before i put on my make-up, kind of like a primer it works at its best. it is "white" so i don't think it would suit darker skin types although i am sure they different shades (i haven't really looked much into it)

I can tell a difference, it does definitely brighten up my eyes and does get rid of my dark circles ( a bit) but i dont have wrinkles yet (oh thank god) so i haven't been able to test it on that aspect of the product, but overall it is a very nice eye cream and it certainly does most of what it says on the tin (or box for that matter)
ive found them on boots website here!

have you ever tried this product? what do you think of it?
see you soon xxx

Monday, April 2

Date night: movie night in

Hey everyone :)
How are u all today :),
Sorry I'm in a real happy mood at the moment, I feel like my life is finally getting back on track after loosing my job and all my money but oh well, the reason for this post:

We went to block busters and rented some DVDs and even brought one :)

Then we went to sainsburys to pick up some treats, I'm on a diet do instead of popcorn and chocolate I brought lots of fruit I love to snack on and then brought an ittle bitty chocolate egg so I can get a chocolate fix :)
My bf got a huge chocolate lamb with marshmallows he's name is lewis the lamb and mine is eggward the egg ;)

We got rent reel steal, tintin, tower heist and pirates of the Caribbean,
And we brought in time which is an amazing film with Justin timberlake :)

I'll see you all soon xx