Tuesday, November 27

mac lipstick in gotta dash

hey everyone,

so this post is dedicated to yet another mac lipstick i picked up, its called mac sheen supreme lipstick in gotta dash.

I have never tried one of these finishes before and when i saw this colour i just had to have it, it is a beautiful orange with a hint of pink in it and when you put it on the lips, its a really sheer orange so you can wear it every day.

Sunday, November 25

My fav blog posts #1

hey everyone,
so a week ago on #bbloggers chat we were talking about advertising and things, and i decided that i wanted to share some little love with everyone,
but completely forgot to do it till now :D

anyway, so what i am going to do is share with you my fav blog posts that people share throughout the week, im not going to do this every week because to be honest i dont always remember to do it, but i will try to do this as much as i can :D

if you have read any other blogs please tell me, or if you have never read any of these please do :D.
i am doing this because i actually loved these posts, no one has asked me to do it, in contrast if you dont want your image on my blog please tell me, i haven't asked permission really, so if you dont want it on then tell me!


Thursday, November 22

TIGI rockaholic dirty secret dry shampoo

hey everyone,
do you ever suffer from oily hair from time to time? i know i do, i have oily hair and then really dry ends so i dont need to wash my hair all the time.
But the day after i wash my hair, my roots get really oily and i always have to rely on my trusty dry shampoo, now i am a huge fan of the batiste dry shampoo, because it is cheap, and i get through it like wild fire.
The only downside is that it comes out white, which isn't good on brown hair, and it also leaves like a residue on my hair.

Wednesday, November 21

1 year blog anniversary giveaway! (closed)

hi everyone,

so today is my 1 year blog anniversary! yeahhhhh *happy birthday blog* Its crazy to think that i have been writing blog post regularly for a year!

I cant believe how far my little blog has come, i didn't start it a year ago, i made it back in 2010 but i really didn't do anything with it at all, and didn't really enjoy it, so i stopped! a year later i got back into beauty and loving it again, so i started it back up and started posting regularly and gaining followers. 
And i am so glad i did, i love talking to you guys, and seeing that you like my blog posts and join in with my giveaways or my excitement for a new product, i no it sounds soppy but im happy that my little space on world wide web is full of lovely people from all over the world :D

i cant believe how fast this year has gone its crazy! to celebrate my blog i am hosting a little giveaway for you guys, now its nothing big but i thought it would be just a nice little giveaway for everyone, it will only be open to the UK, sorry everyone, but i hope you like it :D

Monday, November 19

montagne jeunesse face masks

hey everyone,

so today i am going to review some more face masks from Montagne jeunesse*, in my last post, the lush post, i mentioned that i love, long bubble baths, with candles and a face mask on, and these are the face masks i love to put on, they smell amazing and make your skin feel so soft.

Saturday, November 17

my favourite dress

hi everyone,
today is a fashion post, i am really enjoying doing these, so i thought i would show you my favourite dress of all time.
It's not really a dress, maybe its called a dress top, but i usually pair it with leggings or thick tights, and wear some flats with it.

Thursday, November 15

Clynol keratin sleek competition

hey everyone,

so this post is for a competition i have entered for immediate pr, I entered it on the off chance, and i have got through to the next round.
They very kindly sent me some lovely products and i have to show my hair before and after to show the improvement it has done to my hair.

 (before clynol sleek range | after clynol sleek range)

Tuesday, November 13

Footglove by m and s

Hey everyone,
a couple of days ago I posted a picture on instragram about the shoes I am in love with (I'm under @MissPenelope90 if you would like to follow).

Sunday, November 11

my first mac eyeshadows and brush

hey everyone,
so if you can't guess from the title, this is all about my first ever mac eyeshadows and brush, i bought them at the end of last month, so i have had probably like 2-3 weeks to try them out.

Friday, November 9

graze box

hey everyone,
so awhile back i showed you what i got in my very first graze box i ordered online, i got an email through saying i could receive a free graze box if you signed up to their website, so i did, and i got one, if you would like a free one, look at my blog post on it, and enter the code and you can get one for yourself: free graze box.

anyway, so this one i brought and i forgot i ordered it tbh, i didn't want one every week like you can have, i put it back a couple of weeks and forgot it was this week, i thought it was next, but anyway, this is what i got inside.

Wednesday, November 7

lush goodies haul

hey everyone,
its that time of year again, when lush bring out their halloween and christmas products again! and you know what that means, lots of bloggers ooing and arrging over them.
Me including, i love lush, when i was in college i used to go there every week, i know a bit extreme, but they knew who i was :D haha.

so I went to lush anyway, i don't go as extreme that i did when i was younger, i only limit myself to a couple of items per visit, so this time i went for the lush fun bar in blue, and the santa sack

Sunday, November 4

ootd: bonfire night

hey everyone,
i feel like i haven't done an outfit post in ages, i love looking at them and i love seeing what people have brought and things, so i would love to do more of these,

you may know i'm not the skinniest of girls, and i do feel a bit self conscious taken pictures of myself, i don't mind my face just not the rest of my body, if you like them please let me know, because then i'll know that i can do more of them, and i hope that some of you would be able to wear these things as well :D
so let me know in the comments,

so i had an amazing time yesterday, i had my hair cut at a salon for like the first time ever, she curled it and everything for me, and then in the afternoon i went to a bonfire party (i guess thats what you call them) but i went to one that has loads and loads of rides, now im a wimp when it comes to big scary rides, i do not go on them, so i didn't but looking at them on it, it looked real fun so next year i think i will go on them :D get my brave socks on!

so this is the outfit i wore:
top: new look | jeggings: new look |

Saturday, November 3

mua cream blush in blossom

hey everyone,
today i am going to review the new product by mua, called cream blush in the colour blossom.
I brought this on my birthday, i saw it in superdrug and it was the last one left, it wasn't even in the right section it was were they lipglosses are and i was like "eeee" i need this, so i did :D,
they are only £2.

Thursday, November 1

joop thrill fragrance for women

hey everyone,
i thought i would share with you one of my loves this month, i forgot to add it to my october favourites, i dont know why, i love this perfume, it is called joop thrill for woman.

I got this as a present from the place i work, they said it was a thank you but i think its because they didn't want to throw all the perfume away, because all department stores throw away millions of products a year, which have not been used, there just either discontinued or they dont want to stock anymore, so it all gets categorized and thrown away, i know, its really sad =[

so i got 2 full sized perfumes and some extra little goodies, im so happy i got them, and feel so privileged  i have the best job in the world, and when it is permanent i will tell you all what it is, but for now, its only temporary so i dont want to jinx it, you understand right?