Friday, June 29

just a quick update

hey everyone,
sorry ive been gone.

Ive actually got some really good news, we are moving!!
we are handing in our months notice (well yesterday) and we have one month to find somewhere else to live, now i know what your thinking A MONTH!

lol but yes, we are moving to a little town :D. We live in the middle of no where at the moment, and it takes half an hour to drive to civilisation, so we are moving that half an hour closer, so next to a train station, shops, food and all that good stuff!

so i am franticaly trying to sort out and view as many houses or flats to rent in our price budget as i can, so this is why i havent had time to write any posts at the moment,
but i will.
If you want to follow me on instragram im under @MissPenelope90 because i still have time to take lots of pictures and you can see my goings on throughout the week.

when i have found the perfect place of course i will let you guys now, but for now here are some pictures off pinterest off the perfect house, that i will never get haha (there just pretty to look)

Wednesday, June 27

Mushroom mushroom :nail of the day

Hey everyone, so today im going to show you my cool mushroom inspired nails, i got inspired by the Mario mushroom.

i really like multi-coloured nails at the moment so i decided instead of doing it all red and white, i would change the colours :D 

so here is what i used:
models own black nail art pen
models own hed kandi in baelric blue
rimmel i love lasting finish in sunshine
orly in haute red
models own in snow white
mua love heart nail varnish in u rok
barry m mint green

(sorry for the black stuff on my polishes, i had a black nail varnish explode on me =[ )

Monday, June 25

selena gomez inspired make-up

hey everyone,
yesterday i filmed a video and ive uploaded it and i thought i would share it with you,
its inspired from the new video from Selena Gomez, i am abit obsessed with her.

so hope you enjoy, and sorry its abit long =/
here are the pictures of Selena Gomez i used:

Saturday, June 23

new blog hop

hey everyone,
so i thought this would be a quick post just to tell you about a new blog hop ive joined,
its called the beauty blog hop and its been made by a girl called mimika, blog hops are a great way to meet new people and get some extra subbies on the side :D

hope you sign up :D

Beauty Blog Hop

Friday, June 22

Beauty myths:

hi everyone,
 so today im going to tell you about some beauty myths, that you may have heard along the way somewhere and you don't know whether they are true or not, keep reading to find out if you were right about them?
(image from google)

Wednesday, June 20

Katy perry inspired summer nails

Hey everyone, today I'm going to basically copy Katy Perry's nails for the summer.
I've seen this picture if her nails float about over the web and they absolutely gorgeous,
Now I can't do all the flowers but the basic design of her nails is what I've done

Tuesday, June 19

how to: wash make-up brushes

hey everyone

how are you all, sorry i didn't post anything yesterday but i am going to show you how to wash your make-up brushes :D

this is how i spent my monday night, now i have an awful lot of brushes from when i've been doing make-up courses and things they just tend to say you can keep the brushes, so i do haha, so there not really a brand or a name but they work the same (their brushes)

so i am going to show you how I clean my brushes, im not saying its the right way or that you differently need to clean them like this, because there are like a million ways to clean them

Sunday, June 17

bloggers interview:

hey girls and guys :D
this weeks blogger interview is by the lovely jess, hope you enjoy it as much as i did

What's in my travel make-up bag?

Hey everyone,
So I've made another video for you guys :)
It's a what's in my travel make-up bag, I take this with me everywhere so like if I'm staying at a friends house or going away for the weekend or at my mom and dads,
These are the things I just take with me :)
Hope u enjoy and tell me what you think?
What are ur make up products you like to take with you?
Follow this link
what's in my travel makeup bag

Wednesday, June 13

nail of the week: panda nails

hey everyone,
some nail art for you all, tht is super duper easy to do, even i can do it :D
i started off with white nails then looked at google, and just typed "white nail art" and i saw some pandas, and i was omgawd panda's haha
hopefully they look like panda's 
have a look:

Tuesday, June 12

clinique chubby stick: curvy candy

hey everyone,
today im going to review the Clinique chubby stick in curvy candy for you,
something really nice happened to me, my bf was going into town and said "oh can i get you anything" and i jokingly said "oh how about a lipstick"
he knows how obsessed i am with them lol
and when he came home he was holding a house of Fraser gift bag in his hand :]

Monday, June 11

Basic make-up routine

hey everyone,
so today i thought i would share with you my basic make-up routine, basically what products i use on my face on a daily basis, either for work or when im just going out with friends,
nothing to dramatic

Sunday, June 10

blogger interview:

hey everyone,
todays blogger interview is by the lovely beth

My kind of heaven

Hey everyone,
i was gonna put up my current make-up routine but ive put it on schedule because i found the most amazing chocolatey cake thing in the world.

i am getting to grips with stumble-upon at the moment and i was looking through it and found this amazing recipe.
When i was on my way home i picked up all the ingredients and gave it ago,
now i am soooo sorry i don't know who made this first, it was on a foody blog, please tell if you did because i want to give you credit for this amazing thing, omgawd it is like dying and going to heaven (abit extreme i know but true)

Thursday, June 7

nail of the day: models own

hey everyone,
well i did it again, i thought it was wednesday today not yesterday, durrr.

so sorry =[, what im talking about today is models own.
Its from the hedkandi collection and is called balearic cool.

Tuesday, June 5

any make-up must haves?

hey everyone,
today is just a little post,
i really want to buy some good make-up when i get paid on friday, but i have no idea what to buy, i want some good quality make-up but not too expensive

can you give me any suggestions?
i would love to try the occ lip tars but have no idea where to buy them from

Monday, June 4

jubilee lip designs

hey everyone :D

you oki, im watching the jubilee right now, and its so cool :D, i loved stevie wonder, i love him so much hehe

anway so back to my point, for the jubilee many people have put union jacks on their lips and i thought i would give it ago, i thought it looked really hard and i want to be a make-up artist one day so i thought "well i need to try it", and i was surpised how easy it was.
I decided to try it after i saw it on hayley's blog (which i cant find atm but here is her website here!).

i finished it, took pictures and i was like wow thats easy, what else can i do, i did 4 in the end!

Sunday, June 3

mua: 3 products for £2

hey everyone,
ive got so many blog posts in mind its ridiculous,
anyway, these products i brought yesterday at superdrug with my friend, the post is here.

they have a 3 for 2 on atm aswell, so i brought 3 products from mua each at £1, and i got them for £2, good or what?

Saturday, June 2

outfit of the day: primark

hey everyone.

i talked about this skirt alot in the post i did, saturday shopping spree.

and im in absolute love with it, sooo much. Some people may not like this colour because its not a true yellow, its more like a mustard colour.
It was £10 from primark, and they do have it in different colours, like blue and grey, and the belt that it comes with actually fits me, i think that's a first for a belt that comes with an item of clothing, the don't tend to change the size of the belt with the size of the item, they just stick to the small one and like "yeahh that'll fit a size 16 aswell"

Saturday shopping spree

hey everyone,
another little haul for you,

i went shopping with a really good friend who i last contact with for a year, but when we got together it was like we were ever away from each other, so we went to merry hill and brought a couple of things, we always go abit mad with our shopping, even though we had no money :D

Friday, June 1

blog of the month: ive been nominated

hey everyone,
this is just a quick just to say that:


lol yes, little old me with my little old blog have been nominated for blog of the month for keep me inspired. It is an amazing blog that has loads to do with beauty and it also is a shop, where you can find haircare, skincare, even men's and some brands are even organic too.

My blog post i was nominated for is my busy bee candle post, which you can read by clicking on that link, and if you would like to vote for me, i hope you will, please :D then you can visit here, click the button on my sidebar or click the link below.

the voting ends on the 25th of june, and it would absolutly mean the world to me if you guys exactually liked what i wrote and voted,

see you soon xxx

Keep Me Inspired Blog of the Month, vote for me!