Tuesday, December 27

lush christmas!

hey everyone,

So i thought i would show you the things i picked up from lush,
its not alot but i love lush so much, if im not limited to a couple of things i will go crazy,
so my boyfriend had to say im only allowed to buy a couple of bath bombs, but i brought 5 lol, and some shower gel.

told you i get carried away.

anyway here is what i got:
this one is "blue skies and fluffy white clouds", it is a bubble bar, ive already used half out if though, it makes the most amazing bubbles and has frankincense and patchouli scents.

"its raining men", a shower gel that you can also use on your hair, but i dont, it is "honey i washed the kids" soap bar in a gel form, beautiful.

"superstar", this is a bubble bar and is strawberry scented, yumm

"abombinaball", this is a bath bomb, it has pepermint, vanillla and orange scents, he is so cute.

"the melting snowman" has orange and vanilla, gives him a maripan fragrance, smells just like snowcake soap.

"candy mountain", exactually like the creamy candy bar, but in a mountain shape instead of the candy cane shape.

hope you all had a lovely christmas, ill be doing some more posts when im not so busy, i have a few days off.
see you guys soon

Monday, December 26

my blog award :D

i got nominated for a blog award by the lovely charlotte, her blog is http://charlottecase92.blogspot.com/2011/12/1st-blog-award.html, check it out, shes really good.

here are the rules for the blog award:

There are 3 rules for this:

1. Thank the person that nominated you and give them a shoutout on your blog with a link to theirs.

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3. Send on the award to 15 other bloggers who you love and appreciate and let them know they won the award.

7 random facts about myself:

1. i love christmas so much its scary, im like a little kid i get so excited i cant sleep, and im 21
2. i know all the words to the first harry potter film, because i love it so much
3. i read terry prachett books
4. i love making cupcakes, i make them every monday so i can perfect the recipe
5. i live with my boyfriend in a one bed flat
6. i work as a hairdresser and a beauty therapist in a little little village
7. im obsessed with nail varnishes.

my 15 favioute blogs:

peonies and lilies
she speaks of beauty
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devotee by millie
dolce vanity
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lauren loves blog
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hope you guys do this, thankyou all for following me, see you guys soon x

Friday, December 23

tag: music shuffle game

found this as i was reading a blog the other day, its called the music shuffle game,
basically what you do is you put your phone,ipod,whatever on shuffle and put the first song that comes up as the answer then press next for the next question and so on.
get it??
so here are my answers:

How would you describe yourself? the blower's daughter- damien rice  

How do you feel today? poker face- (glee version)

What is your life’s purpose? i feel pretty/unpretty- (glee version)

What is your motto? the way i loved you- selena gomez

What do your friends think of you? don't go- wretch 32 (feat josh kumra)

What do you think of your parents? bella notte- (glee version)

What do you think about very often? show a little faith- charlotte church

What is 2 + 2? all time low- will young

What do you think of your best friend? camisado

- panic! at the disco

What is your life story? please,please,please, let me go- slow moving millie

What do you want to be when you grow up? take a chance on me- JLS

What do you think of when you see the person you like? how- maroon 5

What will you dance to at your wedding? good feeling- flo rida

What will they play at your funeral? i got u- selena gomez

What is your hobby/interest? iris- the goo goo dolls

What is your biggest fear? many of horrors (live)- biffy clyro

What is your biggest secret? friday's child- will young

What do you think of your friends? we found love- rihanna (feat calvin harris)

quite fun isnt it, post me your shuffle game, you'll enjoy it :D
see you soon

Monday, December 19

electric disco 17 cosmetics

hey everyone,
i cant believe it is less then a week from Christmas I'm soooo excited!!
i wanna open my pressies now but i cant =[

anyway, i went into boots today and saw that 17 cosmetics had a Christmas offer.

when you buy 2 17 cosmetics you get a free gift bag with is called "electric disco 17" which has 3 nail varnishes and a nail file in it.

now, I'm absolutely obsessed with nail varnish so i just had to have it :D, even if i had to buy 2 items that i didn't really need, but actually i found 2 things that will be very useful for me, and ive never tried 17 so i thought i would give it ago.

these were the 2 i brought separately, i brought a blusher and a metallic cream eyeshadow, the blusher is called plum puff and the eyeshadow is wild silver.
with flash
wild silver, plum puff

 without flash
 wild silver, plum puff

the blusher has abit of fallout with it but is a really nice colour and the eyeshadow is very pigmented and is nice and creamy, so good by itself or will be nice underneath as a base.
then this is the free bag you get, its cute :],its got a sparkle to it as well that's not very bright on the picture.

so you have (left to right) a glittery top coat, red nail varnish called risky red, and a black/blue nail varnish called nightshade, and the nail file.
the nail varnish is abit runny for my liking, but has a good sized brush and is true to the colour on the bottle,the glitter has a great amount of glitter and you only need one coat of it, where as some glitter nail varnishes you have to put several coats on or even dab the glitter onto the nail, well this is just one stoke with a good amount of glitter, thumbs up from me.

i have on my hand at the moment nightshade with the glitter top coat.
dont know wether you can fully appreciate the glitter but it is beautiful

hope you guys like,
merry christmas

Friday, December 16

new video: how i made a gingerbread house

hey everyone,
i know it has nothing to do with beauty but its what i love doing on a monday when i dont have work, cooking :D

hope you guys like it, tell me what you think

merry christmas x

Thursday, December 15

Nail of the day

Hey everyone,
Thought I would share with you the nail varnish I have at the moment,
I have o.p.i topical punch with rimmel disco ball, which was on offer at £1.99, bargain :)

Talk to you soon

Wednesday, December 14

christmas on a budget? (for him and her)

hey everyone,
i thought i would share with you some of the things i have brought for christmas and give you a idea for the speacial someone you are buying for.

budget of £10 or under
things you could buy for her or him

for her:

lush: have a sweet christmas: has angel delight soap bar in a star shape, and candy mountain bubble bar. £5.95

russian doll measuring cups: cool if you know someone who does alot of cooking, £9.95

hotel chocolat frosty the snowman: because every girl loves chocolate. £7.50

mac: glitter and ice nail laquer: they have a couple of different colours, and these are from the holiday collection too: £10

for him:
portable iphone charger: lets be honest girls will wont them too: £9.95

frost beer mug: why not? £4.99

wheelie bin desk tidy: £5.99

trevor sorbie proffesional mg wash and style washbag: £10

£10 pound and over
for her:

mac: dazzlesphere! coral ornament: very pretty £25.50

front cover airbrush lipstick collection: containers 20 different lipsticks, 1 nude lip liner and a retractable lip brush.


benefit im glam therefore i am gift set: girl meets pearl deluxe mini liquid pearl for face,glamming face powder with powder brush ,ultra shines lip shine in life on the A list (bubble gum pink),a little bit BADgal lash mascara,eyeshadow palette,double-ended sponge applicator

Umbra Minimax vintage photo frame: £16
for him:
carboard speakers: These speakers can be used to listen to music from any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack plug-in, can also be drawn on as they are made from cardboard, you can also buy a cardboard radio, cool
mighty wallet, air mail: £14.99
gilbert rugby juggling balls,pack of 3: £10
boss bottle shower gel: £18
ted baker: laptop cover £30
hope this helps, the websites i used were john lewis, boots, mac and iwantoneofthose.com
have a look for yourself
only 1 week till christmas (nearly)
merry christmas!!

Monday, December 12

tag: festive christmas

hey everyone,
so we are only 2 weeks from Christmas now, I'm so excited!! and i found this tag on someones blog so i thought i would tag myself and try it :D

Favourite Christmas Movie?

my favourite film is the Grinch!!!!, i absolutely love it, i watch it every year about 10 times before Christmas, and always on Christmas eve.

Are you on the Naughtyy list or the Nice list?
always the nice list...why wouldn't i be :]

Have you ever had a White Christmas?
if i have i don't remember, i live in England so we don't have like any, i think we has one when i was about 2, and we nearly had one last year (well it was white but that was just from frost aha) i was we had though

where do you normally spend the holidays?
at my mom and dads house, i always go there for christmas eve and stay for the 3 days, i love it there.
What's your favourite Christmas song?
My favioute christmas song is either wham- last christmas because that always gets stuck in my head oorrrr santa clause is coming to town, and i love micheal bubles version of this, he has an amazing voice.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
yes we do, it started when my nan was little, her family would sit around the tree after dinner and all open one present, then my mom did it when she was little, and now i do it, its a family tradition that i will continue if i ever have kids.
Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?
a few....blitzen, comet, rudolph, dasher, dancer, prancer...how many are there :/

What Christmas tradition are you looking forward to most this year?
me and mom always put up the christmas tree together, listening to christmas songs,opening the one present on christmas eve, making rum truffles with mom, and decorating the table on christmas day, cant wait!!!

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
fake, the first year ive put up a christmas tree with my boyrfriend, because ive moved out, but mom and dads is fake aswell.
What's your all-time favourite Christmas sweet treat?
dad always gets us a big toblerone on christmas day to open, and we have ferrero rochers aswell, so yum!

Do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?
i love giving presents, i cant wait to give my mom her present, and ive made a huge sack of presents for my best friend whos expecting a child just after christmas, i cant wait to see her face :]

What would be your dream place to visit for the Christmas season?
nowhere really, i love being at home with my family, and seeing my friends for new year, i wouldnt change it, other then make it a white christmas

Does your family have a special Christmas recipe you like to help make?
yeah me and mom make rum truffles every year and its so much fun!

Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?
oh i fail miserable, they get worse as i go along awell, they might aswell be a ball of selotape, haha, at least it takes people a while to get into them

Most memorable Christmas moment?
when i was little, getting up on christmas day really early, jumping on my sister to wake her up and then use jumping on my brother to wake him up, he has a teenager then so he would always go back to sleep and come down like an hour later after us shouting at him, and him coming down in a sleeping bag lol. i would sit by the fire next to the tree and sit opening all my presents then spend hours playing with them till lunch was ready, i miss it sometimes!

What made you realise the truth about Father Christmas?
when i woke up one night to see mom putting my stocking at the end of the bed, luckerly she didnt dress up or that would have been embassing, lol i had an ickling anyway so it was ok.

Do you make New Years Resolutions? Do you stick to them?
i used to make them but never stuck to them, so i dont make them anymore, i just make a wish instead :]

What makes Christmas special for you?
being with my family, seeing my dads family on boxing day and just eating and drinking and being merry, "its the most wonderful time of the year", and its very true!

now tag your it!, i tag everyone who reads this, give it ago and put the link in my comments so i can read them.
merry christmas!

Thursday, December 1

November obsessions

Hey guys,
So it's the first of December, anyone open there advent calendar yet? :)

Here are my ten top November obsessions for you all:

1. Lush: love this shop so so much arghhhh I have to go in everytime I'm out shopping
2. Kevin murphy colour bug: beautiful product and is amazing for a flash of colour now and again
3. Lee Stafford treatment: I posted about this product, my hair feels so nice when I've put it on
4. Mac pro long wear products: I will always love mac and there products but I think I like the pro long stuff the best such good coverage and very light
5. Joico k pak shampoo and conditioner: lovely products I used to use these before, and stopped for some strange reason but now I'm crazy about it, smells like bannanas yum!
6. Chai tea latte: omgawd if you haven't tried this you need to so do good
7. Cupcakes: not very beauty related but I love to bake them, and decorate them I'm kind of obsessed I'll make a batch a week :)
8. O.P.I: I am obsessed and I mean obsessed I love the new muppet collection aswell, glitter ooooooo I have nearly all the colours :)
9. Blonde hair: I love blonde hair, I wish I had mine back but it was ruining my hair to much, sigh.
10. Got 2 b guardian angel: it is a heat protector and is amazing, it works up to 220 degree heat and adds loads and loads of shine, you can see it as you put it on, wet or dry, lovely packaging too.

Have you got any obsessions lately?