Tuesday, February 4

wreck it journal review

hi everyone,

so I thought i would do a review on the wonderful wreck it journal. I got this just after christmas because one of my friends got it and it looked amazing, so i thought i would go with the trend and get one too, haha.

Let me warn you this is not for the perfectionists!!! this is not for the people who treasure books and can't bring themselves to destroy one.

my wreck it journal

Sunday, February 2

my top 5 apps on the iphone

hi everyone,

i thought i would share my top 5 apps i use on iphone. These are the used apps on my iphone, which i love, it ranges from how i edit my pictures, to really random ones.

so to start off my most used app is:

1. Instagram!

Thursday, January 30

10 facts about me

hi everyone,

so today i thought i would make this post a little more personal, and tell you 10 facts about me that you may not know. I love reading about facts on different bloggers and finding out abit more about them, so hopefully you do too, and hopefully like me abit more haha.
I also did a 20 random facts about me in february last year so, have a little read through that too, so here we go.

Tuesday, January 28

empties for january

hey everyone,
and hello to my new followers, ive gained a couple over the past couple of days, so hello and i hope you love my blog as much as i do :D


here are my empties for January, i know its not quite the end yet, but I've used up a couple of things, and i have no space to keep them anymore, and my boyfriend, Luke, will think im crazy if i start hoarding empty beauty and hair things aswell as hoarding normal ones. My last empties post was quite awhile ago.

all my empty products ive used up in january

Sunday, January 26

Most popular posts of 2013

hi everyone,

so i thought i would share with you my most popular posts of 2013. I really enjoyed writing some of these posts, and to know that you liked them aswell is really comforting.

so my most popular post was:

Friday, January 24

clinique made of steel nail polish review

hi everyone,

so today is a review of clinique's made of steel nail polish. in the summer clinique released a new range of nail varnishes, some limited addition, some permanent. the made of steel is in the permanent range.

clinique nail polish range

Wednesday, January 22

updated mac lipstick collection

hi everyone,

so today i thought i would show you my updated mac lipstick collection, ive only had a few extra lipsticks but the post was so so long ago that i would re-show what i have.

most of these are cult favorites but i really really love these colours and you will see a running theme.

Sunday, January 19

The casual vacancy

hi everyone,

yes that is the title book from The casual vacancy by J.K Rowling. I couldn't think of any other title and this kind of fit, and i know how fashion bloggers like to call their posts after song titles and things, hehe.

Anyway back to the point, today's post is all about my casual clothes, usually it just involves a tshirts  and a pair of jeans for me.

Thursday, January 16

how many red lipsticks do you really need?

hi everyone,

how many red lipsticks do you really need? for me alot, i dont know why, i don't know why i have so many but a girl can never have too many red lipsticks.

Tuesday, January 14

memory box idea

hi everyone,

so today is quite a short post but i saw this idea on facebook and i thought it was such a lovely and amazing idea, which i am actually doing myself.

Sunday, January 12

clinique even better eyes

hi everyone,

so today im going to review the Clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector.It's a type of serum eye cream that you can put all over your eyes morning and night, and it helps with dark circles.

clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector review

Friday, January 10

review of 2014

hi everyone,

so now thats the new year is officially in full swing, and its already the 10th of january (what???!!!)

I thought i would basically do a roundup of my whole year and tell you the things i've learnt about my self and life in general along the way.

i haven't seen anyone do a post like this yet so tell me if you find this interesting?

So, because i have a memory like a sieve i cannot remember all the things that have happened to me throughout the year, so nothing is going to be in a partially order.

i have learnt:

(my first ever pancake i tried from +Tone It Up 24/04/13)

Tuesday, January 7

new year, new dress

hi everyone,
sorry ive been gone for so long, its been christmas and new year and with me working all the way through it i had no time to post any blog posts.

so hello 2014, its a new year, which means a new dress. Well any excuse for a new dress really.

this dress i bought from Missguided, its called an dayla oversized swing dress. I love the colour, i picked coral but theres about 5 different colours you can pick from, and i even had to go a size down in this, so im well chuffed.

i wore this on boxing day to go see my family who live down south, it was so comfy to wear and you can literally pair it with anything to dress it up or down.
a coral oversized swing dress from missguided