Tuesday, February 4

wreck it journal review

hi everyone,

so I thought i would do a review on the wonderful wreck it journal. I got this just after christmas because one of my friends got it and it looked amazing, so i thought i would go with the trend and get one too, haha.

Let me warn you this is not for the perfectionists!!! this is not for the people who treasure books and can't bring themselves to destroy one.

my wreck it journal

It's for people who like abit of destruction, who want to bring out there creative side and really want a project to get away from normal life, that being said, it is for everyone!

I absolutely love this thing, it is amazing, you basically have this book, open it up, read the instruction, and just get going. You can start absolutely anywhere, you don't have to start on the first page, you can do anything in this book, its basically yours to do with what you will. There are instructions, but by no means do you have to follow them, it is open to interpretation.
For example: the first page i did was "Add your own page numbers" i did it with a black ball point pen, and just added random numbers to different pages, until i got to 100 i think, well however many pages there are, but i didn't go 1,2,3,4 i did 76,27,4,21.

add your own page numbers wreck it journal

So it is sooo much fun, i haven't completed the whole book, why would you want to so quick? i am going to take my time with it, and creative a masterpiece, hopefully!?
You dont have to be the best artist or the most creative, just do what inspires you, do what the hell you want, because isn't that what lifes about?

My favourite page by far is the "Write one word over and over again" I did sherlock and watson from the bbc program, i hope you can tell its them. But when i was away with my boyfriend luke in bristol, i was sitting on the bed with my book and my pencil case full of things, and just though "i knowww" and thats what i did, i found the silhouettes on google and then just drew them free style and put the one word over and over again inside and out. I absolutely love it.

write one word over and over again, wreck it journal with sherlock and watson

You can copy other ideas if you want, there is lots of inspiration on google if you get stuck, sites dedicated to the wreck it journal, but obviously it is nice if you can think of your own.
I love that im taking my time with it aswell, because each page is reminded me of a memory when i did the page, so like the "write one word over and over" and the "add page numbers" i remember i made my sofa into a bed, like a sofa bed ha, and took my pillows and blanket, rolled up into them, sat there and added page numbers while watching iron man 3 on sky, for the first time.
Random memories but still, you will always remember them.

so have you ever tried the wreck it journal? will you?



  1. I have the original one, wish I had this copy with the extra pages!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Really nice idea, will definitely put it on my xmas list!


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