Saturday, April 27


hi everyone,

so this my post about my empties for a couple of months, to be honest its probably 3. I don't use up an awful lot of products, when i do i'm very sad about it haha.

so this is what i have used up this time:

Thursday, April 25

How much sleep is needed and why? Calvin Klein Sleepwear

Sleep is something we often take for granted. Most people go to bed at night and drift into a lovely peaceful
sleep, the next morning they wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Often people don't know the importance of sleep and the benefits of good sleep are.
It is usually not until you have had a restless few nights that you start to realise how important a good night’s sleep really is, when we are tired we do not perform or function at our best, we drop things, we forget what we are doing, we get overly emotional, this is our body saying, I need to sleep.

Sunday, April 21

boujoius healthy mix concealer

Hi everyone, so sometimes i get an obsession with a particular product that i need to get lots of and find the perfect one, at the moment its concealers. I need one that is going to stay on all day, cover the darkness, and not highlight the dryness underneath my eyes.

I know its alot to ask!

So in comes the Bourjois healthy mix concealer in light.

Sunday, April 14

mac lipsticks

Hi everyone,

Sorry ive been away for nearly a week, i have no idea where this week has gone, i was training for 3 days as well, so my head has been in loads of books and studying.

I have bathed, and put a hair mask on, and treated my skin, and now I’m all relaxed and sat down ready to do my blog posts :D

Monday, April 8

maybelline colorsensational lipsticks

Hi everyone,

 I’m going to review the Maybelline coloursensational lipstick today, 2 of them. They brought out some new colours in their coloursensational range in January ready for spring/summer time. And man are they bright!

Saturday, April 6

Bourjois 1 second nail varnish remover

Hello everyone :D
So i have finally lost my Bourjois virginity and for the first time tried the famous 1 second nail varnish remover!

Thursday, April 4

My new dressing table

Hi everyone,

So today is a little bit different, I'm going to show you my brand new dressing table and where i blog.
I'm so excited about this post because i have absolutely fallen in love with this piece of furniture and just want to spend every moment here. When you feel like that, it’s very easy to blog and do youtube videos if you're in an environment you love!
So, me and the bf went to IKEA on Friday and we just went for a wonder, i did want a dressing table but if we couldn't find one that was fine.

I was thinking of a long table with a big circular mirror in the middle, you know like an old fashioned type thing. But then i saw this, it is actually an office desk, but the main reason i wanted it was because of the back.