Saturday, January 26

Refreshing your ombré

Hi everyone,
Some people think this style has gone out of date or don't like, but I love my ombré hair and I think I am going to keep it for a long time, or at least ombré style, maybe with different colors, but anyway;
I want to show you how I re-do my ombré hair, I think this way is alot more natural and you actually see it blended in alot more then a block of blonde and a block of brown.
Now ombré means that you have dark roots and then it gradually goes lighter towards the ends, like your hairs been in the sun to long, rather then a dip dye, which means you have dark roots until the end which it suddenly changes to blonde/light without the graduation. I have had so many comments on this hair style, how amazing it is, and that it looks professionally done, and when i tell them i did it at home they are actually really shocked :D, which is nice, so this is how i do my ombre.

Tuesday, January 15

Smashbox photo finish, targetes pore & line primer

Hi everyone,

So I've had this for a few days and thought I would review it for you all, it's basically a smashbox primer.
It targets lines, wrinkles,hides pores, controls shine and mattify the skin, basically everything you want it to do in one big quick fix tube.

Sunday, January 13

clynol wonder 10 leave in treatment

hi everyone,
so today i wanted to share with you an amazing product i received to review.
Its called clynol wonder 10 leave in treatment*. It is a hair treatment that you spray through your hair after you have shampoo'ed and conditioned your hair.

Friday, January 11

Quick little savings post

Hi everyone,
Ok everyone loves a good bargain don't they, and I had a good response from my last savings post that I would show/tell you about some more.

Wednesday, January 9

lancome hypnose doll eyes mascara review

hi everyone,

so today i am going to review the lancome hypnose doll eyes mascara i got in the boxing day sale, well i few days after boxing day because, really who wants to go shopping on boxing day =/

so the mascara by itself is usually £21, that's expensive for a mascara if i do say so myself, i don't think i would pay that much for it when i run out, but i got this cute little set for £13.33 which is a bargain!

Sunday, January 6

little savings along the way

hi everyone,
today's post, I am going to show you some little things that are on offer at the moment, January is great because you find little savings on the every day things you need,
so everything I got was from boots, hopefully the offers are still on.

Friday, January 4

Christmas presents and January sales

hi everyone,

now I know some people hate these types if posts, because they think it's bragging or wherever, but I actually love seeing what people have got for Christmas. so if you don't want to see this then please wait till my next post,

so I have only picked out some of my Christmas presents, because it's silly putting them all on here and some of them are just not as interesting.

Wednesday, January 2

The 12 best of 2012

hi everyone,
and a happy New year to you all. I hope you all had an amazing New year's. Hasn't the year gone so quickly!!!!! well I think it's gone quickly and then I think of how much has gone on in my year and it is amazing how much I have achieved. I have moved 3 Times, changed jobs 3 Times and even got my bunny rabbit Harry. I have gone through a family loss, gained lots of lovely friends, my relationship has improved loads with my boyfriend and my best friend gave birth to an amazing little girl, how amazing my year has been.
and I gained so many lovely followers, you guys, you are all amazing and I couldn't ask for much more.

so anyway back to the blog post and not all the mushy stuff. I've seen a couple of bloggers do this and this is such I good idea I thought I would do it too. some of these things were New in 2012, some are old brands/products but I discovered them in 2012 and I fell in love with them.

my top 12 of 2012: