Thursday, August 12

In's and out's of this week :)

Oki so I was reading lollipop26 blog and she got me thinking, what are my in's and out's?

So her is the list I have come up with :)


CUP OF TEA: oki so I am now officially addicted, I go through phases of liking tea, coffee then hot chocolate then liking nothing at all, I'm on my tea fix next week it'll be coffee lol

WATER: I am drinking like 4 litres of water at work, yes u do pee a lot but when u do it gets rid of fat and water build up in muscles :) woop go water!

DAILYBOOTH: it's like twitter but you post pictures instead of writing, there is an app for the iPhone too so it's super easy to post everyday my link is

MY JOB: I love it, I've been there for neatly 3 months and I get to do my favourite job, nails and hair and get to use amazing products, woop go me!!


MY COMPUTER: seriously!!! It has broken, it works but is so slow I might aswell watch paint dry, it'll be quicker, grrr going to ask Santa for a new one at Christmas :/

MY HAIR: still isn't going, it's stopped again grr! Oh well I'll have to keep wishing

SUMMER: if your not in England you are probably having a great time with weather and stuff but here in England, well it's crap! It's not sunny but it's not even raining, I wouldn't mind if it poured it down but it doesn't it's just cold and dark sigh!

LIE-IN'S: I don't get any anymore, bad bit about having a job lol, I do have 2 days a week off, so that's better then nothing :)

That's all I can think of so far :)
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Bye bye lovelies x

Saturday, August 7

Finally got goodies!

Hi everyone, I have finally brought some goodies, I am saving for some hairdressing scissors so haven't been able to buy much, so this week finally I brought some things.

I brought these from my salon so I get 25% off but I will tell u the normal price.

All the products are made by Kevin murphy.

About Kevin murphy:
He is an Australian man that decide that all hair products have got to many plastics, silicone and that they don't wash out of hair easily, so he made his own brand that has no plastics or water soluble ingredients and that all the ingredients have essential oils or plant extracts in them so it doesn't irritate the skin.

The products I brought:

Heated defence: £14.49
contains wheat protein and Kevin murphy x-go complex for body and shine, used on wet or dry hair to protect from heat.

The.ultra.pack: £12.50
This has 2 products in one and is cheaper then buying 2 separate, has a shampoo and aasque which can be used as a conditioner aswell, I will make a separate post on it :)

Born.again wash: has ylang ylang and tangeriene essential oils in to moisture deep into tortured or chemically treated hair, apply when hair us wet and rinse out

Born.again.masque: has olive leaf, Shea butter, omega 3 and 6 to help chemically damaged hair apply and leave for 10 minutes

Then I brought this for my sister for her birthday, this is a completely different company called mop :)

It can be used on straight or curly, dyed or naturally hair, to make hair straighter for when blowdrying or using straightening irons, there's two types, one for curly hair too.

In it it's got:

A head towel

Mop c-system, c-straight shampoo:
A mild shampoo with antioxidants and citrus extracts to help sleek, manageable hair

Mop c-system, c-straight conditioner:
Moisture rich conditioner with antioxidants and citrus extracts to help smooth texture and preserve colour and promote healthy locks

Mop c-system, c-straight straightening cream:
Is citrus infused for antioxidant support with a uv shield, smoothed curly or wavy hair while adding shine, anti-humectant to control frizz without weighing hair down. Can be used on wet or dry hair.

I will do another review/post on my ultra pack when I use it, hope u all have a nice weekend

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Thursday, August 5

Ootd and make-up

Hi everyone, work again so quite boring outfit
But I want to show u that I can now fit into size 14 jeans/shorts :) I still have alot of weight to loose but I'm getting there slowly :)

Da dah (is that how u spell it)

And make-up:

Quite simple used:
It stick by benefit
Foundation in illusion by urban decay
Coralista by benefit
Skin finish natural by mac

Beauty uk eyeshadow
Rimmel London coal eye pencil in black
Maybelliene eyeshadow in black
Mascara by urban decay

I will be tweeting all day

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See u lovelies soon

Monday, August 2

Hair growth from a bottle??

Oki so in my post before I said I didn't know wether to buy some hair supplements,
So I did anyway :)
I had an argument with my boyfriend, he said I shouldn't waste money on tablets that don't work
So in the end we agreed to a bet
If after the tablets I brought my hair grows longer then he will by me a pretty present I want
And if they don't I will stop buying them,
Sounds good!!

So, I brought hair tablets from holland and barretts, because they were the cheapest

You get 60 tablets for £6.99, and you have to take 1 a day with a meal, so that's 2 months!

This is what they are:

So my hair looks like this: (I have died my hair from blonde to red and I have no make-up)

(insert bad photo with no make-up)

So my hair is always this length, even if I get it cut it'll grow to this length then stay like this till I get it cut again
So in 1 month I will give an update and picture :)

See you soon lovelies!