Sunday, June 30

motivational sunday

hi everyone,

so this post today is going to be a motivational post, i did do one a while back, and it's spouse to be on a monday, so it rhymes, but i thought i would do one today as a little pick me up throughout the week.

i have done a blog post on my journey through my lifestyle plan called tone it up, where i have showed you pictures and really opened up about can find it here if you haven't seen it.

The one thing that i forgot to mention, which i would love to mention now is that before i started this, I was suffering with severe migraines, nearly every day, it was crippling, most nights i would have to sit in bed with all the lights of, curtains closed, and just fall asleep, it wasn't nice.It was probably one of the hardest times in my life,i had no energy, i was always tierd, i couldnt concentrate on anything and my eye focas always zoomed in and out so it was hard to stay standing (abit like when your drunk, but no alcohol involved) I also (this is gonna sound weird) had an eye twitch. You know when of those ones where you can feel your face twitch but no one can see it. I was getting that too, in my right eye. I even went to the doctor about both things and he said it was because i was tired. Tired? i slept for like 15 hours a night. i even had to take tablets for my

Friday, June 28

got2b beach matt review

hi everyone,

so some of you may have heard alot of things about the schwarzkopf got2b beach matte spray already, but i love it so much i wanted to do a review on it.

This is brand new out by schwarzkopf, it is basically a salt spray. You can spray it on to wet or dry hair and it makes those natural beach babe waves, like you've spent hours at the seaside and just came back with awsome hair.

On the bottle it says "mermaid look, texturizing salt spray - beachy waves - texturize - body - tousle"
a picture of the new schwarzkopf got2b beach matt

Wednesday, June 26

Jo malone cologne grapefruit

hi everyone,

so today i thought i would share with you a fragrance i picked up the other day, its by Jo malone and its called grapefruit.
a picture of the jo malone cologne in grapefuit

Ive always wanted a Jo malone fragrance ever since i started blogging, so i thought i would take the plunge and do it.
The bottles are just so pretty and fresh looking, they look great in your fragrance collection.

Monday, June 24

guest post: My Dream Summer Outfit

hi everyone,

today is a guest post from the lovely Sherin from all about her dream summer outfit. I hope you enjoy!

They say summer is coming, but I'm not sure if I believe it anymore. Staring out the window, while wearing a hoodie and jeans, is making me long for the days when I can wear a cute t-shirt, with shorts and just go. I always find summer outfits so much easier to just put on. They're so low maintenance with no need for multiple layers or struggling to tuck jeans into boots; you just out on some light pieces and are good to go.
Although, this is by no means stopping me from imagining and mentally putting together a cute outfit for the next warm day we have. This means as soon as the sun comes out, I know exactly what I'm wearing, wasting no time deciding, so I can spend as much time as possible out enjoying it – who knows when it'll be back.
I like to keep my summer outfits nice and comfortable, so that there’s no faffing about and I can be as comfortable as possible. I do love wearing oversized t-shirts when it’s warm and, while I have no boyfriend to steal them from, I invest in super cute men’s t-shirts. There’s such a wide variety online and paired with a pair of denim shorts and sandals, it’s a perfect summer outfit.
what items of clothing i would love for my dream summer outfit, all from superdry or mel

Saturday, June 22

next blogger challenge: what's in your travel bag?

hi everyone,

so next have set a blogging challenge of what you would take with you on your travels this summer. you can read about it here.

Now this summer unfortunately i don't think i'll be jetting off anywhere nice, but i am planning on going to a few seaside towns and relax on the beach, if the sun does come back!.
I live nowhere near the sea, im actually in one of the furthest towns you can get inland.

so when i want to go to the seaside it is a trek, and i want to make the most of it. This is what i am planning on taking.

Wednesday, June 19

my tone it up jorney

hi everyone,

*warning pictures and measurements of a fat person trying to become healthier and skinner*
so as some of you may know i have started a new lifestyle regime. One of the main things i have to point out is, its not a diet. It's not a quick fix. Its designed to make you healthier, stronger, fitter and live longer.

so I have started a plan called Tone It Up or TIU for short. It is all about eating everything as fresh and natural as possible. No processed anything. no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and everything lean, clean and green.

so that means no fried foods, no deep fried foods, nothing with sweetener and nothing with all the ingredients that you can't read and don't know what they mean. No sweets or chocolate, pizza's,chips, instead have sugar instead of sweetener, lean meat instead of red or fatty meat. lots of fruit and veg.

this might sound abit extreme to people, but it makes sense if you think about it, your body is so complex and a perfect design that even scientist can't understand, so why would you fill it with processed things that your body just can't break down and can't digest. You will feel sluggish, bloated, unhealthy and just horrible inside.

Tuesday, June 18

how to: start a blog lovin account

hi everyone,

so today i am going to show you how you can get your own blog lovin' account if you don't have one already, and how to follow me on there.

As most of you will know, google friend connect is closing down, as of july 1st i believe (please correct me if im wrong) and the best may to follow your favourite blogs is through bloglovin'

seen as hellocotton closed down aswell, soon people aren't going to be able to follow blogs at all. anyway.
so to start of with you need to go to and click on the button that says "join bloglovin"

then itll take you to a page that says "sign up with facebook" or "sign up with email". i prefer the sign up email way but if you have a facebook account and don't mind bloglovin connecting to that then its quicker, you can just click onto it and it'll ask for your permission on facebook and then your done its all set up and you can skip to the import blog bit, if not follow this:

Sunday, June 16

my favourites of all time

hi everyone,

so i thought i would show you things that i love, i was going to do this in separate blog posts but i think it will be alot easier and nicer to read if i put it all in one post.
so im going to do it for different categories aswell. Some of these are my favorites because i have ran out of them before and tried something else but come back to them because they are just that good.


Friday, June 14

how to apply different foundation

hi everyone,

so today i thought i would show you how to apply different types of foundations. If you know how to apply foundation and are quite happy with how you do it, you don't really need to read this.

This is for people that are really not sure how to apply something other than liquid foundation or are just interested in this :D

so the first one im going to show you is liquid and cream, there are lots of different ways to apply it, but this is the way i prefer and get the best results from.

i use a foundation brush, you can use your fingers (but not great for my skin because fingers have oil on them, and on oily skin this is not good!) or sponge (i find that i use too much with a sponge and it also soaks up all my foundation).

Wednesday, June 12

L'Oreal colour riche go neon nail polish.

hi everyone,

Today im going to show you some new colours by L'Oreal paris. I got sent 4 neon pop(*) colours from their neon collection.

This summer its all about neon colours, especially yellow. So L'Oreal are right on the money. "Summer 2013 is all about NEON. Fusing Tropicana brights and an arty colour block palette, the L'Oreal Paris NEON POP! Collection offers chic neon colours with juicy cocktail hues. Go NEON POP! On both fingertips and toes alike"

Tuesday, June 11

My favourite red lip

Hi everyone :)

So I know I've been gone for ages, it gotta be like 3 weeks now, arghhhh. But I have a very good reason. Sort of!! 

I have joined something called tone it up, which I did explain in my last post which is here motivational monday If you haven't seen it.

Anyway it's been hard to fit anything in, but now I have found out what I'm doing I can now come back to my blog, when the bikini series ends, in like 10 days I'm going to do a progress post and finally explain it in detail, I think I feel confident enough now to show my body to the world lol.

Anyway back to the actually post, 
I wanted to show you how I do my red lips and how I get it to stay on for hours. My secret weapon? A £1 lipstick!

mua red lipstick and mac red enriched lip liner