Tuesday, January 31

my week in pictures

hey guys,
i am really interested in the blogs that do "my week in pictures", because they see some amazing things and i love to look at pictures.
so i though i would show you mine from last week, now there not that exciting but i thought it would be a good idea for you to see them.
so here goes:

from top to bottom:
1. someone brought us cupcakes into work yum,
2. my bf took me to Cardiff it was an amazing day and we even saw the Britain's got talent people cue up to meet the judges :D
3. we brought your shape, fitness games for the xbox kinetic, trying to exercise 2 times a week :D
4. it was my boyfriends birthday and he is 23, so i made him one of those huge cupcake things, it was hard to make because it needed a 6 egg recipe =/

from top to bottom:
1. I stayed at my mom and dads house at the weekend, and had the most comfiest night sleep.
2. a friend at work got some mini jelly beans in an order and she gave them me i thought they were so cute.
3 and 4. when we were in Cardiff we saw the entrance to the tourchwood and everyone had like put up pictures and messages because they want it back in Cardiff lol, quite creepy :D
1. i brought some mac stuff :D, only 2 items but i will show you what i got later in the week :D

so i had a really nice week, i loved going to Cardiff it was ace, even though it was a 3 hour drive :], but it was amazing

hope you all had a lovely week?!
see you soon

Thursday, January 26

Nail polish tag: I tag you :)

Hey everyone, so as you may know I'm addicted to nail varnishes, and when I found this on Kelly's blog beauty obsessed I had to do it. So here goes:

Rules are just like the other tags you see on blogs.
1. Answer 10 questions.
2. Pass this tag to 5 other bloggers.
3. Make sure that the bloggers you tagged know about this.


1. How many polishes do you have?
I stopped counting at somewhere over 50 lol

2. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
My favourites are o.p.i and Barry m

3. Do you like crackle polish or do you hate it?
Neither love or hate it prefer glitter

4.What is the brand of your first nail polish?
Wow erm I don't remember probably Barry m or rimmel

5. If you're going to have a nail polish line, what are you gonna name it?
Erm... Something like Penelope's polish lol

6. What nail polish color does not compliment you?
Erm I haven't found one yet :), but I don't like pale colours like the French pink

7. What nail polish color compliments you?
Everything :)

8. Name 2 of your nail art best friends?
My o.p.i rapid dry spray and my Konrad art kit

9. What was the best nail polish gift you have ever received?
Erm I don't really receive any in like gifts, maybe I should put that on my birthday and Christmas list :)

10. Make a speech about thanking the blogger who gave you this tag.
Thanks Kelly for putting up this tag, it was really interested to read. I found your blog through the blog hop thing but I enjoy reading all your posts and your so nice :)

And finally, I tag:

YOU!! Anyone who reads this ands wants to do it :), if you do this tag please comment with a link, I would love to read your responses :)

See you soon

Nail of the day: bling dynasty

Hey everyone,
It's becoming a thing now that every Thursday I change my nail varnish :)
So today I have my favourite gold ever, o.p.i bling dynasty.
It's the best hold I have found in a nail varnish, and trust me I've tried alot,
I have had it a long time because this is from the old collection, hong kong.
Hope you like it as much as me.
Tell me what you think?!

with flash.

without flash.

Best dressed? National television awards

Hey everyone,
last night was the national television awards and there were some amazing people,
And brilliant dresses :)
Here are some of the best ones.

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Caroline flack

fearne cotton

elle macpherson

Jessica wright

and of course the gorgeous matt smith and karen gillan

how do you think was the best dressed? did you enjoy the show
see you soon x


Monday, January 23

make up of the day: boyfriends birthday

hey eveyone,
it was my boyfriends brithday yesterday, he become 23 yukesss!, lol, anyway i took him out for the day. we went into worcester for the day and brought lots :D and then i took him out for a meal and it was lovely. i had a huge steak! yummm.
this is the make-up i wore:

mac pro longwear foundation nc10
mac prep and prime powder
mac fix +
benefit coralista blusher
barry m lipstick 101

urban decay book of shaodows iv:
urban decay primer potion
24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner perversion
super curl curling mascara

rimmel eyebrow pencil in dark brown

i love my urban decay book of shadows, the colours are absolutly gorgeous and they last such a long time, they need to call them sleep proof as well because when i cant be bothered to take my make-up off they last till the next day and i dont have to retouch my mkae-up (you should never leave your make-up on when you sleep i know, but either i forget or im to tierd to care haha) if you havent seen my review of it its here!

hope you guys had a lovely sunday, i know i did :D

Thursday, January 19

Big apple red: o.p.i

Hey everyone,
Thought I would show you my nail of the day,
Now some of you might know that I am obsessed with o.p.i, I can name nearly all the colours what colour they are and what collection they are from, so pretty obsessed!! :)

So one of my favourite colours is big apple red, a vibrant red, and it was in the best of o.p.i collection that was on sale at the start of the year.

See you guys soon :)

Wednesday, January 18

organizing my make-up collection

hey everyone,
so as one of my new years resolutions i have decided that i need to organise my make-up collection abit more.

now its not fully complete but these are the ideas ive got so far:

I got this soap and glory tin as a christmas gift, so i took off the label and filled it with my nail varnishes, i need a proper place to put them and so there all up start, but this will do for now.

this is abit silly but i thought it was a good idea, what ive done is used a fererro rouchie packet, the one that contains 4 fererro's and put my bobby pins and bobbles in it, its a perfect size for them, and youll never loose them or remember to put them on that piece of cardboard ever again :]

then the make-up bit, i brought this in the whsmiths sale, it was £6.99. they have other storage things but i quite like the fact that its just plain and black and all the others where different colours. you can write on the little labels if you want but i perfer to keep mine blank. i am going to buy another one i think and stack it ontop.

then i brought these, i have one in each draw; they are the very useful box design and i think they were £3.99, they fit perfectly into each draw, please check before you buy it, and at the moment im using the lid to keep other things in aswell, just because it has raised sides and i havent got any more aahah.


its just a start in my organisation skills, but im getting there.
what do you guys think? i would love to know what you do with your make-up!!

Monday, January 16

review: Joli RougeBrilliant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick

hey everyone,

so as you may have guessed ive got abit obsessed with lipstick lately, and ive got another one to share with you guys.

colour: litchi number 12

my sister got this for christmas i think, but she is quite alot darker then me and she said the shade didnt suit her skin tone so she said i could have it, which was nice :D,
it is £16.50, which actually sounds abit pricey for me, because a mac lipstick is only £13.

but it is a lovely colour, its pinky and shimmery and has little bits of glitter in there, so when it hits the light it is shimmery and almost looks white with all the shimmer. but it is perfect for my skin because i am sooooo pale.

the only problems with it is that you can feel the glitter on your lips when you rub them together, but it does last a really long time, even after eating.

  • lovely colour
  • lasts a really long time
  • suits my skin tone
  • doesnt get sticky as it starts to wear off
  • costs alot
  • can feel the glitter on your lips
  • can turn white in some light
verdict: 8/10

Sunday, January 15

MAC haul, eeeeee!

hey everyone,
i haven't posted all week because I've been busy but I'm posting now :D,
my mac order arrived, eeeee
i get so excited when i buy mac products, i love them so much, it might not be a lot but i will buy more eventually :]
At the moment you also get free delivery for over £30, I don't know when they changed it or if it's just a limited time but it's good for me :)

so this is what i brought:
fix + 30ml- so a travel size because ive never brought it before and ive heard such good things about it so i wanted to try it out first.
prep + prime transparent finishing powder- ive been using the skin finish natruals over my foundation to keep it in place but as i was looking on the website it sounded better and then when i looked it was cheaper as well bonus!
mac satin lipstick in brave- looked a pretty colour on the website so thought i would try it.

lets start with the fix +

this is a great product, you can use it to set your make up when youve finished, so spray it directly onto your face, or spray it onto a brush so to reduce fall out of eyeshadows, im sure there are other things you can do with it just havent found them yet.
£7 for 30ml (travel size) or £12.50 for 100ml so great price.

mac satin lipstick in brave:

(with flash)

(without flash)
this is a very pretty colour, it looks completely different with and without the flash but without is more of the true colour, its got a bronzey feel to it with hints of pink running through it. £13.50 for each

prep and prime translucant finishing powder:

the most gorgeous packaging i have ever seen, im a sucker for packaging and this is beautiful, its all sparkerly with green, purple, pink and blue sparkles. it has it on the lid as well as the outer box but its not very good on the picture. anyway the product is lovely too, i think this one is my favioute, it is really silky when you put it on your skin, it makes it feel so soft and lovely and even though the powder is lke bright white, it doesnt leave your skin looking ghostly, even if you end up putting a bit to much on, opps :].
£18.50 for each

so what do you think? have you got any of these products? leave me alittle comment below and please subscribe, thankyou

Wednesday, January 11

review: maybelline colour sensational lipmarker

hey everyone,
i love doing reviews, and i thought i would do one on the new craze of lipsticks, the lip marker. now you can find these by every brand and near enough every price. i brought this quite cheap it was £6.99.

I'm not quite sure about it,
i love the colour, (640 in the buff) its a  beautiful browny pink and isn't that dark, but its a bit weird to apply, it is basically like a felt tip, so it feels like you are applying a permanent marker too your lips, which thank god its not. its got a good even flow aswell. but it does have one draw back for me, as it starts to wear off it starts to leave lines, like where you have applyed it it will start to rub off and leave like a line around your lips or a line through the middle, so that doesnt look that attractive really.

it has a lovely smell and taste actually so you will find yourself licking your lips alot haha

 (without flash)

(with flash)

  • smells and taste good
  • beautiful colour
  • even coverage
  • feels abit wierd when you put it on
  • wears away badly
verdict: 7/10

what do you think? do you like the lip markers?

Thursday, January 5

new cid cosmetics bronzer, rio: review

I thought i would show you one of the products from new cid.
Ive had it for about a month now, ive got some other products from them that i might review later on, but for now im going to review there i-bronzer called Rio.

New cid have been around awhile but only in selected salons, they want to try and expand into other places like qvc and in selected selfridges.
We have these products in the salon i work in, and i went for a makeup course with 2 of there top makeup artists :D but all these products i bought for myself, because i love the products so much.

this bronzer is quite cool, it has four different colours in here, it has pink ivory and 2 different browns, a light and a dark, so that it suits every skin colour.
with this product you can start of light and add more to make it darker, just make sure you build up the colour because you can add too much at once and you can look very brown very quickly.
this bronzer has been baked in an oven for at least 24 hours and if you wanted to pull it apart you would see the ceramic plate it was baked on, but who would want to destroy the packaging?? so im just going to take there word for it :D
it also has the colour running all the way through and will not cumble or break apart when you get near the bottom, because it has all natural oils in it, the only reason your blusher or bronzer breaks apart is because your brush has oils from your skin, so when you put it in the bronzer the oil transfers from your skin to the product, thats why they break apart.

so here i am, with just one side of my face done, the left, you can only tell a little bit but you can kind of see that my cheek is a little more defined on the left then the right.
a bronzer is for creating a shadow on your face, so what i did was put it underneath my check down, and then on my forehead, down the temples and then underneath my chin to create the shadow.

this is with 2 sides down, it makes you look abit tanned, which is good for me as im as pale as snow. you can also put it at the side of your nose to make it look smaller if you're concerned about your nose.

then i put a highlighter on, it doesn't matter which make as long as it adds light to your face, you can put it on your forehead, down the centre of your nose and on your cheek bone.

then heres a quick picture of my make-up of the day

what do you guys think is it a good bronzer, have you found any better ones?
i also use this bronzer to create the Kim Kardashian contouring effect, see how to do it yourself by clicking on the link
see you all soon xx