Tuesday, December 17

Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

Hi everyone,

so its only 8 days till christmas, argghhhhhh, hope you have all done your christmas shopping or nearly finished it all. So i thought i would share with you some of my christmas decorations too, This christmas tree we had last year, he is real, yes he is a he, and he is called bob. Don't know why, but i think thats what we called him last year, anyway, we got him last year and i felt really guilty getting rid of him, so we took him over to my mom and dad's to put out in the garden and grow a little more for this year. My mom even re-potted him, bless.

So this year he is a little bigger and he has filled out alot more, you can still see the main branch, and he doesn't hide the lights very well, but maybe in a year or too he will become even bigger.

Sunday, December 15

Nude Audio speaker review

hi everyone,

so today im going to do an exciting review of Nude audio speakers*. Who have recently launched their products into the UK during London Fashion week. They are a range of 4 Nude Audio speakers with different colour varieties and different sizes. I got the small sized version in a lovely mint green.

medium sized Nude Audio speaker

Thursday, December 12

Born Pretty watch review

hi everyone,
so today is a review of a beautiful watch i got sent by BornPretty online. The great thing about this store is it sells everything hair and beauty related, Its amazing, and it also does lots of discounts. They ship worldwide for FREE, and you can put it into any currency type that you use.
The watch i picked was the roman dial roses bracelets watch.*

It is so easy to put on, it just has 2 pop clasps at the back so it looks like a wrap around wrist watch but it doesn't take much effort to put it on which is great, it is a lovely white and perfect for work, its not that bulky or chunky but you can still see the dials and still stylish.

Tuesday, December 10

how i lost weight (with tone it up video)

Hi everyone,

So last week I uploaded a video on YouTube all about how I lost weight with tone it up :), it was really fun to film and I hope this gives you a better idea of ny healthy eating ad hopefully for you to look into the plan itself.

If you have any questions please leave a comment and I would love to answer them for you, anything at all, even if you think it's a stupid/embarrassing question to ask!!

Please let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy

Sunday, December 8

the autumn/winter tag

hi everyone,

i love tags, and i found this tag floating around the blogosphere, i think i found this one from rebecca at autumn leaves. So this one is the autumn/winter tag.

1. What is your favourite thing about autumn/winter?: my favourite thing is the leaves changing, i love the beautiful colours they create, how can one leaf, or one tree create so many different colours, its amazing! and i love really hot showers, it gives you an excuse to stay in the shower longer and put the temperature up to high!

Thursday, December 5

My winter essentials

hi everyone,
so now its coming up to winter and theres only 3 weeks till christmas!! arghhhh!. i thought i would share with you some of my winter essentials.

i hope you've started your christmas shopping, if not, start panicing! only 3 weeks left hehe.

so, my first winter essential is a good, warm dressing gown. Or a onsie if you prefer those, but this one is so soft and silky, and it is also quite long, like a nightie length which is really good, and has a nice design and a hood with bobbles. cute. It was a birthday present from my aunt, but i want to say you can get it from primark but im not sure.

Tuesday, December 3

Leather skater skirt styling

hi everyone,
so today is another item i got from Club L at Asos. I absolutely adore leather now, ever since it was in the a/w 13.
Obviously it needs to be fake leather, but i like the roughness of the fashion and the great thing of how you can dress it up or down.
Asos is amazing for different brands and different clothes ideas and they always have some kind of sale on which is really good, and always find clothes if you are on a budget. So if i don't have alot of money to spend i always go to check out Asos
The delivery is really fast and you can exchange or return items for free, yaaa. 

oversized jack daniels shirt with asos leather skirt

Sunday, December 1

in love with skater skirts

hi everyone,

so another fashion outfit for today, i love to use the same clothes but pair them differently and see if i can get a different style out of them.
Because lets face it, we dont have a million different clothes for every single day, so mixing and matching is the best way to make an old outfit look completely new.
So today im used my skater skirt from new look, which i absolutely love!!! and my check shirt from new look too.

check shirt and skater skirt from new look