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Monday, March 19

how to: hair sock bun

hey everyone :D
i love watching hair tutorials and trying them out but i never share any with you guys so here it is:

i saw this hair sock bun on pinterest and thought it was an amazing idea, so i thought i would show you how to do it :D
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ive always wanted to buy one of those round buns that are called roly polys but never got round to it and i think there abit expensive for what they are, and when i found out that you could make a sock into one i jumped for joy. 

so here goes:
what you will need:

a sock
some scissors
a bobble
and bobby pins

so what you need to do is pick a sock, any sock will do, i was stupid and picked a purple one haha but you should try and pick one that suits your hair colour
then you need to cut the toe section of your sock using the scissors and roll it up. so it looks like the picture on the right.

then tie your hair into a pony tail, as high or low as you would like your bun to be, doesnt really matter, you can leave your fringe out too if you want.
then grab the sock bun and put your pony tail through the middle of the sock

then what you want to do is grab the end of your pony tail and tuck it under the bun to hide the end and roll the bun down your hair so your hair folds over the sock and creates a spray effect with your hair, then all you have to do is hide the sock, you can use bobby clips if you need (i need probably about 30 because my hair is so fly away =[ ) and use hairspray aswell if you need.

but thats it simple but really really good. It makes your hair look so much thicker and longer then it actually is, so when you see all those lovely people on the street with those really high buns and wonder how there hair looks so gorgeous and how is that long to do that you dont need to wonder any more :D

and the best bit, you dont have to pay a penny.

hope you enjoy? see you soon xx


  1. Wow this is such a great idea! If I had long hair now I'd definitely be trying this! Looking forward to seeing more of your tutorials! XxxX

    1. you can do this with any hair length, as long as you can tie it up in a pony tail im sure you could do this x

  2. Great idea, really simple but super effective, I'm going to try this :D


    1. thankyou, it is very easy to do and such a good effect x


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