Wednesday, October 10

Nail art series: iron man!

Hey everyone,

ao last week i showed you what ill be doing for my nail series, I know some of you may get bored of it but thats oki, because i have alot more posts to write up, so hopefully if you dont like this you will still love to come back and read the other posts.

so this week is IRON MAN! and i have to say, this was alot easier coming up with an idea, and i differently think it turned out better then the first one, that was a disaster!,
so lets get started:

what i used:
  • orly haute red
  • rimmel lasting finish in hot and spicy
  • rimmel lasting finish in sunshine
  • models own wahl nail art pen in black
  • models own snow white

so to start off with i painted all my nails yellow, this is my base.

then i used a make-up sponge to create a layered effect to make it look like flames, i know that most people use a triangle sponge, but i couldnt find mine, so i settled for this, same kinda thing just smaller.
so i covered it in yellow, then added orange to it

then i dotted on the orange all over my nail, you can see its thin on the end but dont worry i will cover that up.

next i took my sponge and added red to it

then i dotted on the red all over the top of my nail, and added abit more yellow right at the end to blend it in.

ok, so i did that on all my nails appart from my ring finger, this one i wanted to draw iron man on.
so i still painted it yellow for the base, but i thin took my dotting tool, ran it in the red and made an outer rim on the end of my nail with a rectangle in the middle, for his mouth section, made a square at the top, and then just made 2 lines on the edges.

i then used my black nail art pen and made a mouth, not the greatest, because he now looks worried haha

then i used the dotting tool again to create 2 white eyes, and went around them with the nail art pen in black.

and there you have it, im really impressed with the flames :D, i think they look quite cool, i obviously need to improve on my drawing skills but at least its better then last week haha :D

hope you guys like, and tell me if you think this is a good idea or not?
see you soon xxxx


  1. Cool! Love the idea, it's really creative :)

  2. Here all nails design are so cute.And i like it.Also love to use it .


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