Thursday, September 13

no7 stay perfect foundation

hey everyone,

today im going to talk about the foundation i picked up at no7 called Stay perfect foundation.

i picked this one because my skin is a combination skin, and i wanted something that was quite sheer, and this was the one she suggested, it is the perfect colour for me and matches perfectly, could not get any closer to my actually skin colour.

the foundation colour was matched to my skin and it was called cool vanilla, which is the second from lightest colour foundation they did, which is weird because i always thought i was the palest in every brand, which i generally am, so no7 must have a better shade range than most high end company's. Which is a bonus for me, it makes me feel abit better ha.

I basically went to try out the cool new technology, that some of you might of heard about. It is basically like a small computer they use to test which colour foundation you are.
All of their foundations have changed, so you are now the same named colour in every foundation type, just depends on the effect you want the foundation to have now.

which is great because you don't have to have a foundation match every time you want to try a different foundation. They basically take your makeup off, put this device on your cheek, each side, it scans your face and tells you your colour match

so i took a sneeky picture of the colour match thing, this is what they use, pretty cool hu? 

so i am now going to show you the colour, it is beyond perfect.
(with flash)

(without flash)

so as you can see, it is quite a sheer coverage because you can still see my redness through it, but it is a really good colour match, and i love the fact that you can't tell i have foundation on, so on those days that i just need to run out the door but i still need like foundation and mascara on, this is what i am going to reach for, because i don't need to make an effort to blend it out. If i want more of a made up effect i use this as a base before i start Contouring, and i've done a blog post on how to contour like Kim Kardashian, just click the link to view.

then, just so you can see the full effect i have put pictures of me with my full face of makeup just so you can see the difference, (or none in this case)

(without flash)

(with flash)
haha i love flash, it gives me demon eyes :D 
so what do you think about the new no7 invention, think it is a good idea, or abit stupid?
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  1. on the tv ads it just sounded stupid but I guess if it works then it works... Maybe I'll have to try it :D

    1. yeah the tv advert is absolutly stupid, but its really cool :D


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