Wednesday, September 19

nail of the day: glitter and hearts

hey everyone,

so a couple of weeks ago i won a competition on twitter, just by re-tweeting from a fellow blogger and i won a prize.

i love twitter for this reason, it is soooo easy to enter competitions and a lower number of entries, so much easier to win things.
so this is what i got:

how beautiful is this, my boyfriend even said "wow that's pretty" haha, so i got 3 nail varnishes, 3 pots of the caviar nail beads, 2 nail strips and i dotting tool.
and with it i created a nail look:

i used:
  • my own models own nail varnish in snow white
  • real Technics glitter nail varnish
  •  the red nail varnish (cant remember the name)
  • the dotting tool
so this is the red by itself, it is a lovely bright red with glitter in it. it applys really easierly and you need one coat of it, and actually dries really fast, i was so impressed, i was painting them as i watched the last harry potter :D

then i added the glitter to my middle finger, it smells really strong of like glue, but the chunks are huge and its such pretty glitter, that i didn't mind the headache that came with it.
then i used the dotting tool and made a small white heart on my ring finger. I love this because it is so simple and easy and anyone can do it and i am so glad that i now have a dotting tool, because it is going to be so much easier to now do nail art.
I am trying to go back to my nail of the day Wednesdays, i am sorry i haven't done them in awhile but as some of you may know i have been extremely busy, but now that every things calmed down i can concentrate on my nails again :D

have you guys missed these kind of posts?
love you all xxxx


  1. Loving the red! and really like how you paired it with the glitter polish :) im rubbish at applying nail polish to be honest :/ haha xx

  2. I need to purchase a dotting tool. I love nail art but don't have no tools

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