Wednesday, July 18

au natural nails

hi beautiful people,
so i don't know whether this is going to be an interesting post for you or not, but if not then don't read.
this week for my nail of the day im just having no nail varnish on my nails.
I know boring right.

But ive been so busy and ive packed everything away that i cant remember where i put my nail varnishes, and looking at my nails they need a break.
Its been one week to be precise, now, they looked awful at the start of the week, chipping away at the edges and flaking with months of nail varnish on them i thought i would just give them a little rest, they deserve it

so as you can see they don't look to bad, i have had to file them right down but they have grown pretty quickly, my nails are weird, they can grow really long within a week, then i have to cut them down, then 5 days later they are back to what they were, i know weird, wish my hair did that =[

anyway, yeah so i had to cut them down because they were just flaking away, i have still got a few peeling bits on my nails, don't know whether you can see it. (oh and yes i do bite the skin around my nails, i know disgusting but its a habit, you know like people bite their nails)

so hopefully that wasn't too boring for you all, i know most of you are going to be thinking use opi nail envy, but to be honest i don't need it, so thank-you in advance :D
my normal nail painting, nail art tutorial things will be back to normal next week, i hope :D
see you soon everyone x

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