Tuesday, June 19

how to: wash make-up brushes

hey everyone

how are you all, sorry i didn't post anything yesterday but i am going to show you how to wash your make-up brushes :D

this is how i spent my monday night, now i have an awful lot of brushes from when i've been doing make-up courses and things they just tend to say you can keep the brushes, so i do haha, so there not really a brand or a name but they work the same (their brushes)

so i am going to show you how I clean my brushes, im not saying its the right way or that you differently need to clean them like this, because there are like a million ways to clean them

(this is most of my brushes, i cleaned a couple before i realised i should take pictures)

ok so the first thing you need is brushes obviously, and either some make-up cleaner of some sort or i like to use johnson baby shampoo, yes you look wierd going up to the counter with no baby and just one baby shampoo but i like it because it leaves my brushes incredably soft and its so cheap, it is £1.30 on the boots website but i think mine is an old bottle because theyve changed the packaging, oh well :D

so next thing i do is run the brush under the water, just to get it coated in water, like your hair you wash it before applying shampoo, that's what i do with my brushes. (oh be careful not to get to much water at the end of the silver part because that's where they glue it on and if you keep watering it the glue will start to dissolve, never good)

then you get a big dollop of shampoo on your hand and wash the brush with it, you don't want to swirl it around because that could cause the bristles to fall out, just like backwards and forwards motion so you start to get alot of bubbles that are make-up coloured.

this bit isn't so nice, eww look, ha-ha, sorry you have to see my brushes in this state.
anyway next i ring out any excess shampoo that's left in my brushes, and it also gets rid of some of the make-up build up as it will be easier to rinse then, you don't have to do this step

then if my brushes still look dirty i give it another go with the shampoo, and you can see that there's less product, hopefully :D

last thing is to swell them under hot or cold clean water and squeeze out the water of the brush to see if it ruins clear (that way you know its clean) if it is then your finished with that brush, i also do it so it takes less time for the brush to dry because there isn't as much water left.

 then i just place them on a clean dry towel to dry, i would recommend doing this at night just before you go to sleep or when you know you aren't going to use them all day because they take ages! to dry. and the big ones take probably a day and a half, so be warned.

also you can put the clear plastic sleeves some came with on them whilst they dry because it'll help them keep their shape, but they do take longer to dry because there is no air getting to them.

so hope you found this helpful, what do you use to clean your brushes? i would love to know
see you soon xxx


  1. this was so helpful, I've never known how to clean my make up brushes so normally just give them a vigorous wipe with a make up wipe, but I will definitely be doing this later!



    1. oh ty vbery much im glad this has helped, tell me how it goes :D

  2. Great post, inspiring because I never clean mine as often as I'd like. Also I have cheapie brushes so I use normal hand soap, but am thinking when I get posh ones I'll have to use proper shampoo like you. Are your brushes MAC? Do you ahve a review of them on here? I'd like your opinion on which brand I should buy

  3. aw this is really good. I did a post like this but it wasn't as detail all though I would love if you could cheak it out and let me know what you think<3


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