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Tuesday, April 3

fade out eye cream white

hey everyone, 
i won my very, very, very first competition a while go from the lovely amiee from dream in colour and this is what i won

fade out white eye cream

it is a really thick under eye cream that "reduces puffiness, targets fine lines and wrinkles and for bright even skin tone"

you are spouse to use this product morning and night but i find using it just before i put on my make-up, kind of like a primer it works at its best. it is "white" so i don't think it would suit darker skin types although i am sure they different shades (i haven't really looked much into it)

I can tell a difference, it does definitely brighten up my eyes and does get rid of my dark circles ( a bit) but i dont have wrinkles yet (oh thank god) so i haven't been able to test it on that aspect of the product, but overall it is a very nice eye cream and it certainly does most of what it says on the tin (or box for that matter)
ive found them on boots website here!

have you ever tried this product? what do you think of it?
see you soon xxx


  1. I need to try this! I've been really tired and had really puffy eyes recently and this might be my cure! haha x

  2. It's not bad, because its white it deffently opens up ur eyes and reduces dark circles :)

  3. Most of these creams have been made using special ingredients, which can assist in either lessening the wrinkles surrounding the eyes, providing anti-aging advantages or helping to lessen the darker tone of skin surrounding your eyes.

  4. Eye creams are very effective in lessening aging signs around your eyes such as eye puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles under eyes.


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